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15 Flattering Wedding Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Naturally, straight hair is any hairstylist’s dream come true since they tend to have less frizz and texture, making them pliable to any number of styles.

Although traditionally, bridal hairdos have been about tight curls and ringlets, straight hair has its own formidable beauty, so choose the road less taken and experiment with your naturally straight hair for your wedding day.

1. The Classic Tiara & Veil

wedding hairstyle with veil for straight hair

When you add a tiara, particularly a rhinestone one, to your wedding jewelry, it is the ultimate statement piece that essentially takes over the hairstyle.

Add some hair spray and serum to your straight hair or flat iron out any stray bits, and place your tiara in the center. Attaching your veil to this tiara hairstyle will even further make you look like a princess!


2. A Textured Bob

wedding hairstyle for straight bob

Wearing straight hair as a textured bob is very feminine and petite, especially when paired with exquisite, elaborate dresses like mermaid tail gowns. The hair can be blow-dried inward with some texturizing spray, and you are ready to go!


3. A Simple, Sleek High Bun

sleek wedding bun hairstyle for straight hair

No bride can go wrong with a simple high bun with hair slicked back with a glossy finish. Absolutely perfect if you want to emulate Meghan Markle’s royal wedding look or are having a simple church wedding and want a neat and classic hairstyle to work with.


4. The Flapper’s Bob

wedding hairstyle for straight short hair

If your hair is short, go for short bridal hairstyle like this one. Flapper bobs were very sought-after haircuts in the 20s, and they’ve been slowly and surely making a comeback.

Even if you leave this classy bob as is without any hair accessories, it makes a bride’s cheekbones appear higher and works spectacularly with large hanging earrings and a statement choker necklace.


5. Big Luminous Waves With Tropical Hair Flowers

wedding updo for straight blonde hair

Big hair is always welcome for a bridal hairstyle because it accentuates oval faces and smaller face shapes, but mostly it draws attention which every bride wants.

Create a style with big luminous waves and plenty of backcombing and volume-adding products, and tie the look together with tropical hair flowers or a tropical flower clip.

Having faux berries and foliage is more unusual but will look stunning for an outdoor wedding.


6. A Wavy Bun In A Hair Net

wedding updo for straight hair

Hair nets are the epitome of a refined, formal hairstyle, especially if a bride is not wearing a traditional veil or has opted for a smaller birdcage veil.

This hairstyle features loose, large waves in straight hair encased in a gorgeous hair net and a darker lipstick just adds that old Hollywood vibe!


7. Picture Perfect 90s Inspired Straight Hair

wedding hairstyle for straight long hair

Nothing beats casual but perfect-looking long straight hair. If you have a gorgeous off-shoulder gown, this hairstyle will accentuate it, imparting that heavenly ‘I woke up like this’ vibe that shows low effort but maximum effect.

For 90s-era girls, perfectly straight hair will be incredibly nostalgic, but it is making a comeback.


8. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Inspired Tiara Hairstyle

wedding high updo for straight hair

If you are one of those millions of people who grew up obsessed with Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyles in My Fair Lady and Breakfast At Tiffany’s, this hairstyle is for you.

It features a perfect slicked-back high bun, a lot of volume in the crown area, and a mesmerizing white gem and pearl tiara as the main attraction.


9. Punk Rock Princess Bride

wedding hairstyle for straight pink hair

Whoever said you can’t rock neon pink hair on your big day? More than anything else, your wedding day reflects your passions in life and your individual sense of style. Do a punk rock princess hairstyle with your straight hair, and don’t forget your tiara!


10. A Royal Ballet Bun With Long Bangs

wedding hairstyle for straight hair with tiara

Straight hair looks beautiful in tight, high ballet buns with straight bangs framing the face. It is a classic, pleasing hairstyle that never ceases to amaze with its simplistic glory, particularly if you add a rhinestone tiara!

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11. Straight Hair With A Fringe

wedding hairstyle with straight long bob

As any hair stylist will tell you, a fringe cut right makes you look younger and more youthful in a very ‘girl next door’ fashion.

To tone down the extravagant look of a magnificent wedding gown, you can go simpler with your hairstyle by having a great blowout done with a thicker fringe.


12. A Bridal Fishtail Braid With A Hair Flower

wedding hairstyle for straight hair with braid

A fishtail or Herringbone braid is one of the most ethereal bridal hairstyles out there, and the fishtail design allows for ornamentation with pearls, gems, or flowers.

A side fishtail braid with a hair flower is an incredibly chic and easy-to-carry hairstyle that shows off your hair length without leaving too many strands at the mercy of the elements at an outdoor ceremony or reception.


13. Side-Swept Straight Hair With A Lace Flower

wedding hairstyle for straight red hair

Side-swept hair is a fashionable way to style your hair, and for brides, it offers many opportunities to add elements they love, such as bows, gems, flowers, or barrettes.

Adding a custom-made white lace flower works well in place of a standard veil and can be paired with a birdcage veil.


14.  Dutch Braided Bun

wedding braided updo for straight hair

Braid buns are an ancient hairstyle, maybe even used for creating wedding looks thousands of years ago!

Start with frizz-free straight hair, make Dutch braids all the way to the back of your head, and finish with a French braid tightly twisted into a bun. You don’t even need a hair stylist for this one!


15. A Hawaiian Inspired Side Ponytail

straight hairstyle for wedding

A Hawaiian-inspired side ponytail is an exotic and fun hairstyle for your wedding, and it makes the most of a bride’s long straight hair with the eye-catching vibrancy of tropical hair flowers added in. If you’re a bride who loves colored eye makeup, this hairstyle will compliment that beautifully.

This is a beautiful straight hair wedding hairstyle for any garden, tropical, or beach wedding. 

Although tight curls and loose waves are frequently seen in popular bridal hairstyles, straight hairstyles can be just as stunning. To showcase the highlights and depths in your hair color, wear your straight hair up, down, or in braids.

Straight wedding hairstyles can be effortlessly casual and low-key or chic and glamorous. There is a straight wedding hairstyle to fit every appearance you want for your big day.