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22 Beautiful Ways to Style Blonde Box Braids

Blonde hair is probably one of the most fastidious hair colors and if you want to get this shade without dyeing and damaging your hair, we highly recommend you to go for a weave or blonde box braids. Hair extensions are real aids when pulling off long blonde box braids and Jumbo or Kanekalon fibers can help you achieve that.


Blonde Box Braids

Now is the perfect time to rock the blonde hair that you’ve always wanted. With box braids, trying out blonde color is easy, thanks to their semi-permanent nature. To figure out the best blonde box braids for you, remember that complimenting your skin tone is the most important factor.

You can style ombres, mixed shaded blonde box braids or even gray-tinted colors. Also, after making the knits, you might as well use them to style half or full ponytails, space buns, or short bobs. Check out the examples and start braiding!

1. Long Box Braids Up-do

long blonde box braids

Long blonde box braids are the most versatile of braids because they can be worn straight down the back or pulled up into a stylish yet functional updo.


2. Small Box Braids

small blonde box braids

For thin hair, small blonde box braids work best. They also create the least amount of weight and tension on the scalp, which is perfect if you prefer a long style.


3. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair color contrast beautifully against dark skin, so long as your skin contains yellow undertones. Wear your bombshell braids short or long.


4. Black And Blonde Ombre Fade

If you are a fan of colorful box braids, you’ll love this hairstyle. How stunning is this blonde and black box braids combination? An ombre fade gives you some room to play with tone and looks stunningly rich when pulled into a half-up top knot style.


5. Dark Honey Blonde

honey blonde box braids

These honey blonde braids work wonders for dark chocolate brunettes. This warm blend will give you the sun-kissed vibe that your darker locks have been craving.


6. Warm Blonde Braids on Dark Skin

Wearing blonde box braids on dark skin comes down to highlighting your skin’s undertones. These warm blonde braids will brighten up your face and play up your natural, glowing beauty.


7. High Updo + Box Braids

One of the perfect blonde curly box braids for thick hair. Leave some pieces loose and curly for an interesting, bohemian feeling.


8. Black and Blonde Box Braids

Platinum curly blonde box braids can extend your hair as much as you like. If you want to get an even more stunning look, knit only half of the hair and show those curly tips.


9. Honey Blonde Box Braids

Caramel blonde box braids are a fantastic way to get longer hair and even pull off some curls for the tips. Swipe a few knits on one side to get that ravishing hairstyle.


10. Ombre Blonde Box Braids

Make your hairstyle look eye-popping by using Jumbo hair. It can help you obtain fabulous long caramel ombre blonde box braids. Decorate some of the knits with golden cuffed beads.


11. Blonde and Brown Box Braids

You don’t have to stick to only one color. Buy two shades of Jumbo hair, blonde and brown, and mix them when knitting your box braids. They will beautifully blend and make each other stand out.


12. Platinum Blonde Box Braids

When you want to get a look that turns head on the street, platinum-silver blonde box braids will certainly get anyone’s attention. Section the knits in two and style a big bun using the top hair. Also, let a few knits fall on the forehead.


13. Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

Some love their knits to be thin, and others prefer them chunky. These blonde box braids are a fabulous way to change your hair color and to extend your mane. Feel free to select two locks and toss them on one side.


14. Medium Blonde Box Braids

When you already have blonde hair but want to make it longer, here’s a trick you can do to make it look stunning. Braid your hair but attach the knits a few inches from the scalp, showing off the roots.


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15. Small Blonde Box Braids

When you opt for thin box braids, you will get a lot of volume and your knitted mane will certainly look astonishing. Use the top hair and style a half ponytail. Also, choose two knits from the corner of your forehead and let them fall on sides.


16. Blonde Box Braided Bob

Not all women use their braids to extend their hair and make it fall on their backs! For example, you can use the blonde box braids to style a bob hairstyle with a middle part with rounded tips.


17. Blonde Knotless Box Braids

To obtain even more texture, make long thin blonde box braids.  You can also use some Jumbo hair to knit some brown braids here and there. To make the ends look fabulous, don’t secure them.


18. Blonde Box Braids on Dark Skin

If you are a black woman who wants to pull off a blonde look, box braids are here to help you achieve that without dyeing the hair. Create a middle part and style the braid as close to the scalp as possible.


19. Blonde Box Braids with Beads

These caramel blonde box braids make a great team with that gorgeous undercut styled on one side. Anytime you want the hairstyle to shine, use some silver cuffed beads to decorate a few braids.


20. Blonde Box Braids for White Girls

Get a beautiful blonde box braided hairstyle by using Jumbo hair to pull off very thin knits. Section the top braid in two parts and use them to twist two big space bun on top of your head. You’ll get a simple but super cool look that you’ll love.


21. Blonde Box Braids on Mixed Girls

Mixed girls are fortunate because any hairstyle makes them look ravishing. They can opt for dark hair and even sandy blonde shades and still obtain a sublime hairstyle. To recreate the blonde box braids styled above, use Jumbo hair and decorate each braid with lots of hair rings.


Blonde, Red and Burgundy Box Braids


22. Blonde Bohemian Box Braids

You can pull off a marvelous bohemian look with blonde box braids that also leave room for a curl. When knitting, remember to secure the braid upper so that the tips can form a coil.


Blonde box braids don’t have to be basic. Wear platinum or honey blonde braids to suit your personal style, skin color, and hair type. They can radically change your look and, at the same time, protect your natural hair. You can pull of a hairdo that extends your hair, improves your color, and prevents your natural hair from being damaged by extern factors. Tell us in the comments which one you’d love to get.