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Red Box Braids: 10 Gorgeous Examples in 2024

Red box braids are unique and you won’t see it often. That’s why it’ll make a statement if you have the courage to wear it.


Red Box Braids

Cherry red, crimson, and garnet are just a few different hues of this rich color you can try. Ombre styles are popular, too. To find the perfect red box braids, you’ll need to compliment your skin tone. Have no fear, we have tons of options to choose from.

1. Box Braided Updo

Get more life out of your long red box braids and opt for a sexy up-do. Braids can last for up to a week long when worn up, but a messy top knot or bun style is perfect at any time. A braid on each side of your face frames and elongates your face shape.


2. Medium Red Box Braids

Instead of choosing between small or large braids, medium red box braids are the perfect middle ground. Charms like rings and shells are popular on braids. Tones like silver pop against colorful locks.


3. Red and Black Ombre

Dark ombre helps bright hair to feel more subtle. This is no different for red and black box braids. The cool tones of this black and red is complimentary to olive and other warmer skin undertones.


4. Red Knotless Braids

Knotless red box braids are a popular style that reduces a lot of tension that often comes with the knotted variety. Oftentimes, they are ideal for trying different parts and many up-do styles. Try it on braids both short and long.


5. Bright Red on Dark Skin

Deep red hues with a blue base, like garnet, are the best red box braids on dark skin. Other cool tones like crimson provide a gorgeous compliment to dark skin. We also love these playful space bun on medium-large braids.


6. Dark Burgundy and Red Box Braids

Dark colors like burgundy and mahogany blend beautifully with red ombre box braids. A dark hue with reddish undertones will look seamless and natural and is well-suited to pale skin with cool undertones.


7. Jumbo Red Box Braids

Ever since the ’90s, large braids have been popular. Try your own jumbo red box braids as a vibrant, protective style. Braids should grow thinner as the hair grows longer so it doesn’t weigh as heavily on the scalp.


8. Red and Blonde Ombre

Cherry red looks particularly fresh when paired with platinum and pink colors. Red and blonde box braids create a strawberries and cream style that will suit any babe who craves it.


9. Red Braids for Light Skin

As long as your skin contains cool undertones, red box braids on light skin are can truly pop. A two-toned style adds the right amount of depth, so feed maroon braids into bright red ends for an ombre effect.


10. Knotted Updo

A popular bohemian style is red box braids with curls. Gorgeous in all colors, this style adds texture and variety to ruby red braids. A half-up ponytail is trendy on long hairstyles.


Red box braids are super hot right now, so you should definitely try this color. Don’t be afraid of the boldness! As long as you find the right shade to compliment your undertones then you can choose any style or width. Which fiery style is your favorite?