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50 Most Popular Anime Girls with Pink Hair [2024 Update]

There are so many gorgeous pink haired anime girls that everyone seems to be obsessed with. The fascination over this art is only becoming bigger, with so many women following the same trends dictated by the beautiful anime ladies you can see on screen. These 50 hairstyles that we rounded up will inspire you to get on the pink hair craziness.


Prettiest Anime Girl’s Pink Hairstyles

Check out below the popular anime girls who’ve worn the pink hair that matches with every eye color, length and all sorts of accessories.

1. Curly Ponytails- Miwako Sakurada

anime girl Sakurada with pink curly ponytail

Long and curly hair is the perfect canvas for experiments.

Ideal For: Perfect for a natural curly and long mane.

How To Style: Divide the hair with a middle part, and go for two super-high curly ponytails. As you can see, blunt fringe looks really flattering with this hairdo.


2. Anime Girl with Short Hair- Lisbeth

anime girl Lisbeth with short pink hair

Short and pink hair seems to be the perfect combo for anime girls. Once you add some cute accessories in the mix you will literally have the trendiest hairdo of the season.

Ideal For: It’s so good for all women who want to chop their hair and do a spring change.

How To Style: Add fun bangs to the style to make things even more interesting.


3. Pink Haired Anime Girl with Flowers

pink hair anime girl

Aren’t you already in love with this hairstyle? This anime girl with pink hair has gorgeous flowers as accessories.

Ideal For: Great for both short and long hair, and all possible hairstyles.

How To Style: Start shopping for floral details that you’ll include in your occasion looks.


4. Anime Girl with Green Eyes- Akari Mizunashi

anime girl Akari Mizunashi with pink hair and green eyes

Pink hair anime girls often have stunning green eyes. If you’ve also been blessed with that color, feel free to opt for any shade of pink.

Ideal For: Women with green eyes can really accent them with the help of a pink mane.

How To Style: Keep the hair dye fresh by protecting it with special products meant for colored hair.


5. Anime Girl with A Crown

pink hair anime girl with crown

Yes, pink hairstyles for anime girls can also wear crowns.

Ideal For: This is a look you can copy for April Fool’s Day.

How To Style: All you’ll need is a crown and a very long pink hair.


6. Bunny Ears- Sherry Blendy

Bunny ears are a thing you’ll see very commonly in the anime culture. What’s even better, so many of these anime girls have dark pink hair as well.

Ideal For: If you have a costume party coming up, this can be a great idea.

How To Style: Start shopping online for some cute pink ears.


7. Anime Girl with Bows- Yuno Gasai

Bows are among the top trending hair accessories for 2024.

Ideal For: Very cool for short and long hair.

How To Style: You can do the same as this pink haired anime girl and divide the hair into two ponytails. Decorate each one with bows.


8. Anime Girl with Panda Hat

It’s always fun to be different from everyone else. With this pink haired anime girl’s style you will get a unique look.

Ideal For: This is not an everyday look, but it will serve you well for a costume party.

How To Style: Leave the long pink locks loose and put on your panda costume.


9. Anime Girl with Pink Eyes- Nonon Jakuzure

This is a look created with a dose of fantasy. This anime girl with pink hair and pink eyes can stimulate so many ladies to get pink contacts.

Ideal For: Great for experimental women who have tried different eye colors.

How To Style: Put on the lenses, blow dry your pink hair and you’re ready to go.


10. Anime Girl with Ear Warmers

pink hair anime girls

Anime girl’s pink hairstyles are so diverse that some even accessorize their long mane with winter details.

Ideal For: Once the cold days arrive, make sure that you have your ear warmers.

How To Style: This is proof that this color of hair is beautiful for any season.


11. Kotori Itsuka

Pink Haired Anime Girl With Pigtails

Instagram / nimecaps

This cute anime girl from the Date A Live series is famous for her long twin tails.

Ideal for: Ladies with a long thick mane.

How to Style: Dye the tresses in a light coral pink color and style them in two high ponytails with ribbons and layered bangs framing the face.


12. Kosuri Onigashira

Pink Haired Anime Girl Kosuri Onigashira

Instagram / derecapz

Rock a short bob haircut with a bright pink hue to turn around some heads.

Ideal for: Perfect for women who want a short and low-maintenance hair look.

How to Style: Go for layers to fall around the face with choppy micro bangs.  Finish off with a bright fuchsia hair color.


13. Amu Hinamori

Pink Haired Anime Girl Amu Hinamori

Instagram / amuletheart_amu

Keep it low-key by opting for a powder pink hair shade.

Ideal for: This look adds some volume to thin hair.

How to Style: Opt for choppy layers with wispy bangs on the forehead and add cross-shaped hair clips on both sides of the face giving off a carefree appeal.


14. Madoka Amahane

Dance around like a young girl with this adorable hairstyle that is effortless to achieve.

Ideal for: Medium-length fluffy waves are ideal to recreate this look.

How to Style: Color the hair in a bubble-pink shade and tease it before styling it in pigtails with side-swept bangs accentuating the face.


15. Lacus Clyne

Pink Haired Anime Girl Lacus Clyne

Instagram / pastnfinite

Pair deep blue eyes with light pink hair to create an alluring look.

Ideal for: Set the stage on fire at a costume party with a high ponytail.

How to Style: Wrap a chunky braid extension around the ponytail with a choppy fringe and thick side locks. Finish off with Clyne’s characteristic hair clip.


16. Chika Fujiwara

Pink Haired Anime Girl With Black Bow

Instagram / aquaiconss

Chika Fujiwara is one of the most popular anime girls with pink hair.

Ideal for: Fair-skinned ladies with medium-length hair.

How to Style: Cut the pale pink tresses into a shoulder-length lob with subtle layers and couple it with blunt bangs cut straight across the forehead. Top off with a bow hairpin.


17. Ikaros

Pink Haired Anime Girl Ikaros

Instagram / uranus_queen

Here is another inspiration for ladies looking for a short haircut.

Ideal for: Give your tresses a jaw-dropping makeover for the upcoming season.

How to Style: Dye the choppy shoulder-length layers in a rosy pink shade and use pomade to make one strand stand up on the head to complete the look.


18. Hinagiku Katsura

Pink Haired Anime Girl Hinagiku Katsura

Instagram / chasefromm21

This anime character sports a Hime cut with utmost confidence.

Ideal for: Those who don’t want to chop off a lot of their long hair but still want a change in their style.

How to Style: Select a baby pink shade and go for choppy bangs with shoulder-length side locks and a long mane at the back.


19. Mei Hatsume

Pink Haired Anime Girl Mei Hatsume

Instagram / dhrqks_vhr

Mei Hatsume’s look is a perfect idea for girls who love dreadlocks.

Ideal for: A perfect everyday style to show off your bold personality.

How to Style: Color the hair in a salmon pink hue and dread the strands sparing the front side-swept fringe. Dye the eyebrows too for a monochromatic appeal.


20. Momo Belia Deviluke

Pink Haired Anime Girl Momo Belia Deviluke

Instagram / darling.deviluke

Bob haircuts are trending this season and can be ideally paired with a pink hair color.

Ideal for: Adding some volume to lifeless fine hair.

How to Style: Ask the hairstylist for a layered bob cut with textured bangs at the front. Top off with two flowers on one side of the face.


21. Nino Nakano

Pink Haired Anime Girl Nino Nakano

Instagram / nakanonino.daily

Nino is the prettiest anime girl known to have rocked different pink hairstyles in varying shades during the entire Hanayome series.

Ideal for: Those who want to experiment with straight-cut bangs.

How to Style: Style the salmon pink tresses in an updo at the back with square bangs hanging over the eyebrows accompanied by chunky side locks.


22. Sakura Haruno

Pink Haired Anime Girl Sakura Haruno

Instagram / sakura_rp

Get noticed from a distance by pairing short pastel pink hair with middle-parted curtain bangs.

Ideal for: Making those deep green eyes stand out.

How to Style: Use pomade to pinch the ends creating spiky chunks and add an oversized fuchsia bow headband.


23. Rumiho Akiha

Pink Haired Anime Girl Rumiho Akiha

Instagram / oka._.rin

Every girl should flaunt funky pigtails at least once in a while.

Ideal for: Turning around some heads at a Halloween party.

How to Style: Style the pale pink hair in curly pigtails with a thick fringe covering the face. Top off with a cat ear headband. 


24. Ram

Pink Haired Anime Girl Ram

Instagram / subaru_natsuki

Consider this edgy pixie bob as your next anime girl-inspired hairstyle with red eyes.

Ideal for: Emo girls to rock a girly hair color for a change.

How to Style: Color the short strands in a bright rose pink hue and add a floral hairband with the straight cut bangs covering one eye.


25. Zero Two

Pink Haired Anime Girl With Horn

Instagram / anime_waifus4

Here is a simple hair look that is equally stylish.

Ideal for: Young girls with long straight hair.

How to Style: Opt for blunt bangs cut straight across the forehead and dye the entire head in a light pink shade. Finish off with a bunny headband for a costume party.


26. Sayuri Haruno

Pink Haired Anime Girl Sayuri Haruno

Instagram / nanamihyuga

Sayuri is a pretty anime character having light fuchsia hair complementing her red eyes.

Ideal for: Those with naturally wavy hair can experiment with this hairstyle.

How to Style: Pair choppy layers with a wispy fringe grazing the eyes and style the mane in a loose side ponytail with a bow hair tie.


27. Trish Una

Pink Haired Anime Girl Trish Una

Instagram / tsuppra22

The anime girl from Vento Aureo series rocks a pixie haircut with utmost glamour.

Ideal for: Those who are longing for a rock star appeal.

How to Style: Choose a hot pink hair shade and add as many layers as possible to the pixie with a long top styled in a loose whirl on the head.


28. Tsukasa Yuzaki

Pink Haired Anime Girl Tsukasa Yuzaki

Instagram / shinicons

Adding a bright pink hue to your long mane won’t hurt anyone.

Ideal for: Show your love for pink by combining this shade with reddish-pink contact lenses.

How to Style: Style the tresses in a half-up half-down hairstyle with choppy bangs grazing the eyes.  


29. Yachiru Kusajishi

Pink Haired Anime Girl Yachiru Kusajishi

Instagram /

Pink hair, pink eyes, and pink cheeks! What more can you ask for?

Ideal for: Ladies who like a vintage-inspired hairstyle.

How to Style: Flip out the ends of the middle-parted pastel pink bob leaving the side locks straight to reach the jawline.


30. Morgiana

Pink Haired Anime Girl Morgiana

Instagram / carlacardale

Take things up a notch with this hot magenta hairstyle.

Ideal for: Those who are not afraid to sport an unconventional hair shade.

How to Style: Pair middle-parted bangs with a sharp A-Line lob haircut before dying it in the sharpest shade of magenta. Rock a ponytail on one side only and the look is done.


31. Madoka Kaname

Make those medium-length locks look like cotton candy with this hairstyle.

Ideal for: Naturally thick and wavy hair.

How to Style: Hold up the pigtails with red ribbons and choppy bangs that are pointed towards the chin while framing the face elegantly. Top off with pink lenses.


32. Mitsuri Kanroji

Pink Haired Anime Girl Mitsuri Kanroji

Instagram / giyuu_tomiokaa

This popular anime girl’s pink hairstyle is to die for.    

Ideal for: Ladies who are considering a funky ombre look.

How to Style: Plait the hair into three chunky braids. The baby pink color fades into a lime green hue midway to the ends with a similar effect on the choppy bangs.


33. Krul Tepes

Pink Haired Anime Girl Krul Tepes

Instagram / seppukue

Another style for ladies with long hair.

Ideal for: Those who love to look like a sexy vampire at costume parties.

How to Style: The pastel pink mane is styled in half-up pigtails with bat wing-like hair ties and horn-like accessories. Amp up the look with wine-red eyes. 


34. Inori Yuzuriha

Pink Haired Anime Girl Inori Yuzuriha

Instagram / with_waifu

A light to dark gradient hairstyle never looks boring.

Ideal for: Wearing the hair in a carefree manner for an undone appeal.

How to Style: The light pink hue darkens into a hot pink hue reaching the ends while the hair is secured in two loose pigtails with a red clip.  


35. Mamika Kirameki

Pink Haired Anime Girl Mamika Kirameki

Instagram / slenderfellow

Blue eyes and pink hair! This anime girl can’t get any cuter.

Ideal for: Medium-length fluffy locks.

How to Style: Tint the hair and brows in a light bubblegum pink color and style it in ponytails coupled with bangs and chin-length side locks.


36. Mina Ashido with Short Pastel Pink Hair

Pastels will be everywhere this 2021.

Ideal For: Great for all women who are planning a new hair dye.

How To Style: The most important part is to manage and keep the hair color in that beautiful shade as long as possible. You will need to plan regular visits to the hairdresser.


37. Anime Bride with Rose Pink Hair

Even anime brides can have pink hair.

Ideal For: Perfect for all brides-to-be who want something different and unique.

How To Style: Put the hair in a classic updo.


38. Anime Girl With Short Messy Hair

The short and messy pink hairstyle is what you need in your life.

Ideal For: Great for women who are obsessed with short hair and don’t have too much time to style it.

How To Style: You will need plenty of layers in the cut to achieve the messy vibe.


39. Anime Girl with A Hat

You can now add some cute hats to the hairdo, just like this anime girl with pink hair and blue eyes did.

Ideal For: A fun idea for everyone.

How To Style: No need to style it, just throw on a trendy hat.


40. Pink Hair And Bangs- Aries

anime girl Aries with pink hair bangs

Bangs seem to upgrade the pink hairstyle of this anime girl in the most deal way.

Ideal For: There are many styles of fringe to choose for, so you’ll find one that matches for all face shapes.

How To Style: You only need to pick the type of bangs you want to go with the pink dye.


41. Long Pink Haired Anime Girl- Moka Akashinya

Long straight hair is hard to grow out but is so beautiful.

Ideal For: All gals who have long pink hair can opt for this anime-inspired look.

How To Style: Leave it long, voluminous and flowy.


42. Utena Tenjou- Pink Hair And Blue Eyes

This anime girl with pink hair and blue eyes are so stunning! The mix of the two colors is definitely an alluring combination.

Ideal For: Women with blue eyes have to try out pink tones.

How To Style: Just dye your hair pink and let the blue eyes shine through.


43. Anime Girl’s Pink Hair In Multiple Shades

This hairdo can serve you as an inspiration to all gals who love highlights and lowlights.

Ideal For: This mane is a fun choice for teenagers and young adults.

How To Style: Instead of opting for a single shade of pink, choose multiple.


44. Anime Girl with Red Eyes

Anime series are so creative that they often add unrealistic colors to the eyes of their characters.

Ideal For: If you’ve always dreamed of having red eyes, this anime girl’s pink hairdo can be your inspiration.

How To Style: Although most people don’t like mixing pink and red, this combo is so pretty.


45. Anime Girl with Purple Eyes

pink hair anime girl with purple eyes

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different eye colors.

Ideal For: Great for all skin tones, face shapes and ages.

How To Style: Once you have the gorgeous pink hair you can start looking for purple-colored lenses.


46. Anime Girl’s Pink Short Bob

Anime characters are also rocking the most popular pink hairstyle of the year. Doesn’t it look even better when done in different shades?

Ideal For: If you’ve been wanting to get a bob cut in a pink color, this is the perfect timing.

How To Style: Keep it short and simple. You can even add a blunt fringe as a modern finishing touch.


47. Anime Girls With Space Buns

Double space buns are so easy to do.

Ideal For: Best for younger ladies such as teenagers and girls in their 20s.

How To Style: Do two ponytails and twist them in buns. Secure them with bobby pins.


48. Mirai Kuriyama

Glasses and pink hair are just the coolest combos thanks to this anime girl.

Ideal For: If you are wearing glasses and need that fresh touch to your mane, why not try this hairdo?

How To Style: You definitely want to try fringe, especially a side-swept style or see-through.


49. Curly Pink Hair

anime girls pink hairstyles

Women who are blessed with natural curls can now dye them pink.

Ideal For: The pink hair anime girl on the picture is flaunting gorgeous long curly hair with bangs.

How To Style: If you have natural hair, use mousse to make the curls even more beautiful. If not, you can always try the curling iron.


50. Magenta Hair- Lucy (Elfen Lied)

anime girl Lucy with magenta hair

The range of pink is not only limited to bright shades.

Ideal For: This anime girl with pink hair will be an inspiration for women who are not afraid to try bold hues.

How To Style: Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners to keep the color vibrant.


Anime girls with pink hair are so popular all over the world. So many real-life teenagers and even adults copy their hairstyles, especially the fun color. If you are loving the pink tones and you want to make them a part of your mane, maybe these 50 popular pink hair anime girls will be able to help you.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long, short, if you have blue, brown, or green eyes, as long as the hair is pink.