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10 Trendy Pixie Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Nothing is more stylish, contemporary, and utterly confident than a well-styled short bob or pixie cut. So for those who adore your short hair but are concerned that it might make wearing a veil difficult, this post is for you! We’ve rounded up the best pixie wedding hairstyles with a veil. 

We get it! Being a bride with short hair can be challenging! However, your long-haired friends appear to have limitless possibilities for wedding hairstyles, even if you rock a pixie cut or short hairstyle. Here are some of our favorite pixie cuts with a veil for brides.

The Best Wedding Hairstyles For Pixie Cuts

With a few modest design tweaks, you can still feel and look like a princess on your wedding day. So, there’s no need to forego an essential item – a veil.

Searching for the ideal pixie wedding hairstyles that are both understated and sophisticated? These suggestions are lovely without requiring you to spend a significant portion of your special day at a salon.

1. Pixie Cut With Bangs A Volinomous Veil

wedding hair pixie cut with veil

One of the things we love most about the pixie haircut is its ability to allow you to genuinely you – confident, sassy, and full of life. So, if your pixie cut is super short in the back, with full above-the-brow bangs, dress it up with a full veil and some dramatic earrings. 

Choose a veil with two layers gathered at the comb to achieve the complete veil look. The length and detailing of the veil aren’t as important, although we love a long veil with a decorative edge for extra drama. 

The bride pictured here chose a soft pencil edge which is perfect with her halter neckline wedding gown.

2. Sassy Pixie Cut With Dramatic Veil

pixie bob wedding hairstyle with veil

This is another beautiful pixie-cut wedding hairstyle with a veil. The bride’s strapless wedding dress allows her free reign for her hairstyle and accessories.

So she opted for beautiful rhinestone jewelry and a voluminous veil with leafy appliques on the crown of her head. 

It’s a fun and flirty wedding day look that allows the bride’s true beauty to radiate.

Short and sassy bangs get some added style with a fluffy veil and drop earrings. She looks stunning!

3. Effortless Beauty – Pixie Cut WIth Flower Crown

Asian pixie cut wedding hairstyle with veil

If you’re hosting an intimate outdoor or garden wedding, you may want to keep your pixie wedding hairstyle simple. We love the idea of keeping your locks straight, with the bangs wisped to the side.

It’s a timeless look that will never go out of style. Without the fluff and mess of a veil, the bride can truly be relaxed and herself.

4. Pixie Hairstyle For Bride With Cathedral Veil

choppy pixie cut wedding hairstyle with veil

The bride stands tall and confident, her short pixie haircut framing her face and highlighting her striking features.

She wears a long cathedral veil, which cascades down her back. The veil is attached to a delicate hairpiece that complements her short hair perfectly. 

We love this because her overall look is unique and fashion-forward, making her stand out as she walks down the aisle.

5. Short Hairstyle With Mantilla Veil

wedding short pixie cut with veil

In this example, the bride is ready to walk down the aisle with fierce confidence. We love it because she radiates excitement with her short pixie haircut with bangs framing her face.

Her hair is styled in a way that shows off her sharp features, and her red lipstick adds a pop of color to her overall look. 

She is wearing a high-neck wedding gown with a thin and lace-edged veil, adding a delicate touch to her ensemble. The veil is attached to a comb that compliments her short hair perfectly.

Her overall look is bold and striking, making her stand out as she walks down the aisle.

6. A Bridal Minimalist Wedding Day Look With Pearls & Pixie Cut

wedding pixie with bangs and veil

For a bride wanting a minimalist look, this hairstyle is perfect. The entire look is sublime. The bride exudes understated elegance, with her pixie hairstyle framing her face and emphasizing her sharp features. The bangs on her forehead add playfulness and youthfulness to her overall look. 

Her pixie hair is styled sleek and modern, which adds to the minimalistic vibe of her bridal look. Her gown has a square neckline and one-inch straps accentuating her demure and feminine prowess.

The veil is placed at the top of her head. It’s thin and delicate without overwhelming her minimalist look.

7. Stunning Orange-Red Short Wedding Hairstyle With Low Veil

wedding red pixie cut with veil

If you’re a bride that dances to their own beat, this vibrant orange-red short hair styled in a modern and playful way is the perfect wedding hairstyle. Her hair is cut short, accentuating her sharp features and adding a touch of edge to her bridal look. 

This pixie hairstyle allows the bride to show off the fiery color of her hair, which adds a bold and striking touch to her overall appearance.

She complements her hairstyle with a low-lying veil, adding a classy vibe to this dramatic short bridal hairstyle.

8. Super Short Wedding Hairstyle With Crystal Edge Veil

wedding short blonde pixie cut with veil

When you have super-short hair, and we mean only 1 inch or shorter all over, you may be panicking about how to wear your hair on your wedding day. Fear not! Here is a fantastic short hairstyle for weddings. 

This bride proves you can look stunning on your wedding day with a super short wedding hairstyle. She is a vision of beauty and confidence with her super-short blonde haircut in a modern way.

Her blonde pixie highlights her vivid blue eyes, making them stand out even more (if that’s even possible). 

Her bold red lips add a touch of sultry glamour to her overall look, but the perfect finishing touch to this bridal look is her veil. Proof that you, too, can rock a veil on your wedding day with your short locks. 

The bride compliments her hairstyle with a two-layer crystal-edged veil.

9. A Simple Short Wedding Hairstyle With Veil

wedding pixie cut with veil for women with glasses

A simple, elegant wedding hairstyle for plus-size brides will do when you’re not into all the fluff and fanfare. We love how this bride stayed true to her roots and styled her hair as she does daily. Doing this allows her inner confidence and beauty to shine. 

But, yes! Add a fluffy veil, and she immediately becomes a blushing bride – proof that you don’t need a ton of makeup or fancy hairdos to be a beautiful bride. 

10. A Bold Burgundy Vintage Short Wedding Hairstyle

wedding pixie hairstyle with veil for big forehead

Last but not least, on our top 10 list of pixie cut wedding hairstyles with a veil is a classic vintage bridal look. Her dark burgundy hair accented with a romantic and timeless vintage rhinestone hairpiece creates a truly classic wedding day style. 

It’s genuinely a beautiful hairstyle for brides with short hair. But what we love most is how she combined a traditional veil with her vintage hairpiece. Typically, a vintage or retro bride would forgo the veil, but we love the combination for this bride. 

Pixie bridal hairstyles that include veils can be a unique and fashionable option for your big day. They are a modern and edgy take on classic bridal hairstyles while maintaining a touch of elegance and romance. 

Combining a short haircut and a veil can add a touch of nostalgia to the overall look. The options are endless; you can choose between different colors of hair, different styles of veils, different types of hairpieces, etc.

These hairstyles can work for various wedding themes and styles. So, if you are a bride looking to make a bold statement on your big day, consider a pixie-cut wedding hairstyle with a veil.