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21 Charming Bride’s Wedding Hairstyles With Bangs

The most significant event in a person’s life is their wedding, so couples make special preparations to look their best and save those priceless memories forever.

And while wedding fashion is always one of the most anticipated things, no bridal look is complete without the perfect wedding hair.

So, if you’re a bride rocking a haircut with trendy bangs, you’ll want to see these incredible wedding hairstyles with bangs.


The Best Bridal Hairstyles with Bangs

Take a look at some incredible wedding hairstyles with bangs we’ve chosen only for modern brides.

1. A Beautiful Long Bob With Soft Waves

medium length hairstyle with bangs for wedding

The hairstyle that strikes confidence and style in you with the whole purpose of breathtaking everyone. You can try this look if you like the beach waves and if you have shoulder-length hair. This combination of red hair and glossy earrings with red details will fit perfectly.


2. Glamorous Side Ponytail With Bangs

half up wedding hair with bangs

This top-knot with perfectly even bangs is the best option if you want to glam out everyone. In addition, this hairstyle can add different accessories to make it more fun. This combination of black hair, white pearly earrings, and white barrette make this hairstyle even more glamorous.


3. Hollywood Side Braid With Flowers

wedding hairstyle with side bangs

The combination of a top updo, wavy bangs, and a side braid gives the impression that you are ready to slay the evening and let everyone present know it’s your night! This is a glamorous wedding hairstyle with bangs.


4. Updo and Wavy Curls

wedding hairstyle with curtain bangs

Black hair, half updo with side bangs, and curly strands in combination with a white gown and silver barrette will give you a perfect look for your wedding ceremony.


5. Regal Updo with Side Bangs

wedding hairstyle with bangs for black women

This black bridal hairstyle will open up your face and give accents to your pearly earrings, necklace, and wreaths. This curled updo with a side bang will complement your experience as a bride and give you the confidence you need.


6.  Beautiful Side Hairdo With Flowers & Luscious Curls

wedding hair down with bangs

A classy look with a modern vibe is what describes this hairstyle. This medium blonde hair with those cute pink roses and white pearl accessories gives out a royal vibe, just like in the old days when you wait for prince charming to come and get you.


7. Astonishing Braided Bun

wedding updo with bangs

A fully braided updo with face-covering bangs is something you want if your wedding is in Spring. The flower accessory makes this ginger hairstyle more fun and lively alongside crystal earrings and color makeup. Perfect for an outside wedding ceremony.


8. Natural Wavy Side Braid

red hairstyle with bangs for wedding

Red hair with a side curl and natural bangs is probably the most suitable for you if you don’t fancy glamorous weddings. Try this cozy hairstyle with minimum jewelry, and you will feel the freedom of your choice.


9. Effortless Side-Swept Bangs

updo with side bangs for wedding


Natural side bangs with an updo give the “I am confident” vibe and make everyone amazed with you. This blonde hairstyle, in combination with a red flower, makes it a stunning wedding hairstyle.


10. Vintage Curls

vintage bangs for wedding

You found your perfect match if you are looking for a vintage wedding hairstyle. This ginger-blonde color combination with intense lipstick color will make you stand out from the crowd, and your pictures will be movie-like!

The large-volume curls are reminiscent of old-Hollywood movie stars. 


11. Wedding Flower Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle with long bangs

This is the hairstyle you should choose when you want to stand out. Blonde, gentle, yet screaming fashion. Side bangs with updo bun grasped with roses. I mean, the romance is killing me! No accessories are needed; you are too glam to give a damn!


12. Blonde Short Bangs & Blue Dreads

wedding hairstyle with baby bangs

Why not transfer your lifestyle into your bridal hairstyle? Updo colorful dreads with blonde half bangs will give you a natural look like you are coming from a spring flower garden. Don’t be afraid to present your true self!

If you love to be bold, then this wedding hairstyle with bangs is for you!


13. Wedding Hairstyle with a Natural Wreath

bob with bangs for wedding

Gentle yet classy and stylish is how we describe this hairstyle. Bangs combined with shoulder-length hair, and a flower wreath will give you the impression that you are preparing for a beach wedding; why not, right?

There are many choices for wedding hairstyles with bangs, but this one is one of our favorites. 


14. Glamorous Half-Up, Half-Down With Whispy Bangs

choppy bangs for wedding

A perfect combination of high curled updo with natural wispy bangs complemented with shiny earring details and hairclips. The veil as an accessory will bring out the best on your special day.


15. Loose Waves With Side Braid & Structured Bangs

korean bangs for wedding

A trendy and elegant idea is a braid on the side with natural bangs and long wavy hair. Depending on your taste, you can add some intimate jewelry to make this look whole!


16. Glorified Braided Crown

braided bangs for wedding

If you seek fashion, this is it. A fully braided updo with curly strands on the side is what we usually see in magazines. The color ginger, in combination with the stronger makeup colors, makes it look like you are going to be married at Buckingham palace.


17. High Updo Bangs with Veil

bridal hair with bangs and veil

The standard wedding hairstyle. A high updo with face-covered bangs and a veil will always be a perfect choice, whether it’s a traditional wedding or something fancy.


18.  High Bufont Bun With Tiara & Long Curls

bridal hair with tiara and bangs

Long black straight hair with a half updo is always a good choice if you don’t want to experiment with different looks for your special day. Just add a sparkling tiara and shiny earrings, and you are all set.


19. Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

short wedding hairstyle with bangs

Probably one of the most famous short-hair hairstyles. Side-swept bangs with unequal lengths are still trendy and retro. This black hairstyle goes best with silver accessories and minimalist makeup. 


20. Low Natural Updo Bun

wedding hairstyle with bangs for older women

This hairstyle is your choice if you want something minimalistic but classy. A hairstyle that can be accomplished by yourself.

Bangs over the head with a curled bun is something you want when the wedding is probably private and low-key. Just add some silver or pearl earrings, and you are ready for your faithful YES!


21.  Short Bob With Braid & Natural Curly Waves

wedding guest hairstyle with bangs

This all-in-one hairstyle is when you can’t make up your mind. The bangs, the braid, and the curly waves create a unique wedding hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you should consider minimalistic accessories.

No matter which wedding hairstyle with bangs you choose, you’ll be beautiful on your big day. Stay true to yourself, and don’t go too crazy with your hairstyle choice.

After all, you want to feel confident and at your best on this special day, so choosing a hairstyle that makes you uncomfortable is a bad idea