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9 Trendy Black Curly Weave Hairstyles for Women

The black curly weave hairstyles are one of the most extraordinary and unique hairstyles and this hair extension creates fabulous new looks. Here are the top 9 weave hairstyle to try out.


Latest Curly Weave Styles for Black Hair

We have compiled the best styling ideas of curly hair weave for black women. Check out and draw inspiration.

1. Asymmetrical Look with Undercut for Women

black curly weave with undercut

This is a short curly weave hairstyle for black women that looks different when seen from both sides. What divides both sides and looks is the deep sideline that is clean and long. The one side is extremely short, cut like an undercut and goes all the way to the back. As the undercut reaches the sideline, it finishes there.

After that, come a whole new look and the curly weave starts and covers the entire another half. The weave is asymmetrical in its length, shorter at the back and longer on the top.


2. Curly Weave in A Pony

ponytail with black curly weave

When the black curly weave is styled in a low pony, there are two different hair textures of the style that are evident. No matter if the pony is high or low, the upper part coming before the pony is very sleek, soft and shiny. As the hair is wrapped in a pony, the weave comes in its natural style. It is voluminous, big and dominant.


3. High Curly Ponytail

high ponytail with black curly weave

This is one of the most popular black curly weave hairstyles. As mentioned above, the weave pony gives a different texture of the hairstyle. In the option of the high pony, the sleek part is much shorter than in the case of the low pony.

However, it creates lots of space for the curly weave to dominate. The position of the top pony is high on the top of the head. Since the pony is very big and flowy, all the parts will fall to the sides.


4. Long Bob Weave

layered black curly weave hairstyle

This black hairstyle presents a natural look that comes with a curly weave reaching the shoulder length. The hair is dense, voluminous and big, but the beauty of the curly weave is undeniable. The layering is gradual to the sides and the back, giving the weave a nice shape and look.

The hairstyle is even better is the weave comes done is some coloring technique like ombre, where the ends will be accented in a different lighter color.


5. Long Sew-in Weave

long black curly weave hairstyle

The beauty of the long weave hairstyle for black curly hair is unrepeatable and unique. The charm and the seductiveness of the curls are enough to create a natural and beautiful look. The hair is long, going almost to the waist and is slightly swiped to the side for a trendier look.


6. Ombre Weave

ombre black curly weave hairstyle for women

When the weave is done in ombre, it instantly gets a different look. Black curly weave haircuts can look boring if they are not upgraded with some color. In this case, the blond ombre refreshes nicely the look. It has yellow undertones that warm up the look without making it look orange.

Any hair length will look good with this combination. What is also important is the cut to have a bit of layering for better definition.


7. Shaggy Weave

women with black curly weave

The shaggy weave comes as a mixture of short and medium hair. The natural direction of the hair growth is upwards that already determines the hairstyle. The hair parts in the middle that also is another pointer for the determined black short curly weave hairstyle.

The short shag is a hairstyle that many women choose to wear because of its length and easy maintenance. The sides are short and the top is big and voluminous.


8. Curly Hair with A Headband

black curly weave with bandana

The extra-long weave may be difficult to handle and style. The small curls contribute to the even bigger and voluminous look that makes the hair heavy. One great option for styling a long black curly weave is adding a fashionable bandana.

It should come on the front and keep the curls from falling over the face and forehead. It is a great option for different occasions and the styling is not time-consuming.


9. High Side Weave

short black curly weave hairstyle

This short weave hairstyle for black women with curly hair presents a look of the weave in two different lengths. The top of the weave is high and long, while the sides are much shorter.

The curls are present throughout the whole hairstyle, and the direction of the hair is set by a low, clean side part line. This hairstyle falls under the category of short hairstyles so it is very easy to style and maintain.


With all the different hair length option, the black curly weave hairdos will never make you look boring and usual. It is a new fresh take on playful and modern curly looks.