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27 Types of Hime Cut & How to Rock It Best

Hime cuts took the hairstyling world by storm and rapidly became some of the most popular trims in 2024. Nowadays, influencers, k-pop culture, and social media have a great impact on trends and the hime cut seems to be one of the movements that was quickly adopted.

The hime cut has Japanese origins and it is believed that this was a hairstyle that young royal women got when they were in their 20s during the Heian period.

Trendy Hime Cut Ideas

Hime cuts consist of three major layers: bangs, the looalike bob sidelocks, and the long mane. All these pieces can be adapted to all face shapes and styles, but to find more on how to make this hairstyle suitable to your liking, check out the below hime cut styles that are trending now.

1. Blue Hime Cut with Long Layers

black and blue hime cut

The hime cut is a combination of two Japanese hairstyles, Amasogi and Binsogi and features long princess locks. 

To recreate the look above, you will need to dye your hair black and paint the ends in a blue nuance that will match your eyes. Peek-a-boo blue strands are also welcomed!

2. Sleek Waves

hime cut for medium length hair

Even if you have fine hair, a hime cut will help you give your hair a cute twist. Go for straight wispy bangs and messily curl your sidelocks. As for the longer pieces, use hair gel and flip out the ends. 

3. Hime Cut with Pigtails

hime cut with pigtails

Go for a hime cut and keep your nape hair long so you will have enough length to braid some strands and wrap them around your pigtails. 

In front, chooser blunt straight wispy bangs and cut your sidelocks diagonally, then curve their ends.  

4. Pale Mauve Layered Cut

medium hime bob cut for women

If you want to recreate this look, you first need a hime cut and to change your hair color into a silver mauve nuance. 

If your hair is naturally brown or black, we advise you to see a colorist because you want your bleaching done as well as possible, without hair patches that have different color intensities. 

5. Smooth Layeres for Hime Cut

hime cut with dark red hair

When you want to frame your face and create a soft hime cut, all you need is to style layers that blend with the longer hair pieces. 

Go for straight blunt bangs that cover the forehead and the eyebrows and opt for a burgundy color. 

6. Hime Cut with Icy Blonde Peek-a-BooNape Hair 

hime cut for Asian women

These icy gray highlights that pop through that dark natural hair give the hairstyle a more modern vibe.

The upper sidelocks are chunkier and better defined than the layers that follow in the lower part of the cut. The hime cut is completed by wispy cute bangs. 

7. Lollipop Hime Cut

hime bob cut

Combining a bob haircut with a hime cut will look absolutely mindblowing. The bluntly trimmed temple sidelocks add a futuristic touch to a simple cut. 

Moreover, the color mix plays an important role as the two nuances of magenta beautifully combine. 

8. Hime Cut for Curly Hair

hime cut for curly hair

Who said hime cuts don’t work on curly hair? Indeed, they make a greater impact if the hair is flawlessly straightened because the cuts are better defined, but that doesn’t mean such hairstyles can’t flatten waves.

Also, a hime cut is a great idea when your hair has too much texture and volume and you need to tone it down a notch. 

9. Platinum Blonde Hime Cut

hime cut for blonde hair

Your hime cut will look sophisticated and cool if you pair it with short, slightly feathered bangs.

Layer the ends of your long mane, and asymmetrically trim your sidelocks. Make sure you create pointy angles so your hairstyle has a geometrical touch. 

10. Curved Bangs and Layers

hime cut for dip dye hair

The cool thing about this hime cut is that you can wear your longer hair pieces however you please. If you tie your long locks in the back, you will end up with a short bob lookalike hairdo.  It will look cool either way!

To recreate it, keep your bangs short, and dye two inches of the ends in a dark magenta color. Do the same for the sidelocks and the mane. 

11. Cosplay Hime Cut

hime cut hairstyle

Wigs are your best friends when you love frequently changing your look or dressing up as your fav manga or game character. 

This cosplay of Otome Tohoten from “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle” is beautifully created not only thanks to the great replica of the outfit but also to the long purple hime cut.

12. Half Black Half Green

hime cut for round face

This hime cut is all about perfect shapes and straightened hair. Bangs are round, longer in the corners of the forehead while the sidelocks resemble a short A-line bob

The rest of the mane is also bluntly cut and kept in a natural black color. To give your hairstyle a cool twist, paint half of your fringe in green hue. 

13. Pink and Teal Hime Cut

two tone hime cut

Highlight your cheekbones and frame your face with blunt bangs and sidelocks. Keep the rest of your hair long, reaching your waist.

And now the fun part begins! Part your bangs in the middle and dye it half pink, half teal. Also, paint the crown pink and the hair underneath in the same blue-green nuance. 

14. Icy Mauve Leveled Cut

hime cut for silver hair

Icy gray colors will beautifully suit women with fair skin and blue eyes. However, you will need to invest in high-quality hair care products.

Wash your hair regularly with purple shampoo to preserve the nuance. To create even more contrast, keep your eyebrows black and beautifully shaped. 

15. Hime Cut for Older Asian Women

hime cut for blonde balayage hair

Soften your facial features by creating short bangs with extended lengths at the corners of your forehead. 

Trim the side pieces in the shape of a bob that highlights the jawline and keeps the rest of your hair long, and well-defined. Go for an ombre that also warms up your fringe. 

16. Multiple Blunt Layers 

hime cut for thick hair

For this hairstyle, you definitely need long thick hair. However, if you need more volume, you can always wear a wig or add hair extensions to gain a fuller effect.

Change the color of the hair into a warm platinum blonde and create three blunt layers. Dye the ends into a vivid orange nuance. 

17. Cheek Length Cut with Bangs

hime cut for thin hair

A hime cut can be adapted to style all face shapes and styles. So if you don’t want to get an eccentric look, you can add messy curls, and create smooth layers that frame your face.

Slightly curving your blunt bangs will add more warmth to your face and it will look less geometrical. 

18. Emo Hime Cut

choppy hime cut

Such a haircut is a combination of styles, as it features uneven bangs, layered medium temple hair, and nape. 

Strands from the crown are teased and then combed to create more height and volume. You can also wear your nape hair tied with a hair elastic, resulting in a cute bob with a back pony. 

19. Thick Hime Cut

hime cut for short hair

These blunt sections are all well-defined, with short thick bangs that frame the face, side pieces, and nape hair. Moreover, you can dye these ends in a black color.

The hairstyle is very geometrical, fashionable and perfect for nonconformist girls who are not afraid to transform their locks into a statement. 

20. Feathered Cut 

hime cut with purple hair

Feathered bangs make a great pair with short blunt side pieces that resemble a bob haircut. The rest of the locks are long, falling in a cascade, on the back and shoulders.

If you need a pop of color, then you can create some vibrant purple highlights

21. Long Hime Cut

long hime cut for wine red hair

This look yells high-maintenance! And it’s not only about the daily necessity to straighten your hair but it’s also about the color. 

Red nuances require full commitment because the shade demands frequent touch-ups, and that translates into more time and money spent in hair salons. 

22. Jawline Hime Cut

hime cut with highlights

Creating contrast is a common feature of this hairstyle. It makes a bold aspect that will get all the attention. So, if you don’t mind turning heads on the street, go for a black and white hime cut.

Choose a jet black color and beautifully blend the whites. 

23. Messy Hime Cut

messy hime cut

Hime cuts are incredibly versatile because they allow you to play around with multiple colors, lengths, and textures. 

For this hairstyle, go for baby bangs, straightened side pieces that reach the cheekbones, and wavy longer hair. Tease the crown hair to gain more dimension. 

24. Blonde and Black Hime Cut

long layered hime cut

As a woman with fair skin, a dusty blonde color will perfectly suit you, drawing all the attention to your blue eyes. Combine bangs that go one inch above your eyebrows with long princess wavy layers.

If you have a rounded or chubby face, then keep your side pieces at the jawline level. Add a pop of color by dyeing half of your bangs in a jet-black color. 

25. Bowl Hime Cut

sleek hime cut

Keeping your hair fully straightened will give your hime cut the frame you desire.  Your bangs must have a slightly blunt rounded shape, while the longer pieces can be cut with thinning scissors

This hairstyle will highlight your pointy chin and your jawline. 

26. Feathered Blonde Hime Cut

hime cut for medium blonde hair

This is a more low-maintenance version of a hime cut and ideal for those who don’t want to straighten their hair daily. If you prefer a messier look, then this is the chop you need.

Go for a light blonde color, feathered bangs, and asymmetrical side pieces. Keep the rest of the hair reaching the shoulder level and mess it up. The beauty of this cut is that it doesn’t need to look perfect. 

27. Rockstar Hime Cut

hime cut for long hair

For this hairstyle, the long pieces are flawlessly straightened and with a blunt cut, while the bangs and side pieces are rather messy and layered.

The bangs fully cover the forehead and the side layers are flipped in.

Hime cut styles are inspired by Japanese culture and manga and feature multiple levels of well-defined layers. The hairstyle is highly popular on social media and among K-pop stars and if you love getting a modern cut that sky-rocketed the trends, this is the chop for you!