101 Majestic Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

91. Smoothed Down A Short Lob

Short lobs suit everyone. In this cute side, lob meets smoothened hair combo the hair is parted sideways. It’s an overall great look for trying something different for your hair.


92. Pastel Pink Crew Cut

This pastel pink crew cut is ambitious as well as crazy. It’s cute on young girls. You will have to bleach your hair first and select a good pastel color that you prefer best. Then cut off your hair from your normal hairline to keep it from getting overwhelming.


93. Natural 4C Hairstyle with Bandana

Regardless of the myth, 4C hair is easy and fun to style. This lovely type of hair can try many short natural hairstyles for black women. A lovely scarf tying up the hair and bangs front of the face is a great way to style 4C hair.


94. Mohawk With Liberty Spikes

This fierce haircut gives them a bold and confident look. To carry off a mohawk and side shaves you must have that face structure and features. Good dark and funky makeup can always help elaborate this look a little.


95. Blue Dyed Waves On Short Hair

short blue dyed hair for black women

Short wavy hair with side swept bangs are purely magical on small cute faces. It’s a kind of a longer pixie cut. When added in color combos like the sea or electric blue the results are always amazing and one of a kind. Like this short natural hairstyle here.


96. Side Swept Wavy Bangs

Side swept curls are cute and girly even when kept short like this. If you’ve always wanted to try a side shave, this could be the perfect hairstyle. The curls are kept long and gentle near the forehead, and a sharp side shave gives it a fierce look.


97. Short Straight Blonde Bob

Bob cuts that are tethering on the edge of lobs are a super cool haircut. Mix in a blonde hair and a sleek middle part you’ve gotten yourself a work hour look for days.


98. Light Pastel Sea Green Curls

This hair color is huge in the hair industry right now. If you have short hair with natural curls, style them up like this with some wax and styling gel. Opt out for nicer shades in reds and purple too according to your preference.


99. Half Top Knot with Front Braids

Letting your hair breathe is fine. But you can always add a touch of elegance and charm to this short hairstyle. Give yourself a top braided knot and leave the rest of your hair in its natural African beauty.


100. Short Soft Curls

short natural soft curls for black women

If you have soft curls, you probably don’t want to braid it all up. Keeping them short and open is a very beautiful option too.


101. Boy Styled Hair for Black Women

black women's short natural hairstyles

If you are a black woman with short hair who loves the same hair length on the full head, try this natural hairstyle. Your hair at the top of your head is given a backcombed windswept look using styling gel and a lot of products.


Embrace what your parents gave you and learn to love your natural hair. There are plenty of short natural hairstyles for both black young girls and adult women to choose from, so it won’t take long to find one that looks great on you.