30 Glamorous Weave Ponytails That Are Trendy

#11: Flipped Fringe

You have so many chances to experiment and play around with your weave ponytail, why not try different things? After all, the details make your ponytail stand out and show off your personal style. In addition to the fierce flip of her bangs, which have bleached tips, peep the braid wrapping around the base of her ponytail.


#12: Blunt Bangs

Weave Ponytail

See? Your bangs really can take your tail to the next level. This fall right below the eyebrow and they’re framed by longer sections. The bangs start where the ponytail begins, which is a small but attention-grabbing element.


#13: Thick and Spiraled

What’s not to love about this perky ponytail? It starts up on the crown at a fairly high spot, but the base is quite thick. That’s a rather retro-inspired detail—think back to the mod trend of the ’60s, as well as the early psychedelic movement. The flippy, spiraled curls are truly doing the damn thing, though.


#14: Down to There

No joke, this beauty’s weave ponytail reaches down to her derriere. Honestly, Rapunzel ought to just hang it up for good. The subtly curled swoop of her bangs is giving me life, I’m not lying, and did you spot the ribbon pattern of her baby hairs?


#15: Thick at the Crown

 Thick Weave Ponytail hair for black women

Here’s another ravishing retro ponytail characterized by a thick base. From that base, curls cascade down to her chest, and a line of relaxed and equally ravishing braids keep the edges laid.