Types of Blonde Hair: Which Tone Will Match You?

Every woman has wished to be blonde at least once. After all, blonde hair is a passion for most women, especially those who don’t naturally have it.

When dyeing our hair, there are many options of colors, tones and nuances. It can depend on the color of skin, eyebrows or even how much money and time you can spend on maintenance.

That’s right! Did you think being blonde was easy? It is not! The good news is that nowadays you can find countless tones and shades to achieve that sensual, bold blonde.

Next, you’ll learn what types of blonde are most desirable at the moment, and expert tips to find the perfect match of brilliant shades for you! Ready to change your look and get the hair you’ve always wanted? Here are some tips to pick the right blonde type.


How to Pick The Right Type of Blonde Hair Tone?

types of blonde hair

If you suddenly want to be completely blonde, but you’ve never had light colored hair before, it’s essential to find the right tone to match your skin. It’s important to follow the following tips to find your perfect shade of blonde hair:


Talk to your hairstylist

You’ll need the help of your hairstylist to choose your right shade of blonde. This professional will be needed not only to do the procedure but also to help find the color that best matches your skin and your tastes.

They’ll also be able to apply the correct hair colorimetry technique to reach the shade you want, studying the colors and their fixation on the hair.

That’s why you need to tell them everything about your hair. Tell them how you care for your hair, how often you go to the salon, if you have other chemicals on it, etc. Listen to their professional opinion so you can reach the desired results.

If you have a shade of blonde you want, show pictures to the hair professional. That will help them understand what you’re looking for.


Be responsible for your hair care

The next step is understanding that lightening your hair means a long-term commitment to it. Your hair will need double the efforts to maintain its color vibrantly, pretty and to stay healthy.

With any change of color, the lighter it is, the more you’ll have to care for it and the more it’ll alter your routine. That means investing more in new products that are specifically for chemically treated hair. It also means going to the beauty salon more often.

If you don’t follow a hair schedule closely, you’ll need to include that in your routine. You’ll need more moisturizing, humectants and frequent reconstructions to maintain your blonde. Are you ready for that? Think it through!


Start with more discreet techniques

If you’ve never had light hair, you should become blonde slowly. Try techniques like highlights, balayage or California style, to check if the chosen shade will look good and match your skin tone.

Again, you should ideally talk to your hairstylist to choose the best way to change your hair. Don’t go radical on your own.


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Different Types of Blonde Hair

To choose the best shade of blonde, you need to know your skin undertone. That means finding out if it’s warm (yellow undertone) or cold (pink undertone), to apply the right colorimetry technique and get the desired results.

Next, you’ll learn what are the main types of blonde, the most popular in beauty salons worldwide, and find out what undertones they match best.


Light Blonde

light blonde hair

Light blonde is one of the hardest shades to find a combination for. Hair color specialists say this color best fits very fair skinned white women.

On the other hand, matching it to other skin tones is not impossible. It also looks good when combined to warmer blonde shades, especially in highlights.


Dark Blonde

different types of blonde

Dark blonde is very popular right now. It fits women who don’t have a lot of time to spend on maintenance or beauty salon trips since it doesn’t need as many retouches.

It’s halfway between brown and medium blonde, with a sober effect. You can wear it in different shades, from light brown to gold, depending on your natural hair color.

It can be used in a uniform way, or only at the bottom of the hair, with streaks or tips in a lighter blonde. It is also the perfect base for those who want to get California streaks or ombré hair.

Dark blonde fits women that have a light skin tone with yellow undertones. When used in streaks and highlights, this tone matches all skin tones and hair types.


Honey Blonde

honey blonde for women

This is certainly the most sought-after blonde hair type, especially by women who are first looking to lighten their hair. This color variation can brighten and warm your look, doesn’t need a lot of retouches, and fits any skin tone.

It sits between caramel and golden shades, a little more subdued. Since it is discreet, it is the perfect option for highlights, California style or gradations.

Women with light skin and dark hair, eyes, and eyebrows can choose this color safely. It also fits really well with tanned or dark skin.


Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde for women

Rarely found in its natural state, platinum blonde is a favorite trend among women, including celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera, for attracting a lot of attention.

Since it is a very light, icy color, it can be applied to the hair in a uniform way, with grey or gold highlights, or with darker roots so the contrast isn’t as strong.

If you want to have this hair color, you should know maintenance is a bit more troublesome. Your hair might get dry and the color can fade more easily, needing more retouches.

Thought it might not look like it, platinum blonde doesn’t only fit light skin tones! Dark-skinned women can also safely adopt this hair shade. Experts say that some slight shading on the roots will make the contrast less strong. It looks lovely and trendy!


Champagne Blonde

different types of blonde for women

Champagne blonde has beige undertones and is a favorite of North American women. It’s so popular that it is widely used on Barbie dolls.

It may be perfect for pinkish white skin tones, for being a cool and more muted shade. That makes the skin look less pale. Dark-skinned women can also adopt this look, being careful to not get a look that’s too different from the owner’s personality.


Golden Blonde

types of blonde hair for women

Golden blonde looks similar to honey blonde. It’s also a favorite if you want a new bright look that’s not too shocking and won’t damage your hair too much.

Since it’s not too light or too dark, it can help brighten and open your features. It also fits all skin tones, whether you want your hair fully blonde or just streaks or highlights.

It matches white skin tones with yellow undertones but matches dark skin tones even better.


Pearly Blonde

This is a variation of light blonde, between platinum and champagne. Pearly blonde is ideal for women who want a more delicate look.

This color fits pinkish white skin tones especially, for being a cooler shade. No matter the person’s skin tone, it is also important to add other tones of the color to the hair to avoid a flat look.


Icy Blonde

Icy blonde is one of the most popular types. It became a trend after the popularity of platinum blonde with golden streaks.

This cool shade, with grey and violet hues, gives your hair charm and personality. Its metallic effect matches light skin tones, especially those with pink undertones. It’s also ideal for white women with dark hair and eyebrows.


Chestnut Blonde

chestnut blonde hair

Chestnut blonde is the warm mix of medium and honey blondes. It is a quite dark shade, close to brown. Combining it with golden highlights can brighten the features.


Copper Blonde

This shade varies between red and gold, but you’ll find more golden than reddish pigments in dyes. Copper blonde gives hair a warm and bright look.

It is very versatile – it matches all skin tones, from lighter to darker ones. It’s a good idea to leave the roots a bit darker to make the contrast less strong.


Medium Blonde

medium blonde hair for women

Medium blonde is a very common shade of blonde. It is quite democratic because it matches all skin tones. It’s so versatile because this color is halfway between brown and light blonde. This color should be combined with other shades of blonde, to avoid a flat look and brighten the features.


This type of blonde looks great in all skin tones, whether on the entire hair or in streaks or highlights. It looks especially charming on tanned women.

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