12 Glamorous Baby Shower Hairstyles for ‘To-Be-Moms’

A baby shower is always an occasion very close to the heart of a to-be mother and she will want to look her best on that day.  Speaking of looks, the major style hunt would be for a perfect hairdo. On this special event of celebrating pregnancy and welcoming motherhood, her joy is immense.

If the hairstyle does not turn out satisfactory, it does get very upsetting. So generally, a mom-to-be would be on the lookout for baby shower hairstyles based on the texture, length and perhaps even the volume of her hair.


Beautiful Baby Shower Hairstyles

Down below are 12 different hairstyles for a baby shower to save you some trouble hair-do hunting!

1. Elegantly Simple Low Chignon

low chignon bun for soon to be mom

This beautiful hairstyle is surprisingly simple and very elegant. The front bangs are neatly swept to the sides and twisted to a finish. The bun is low and finds its place close to the nape of the neck. The chignon also adorns a beautiful brooch and flowers.

This hairstyle for baby shower event is undoubtedly chic with a traditional touch.


2. Crown Braided Messy Bun

baby shower hairstyle with messy bun

The key definition to this hair-do comes from the braid that combs over the top of the head like a beautiful crown. The end of the braid is then wonderfully tied into a messy bun at the back.

The front bangs beautifully pulled down to cover one side of the forehead adds a charm of its own. It’s a must try hairstyle for a baby shower if you have long, thick and tough hair.


3. Graceful Low Curls

baby shower hairstyle with low curls

The perfect baby shower hairstyle for long, low volume hair. This hair-do highlights its grace in its very soft and gentle waves at the bottom. A hassle-free hairstyle just for you. Also, you could top it with a lovely tiara just the way the beautiful mother-to-be in the picture has!


4. Ruffled Comb Over

hairstyles for baby shower

A comb over is traditionally brushing the hair from one side to another. This is essentially the concept of this particular hairdo. But the comb over is done in rather a ruffled and messy approach giving it a casual yet stylish look. The ends of the combed over locks have been tied into a chignon of a similar fashion.


5. One-sided Crown Braid

baby shower hairstyles for mom

This is a very trendy hairstyle for a baby shower. The crown braid is taken across the head and brought to the other side of the head. Small locks of hair are taken from there and twisted and merged with the braid.

The messy curl pattern throughout the length of the hair finishes this hairdo with a unique suave and splendor.


6. Soft, lazy Curls

This one is truly an amazing hairstyle for silky hair of medium length. There’s nothing more to this than a well-brushed side bang and mild curls through the length of the hair. A pretty headband, a tiara or even a beautiful brooch would go so well with this quick and classy hairstyle.


7. Exposed Back Brooch

baby shower hairstyles

As the name suggests, this is yet another distinctly simple baby shower hairstyle. You have to pick an exquisite hair brooch and clip it to the hair behind your ear on one side.

A slight variation to this hairdo would be the side pin hairstyle, where you would be twisting a small lock of the hair from one side in the front and tucking it at the back of your ear with a hair brooch or pin.


8. Low Braided Bun

low braided bun for mom

A braided bun always carries an air of its charm. This is a very attractive hairstyle for the baby shower. You can do the bangs or fringes in the front in any which way you like. A slight pouf at the center would be advisable to make the hair look voluminous.

As with any other bun, an addition of decorative pins or flowers would enhance its grace.


9. Side Bangs with Back Tongs

Side Bangs with Back Tongs

This is a style best suited for short hair. It has pretty side bangs on the front and wonderfully toned curls for the rest of the hair. It would very well cover up a large forehead if you have one!


10. Pretty Side Twirls

pretty baby shower hairstyles for mom

A very adorable and cute baby shower hairstyle for soon to be moms. A large lock of hair from one side of the head is twisted and taken back to be combined with rest of the hair and tied into a messy chignon. On the whole, it does have a messy but smart look.


11. High & Tight Chignon

High & Tight Chignon for baby shower

This is such a bold and appealing hairstyle with all the hair brushed backward and tied high at the top of the head into a tight, neat bun. It is incredibly fashionable and classy in its way.


12. Mild Pouf with Messy Curls

baby shower hairstyles with messy curls

A pouf is a slight lift at the top of the hair made with backcombing techniques or sometimes using a store-bought pouf. This hairdo consists of a very mild pouf at the top and messy curls covering up the entire length of the hair.

A pouf presents a beautiful opportunity to embellish it with a tiara or a hair chain.


We’ve come to the end of the list of hairstyles for a baby shower. I hope it was of help and probably inspired a dozen different ideas for you to try. What with all the fuss over hairstyles, do ensure you take proper care of your care. Happy hairstyling!!