101 Majestic Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

81. Natural Afro with A Distinct Side Part Shave

This is a wonderful look for whoever wants a side shave but doesn’t want to compromise on their lovely growing afro. You can pin most of your hair to one side and shave off the other side. It’s a much more natural look.


82. Dutch Braided Short Hair with Edges

Braiding up in this short natural hairstyle can be beneficial in many ways. It gives you an instant style and also allows you to keep your hair feeling fresh and healthy. You don’t have to do much to maintain this hairstyle that’s why once it’s done you can be hassle-free for a few weeks.


83. Big Open Afro with Tight Coils

Tight coils are wonderful but maintaining them is hard. The best way to let them breath is by letting them grow freely. Keep your afro open and natural with style like this which is easy to rock anywhere.


84. Deep Purple Short Crop

This haircut uniquely combines a shaved side with a short crop. You can try out different bright and feminine colors if you want to achieve this funky look. It’s trendy and easy to maintain. If it speaks to you, then you must try it out once.


85. Jheri Curl With a Top Formation

natural jheri curls for black women

A type of perm popularized in the ’80s the Jheri curls have always been a favorite. Mix short hair to the front with Jheri curls, and this is the amazing result you get. It’s a lovely hairstyle for black women with most of the hair pulled up to achieve this finished hairstyle.


86. Pompadour Hairstyle for Black Women

Pompadour is a vintage hairstyle popularized because of the volume and elegant finish. Today it would be edgy and cool to have a look like this. To achieve it you must take help from professionals or someone who’s done it before.


87. Blonde Spiral Afro

Blonde tips and highlights are not just for white women. Girls with afros can rock it wonderfully as well. Make sure to keep your ends well moisturized before they go frizzy. Giving your natural hair a little bit of depth by bringing out the blonde is a very cool hairstyle.


88. Big Spiral Perms Afro

We are all for letting our natural hair down. That’s why if you have naturally permed hair like this, then by using a little bit of styling get you can tone it down and give it a finish like this. The end result is this amazing uneven spiral perm look.


89. Tall Standing Afro

Afros don’t have to be tamed down always. If you want a tall Afro, we suggest you try this out. It’s a great hairstyle for black women that make them look fierce and bold.


90. Big Curls Short Bob

short bob with natural big curls

An amazing and rather chic combo is the big curls short bob one. It’s a classy and old school but always trendy style. It’s easy to achieve if you just want your hair out for a while. Ask for a shoulder length bob, and you’re good to go.