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Black Hairstyles for Green Eyes: 12 Rarest Combo

Black hair and green eyes are as unique as they can get. One of the rarest eye colors that exists and is actually color and not a mutation is green eye color. Green eyes are not as prevalent as blue, brown, or black eye color.

Therefore, if you have got beautiful green eyes, you probably want them noticed.

From emerald to lime, green eyes range in colors and produce an appearance that is alluring and mystical.

While black is boring and dull; green is the color of nature and life, because green eyes are so rare, embracing any hairstyle to accent the already beautiful eyes might as well be rarer.


How to Choose Hairstyles to Highlight Green Eyes

Hair is an important part of the body that reflects your personality. And women love to experiment with their hair to enhance their personality and beauty.

It’s beyond any doubt that we gawk at the girls with green eyes. Your eye color is your biggest asset and you should know how to flaunt it.

Take advantage of the beautiful green treasure you have been blessed with and experiment with different hairstyles to serve some dramatic effects.

We’ve hand-picked some of the most alluring hairstyles or hair colors for you your beautiful green eyes.

 Make an Updo

updo for women with green eyes

The English singer and songwriter, Adele, who has been naturally blessed with gorgeous green eyes is a living example of how to wear your hair with green eyes. The messy and romantic updo with flawless cat eye makeup is something to be adorned.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up hairstyle for women with green eyes

Green eyes and sleek and straight black hair perfectly complement each other. When it comes to perfect hairstyles, Emma Stone is the one to reckon with.

Her beautiful natural green eyes accentuate impeccably her blonde hair with wispy bangs that are slightly pulled at the back.


Box Braids

girl with box braids and green eyes

Red hair looks amazingly stunning with green eyes and gracefully highlights the green color. Settle with this hairstyle as the box braids alone can steal the show, and along with the green eyes, they look superior.

However, if you’re graced with green eyes and black hair, there’s a lot you can do to play with your hairstyles.


Trendy Black Hairstyles for Green Eyes

Here are 12 rarest combos to help you choose the perfect black hairstyle for green eyes.

1. Baby Bangs

baby bangs on black hair and green eyes

Bangs is the one style that goes well with any hairstyle. If you have beautiful olive green eyes and black hair with the fair complexion. You can pop up your green eye color with baby bangs which are extremely à la mode this season.


2. Straight Ombre Hair

girl with black ombre hair and green eyes

This simple yet elegant look put all eyes on your precious black hair green eyes combo. If you have a decent taste with a bit of drama, you can top this elegant hairstyle off with warmly toned balayage to highlight your eyes. Dark colored hair with warmly toned balayage gives a beautiful contrast and feel to your ever-green eyes.


3. Short Beach Waves

black hairstyle for green eyes

Short hair with waves framing the face boasts and highlights the charismatic green eyes with black hair color. If you want to spice up your look, go for light blonde hair highlights that make your eyes really pop.


4. Sleek and Sultry

girl with sleek black hair and green eyes

The classic sleek and sultry hairstyle does wonders to the gorgeous black hair. The hairstyle is astonishing against pale skin and gives your green eyes a crazy highlight. This black hairstyle for green eyed girls looks ethereal on long and straight hair.


5. Layered Bob

short black bob with green eyes

Go an extra mile with this versatile and easy to take care of hairstyle. The Short and layered bob is a classy and trendy approach to style your hair.

Girls with green eyes and black hair can swear on this short layered bob haircut with bangs. This black hairstyle is perfect if you want to add depth and dimension to your hair for a fresh and clean look.


6. Sleek Side Bun

black hair bun for green eyes

Side buns are ideal to steal the show at formal events. Keep all the attention on those gorgeous green eyes by slicking down the hair behind one ear with a deep side part and creating a perfectly round bun with a hair donut. Use hair chalk to highlight the front temporarily. Voila!


7. Black Pixie

black hairstyle for older women with green eyes

The darker the hair is, the brighter those eyes will appear. Elderly women can opt for a lively appeal by considering a jet black pixie with straight bangs and ear-length side locks. Reluctant to color the hair? Use a wig instead.  


8. Half-Up Beehive

black hairstyle for women with green eyes

This retro black hairstyle is ideal to highlight piercing green eyes. Backcomb the sections on top sparing two middle-parted chunks to frame the face. Brush the hair softly creating a perfect dome shape and fix it in place with pins. Set the look on fire with winged eyeliner and nude lips. 


9. Top Knot Ponytail

black ponytail for green eyes

Why go for an elaborate style when a basic look does the job? Pull those long black locks in a high ponytail and wrap a chunk of hair around the base. Use extensions to go as long as you want and top off with a spritz of hairspray for a sleek finish.


10. Carefree Appeal

black hair updo for green eyes

Mixed-race girls blessed with natural curls who are not in the mood of styling their hair can recreate this carefree look. The strands are gathered on top of the head and swirled around in a messy bun with the ends sticking out. Don’t forget the flower!


11. Front Puff Updo

black hair green eyes

Don this retro-inspired elegant updo with front puff and make your green eyes look radiant and intense than they already are. The hairstyle looks exceptionally the best in wedding events and parties.

You can add more grace to the hairstyle with beads and other hair accessories.


12. Messy Bun with Curls

curly black hair bun with green eyes

Black hair and green eyes look celestial with messy buns and soft curls. The bun wrapped up in curls makes your dreamy eyes stand out in the crowd in a subtle and sublime manner. For a more sophisticated and refined look, pull off the bun with a floral tiara.


Hairstyle adds a neat and professional look to your personality. Whether you are a celebrity or an Instagram star, hair makes a significant difference in your life and a good hairstyle can completely change your look.

If you are lucky enough to be a black hair green eyes girl, take care of the beautiful gift you have got from nature; get enough sleep at night, drink lots of water and eat healthily. Be sure to rock them with the right hairstyle. Darker shades like black, brown and auburn give your eye color a popping effect and make your skin look brighter and clearer.