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Blonde Cornrows: 11 Looks That Even Celebs Couldn’t Resist

Blonde cornrows represent strength, free spirit, and determination. A woman with cornrows knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to work hard to get it. We usually see black or dark chocolate cornrows, but the reality is that they can be in different colors. Throughout this post, you’re going to see some of the most amazing cornrows with blonde hair that you can rock easily.


Lovely Cornrows with Blonde Hair

Ever wanted to rock cornrows in blonde hair color? These eleven styles are bound to inspire you.

1. Golden Blonde Cornrows

Golden Blonde Cornrows

The classic cornrow style looks classy and wild at the same time. Soft golden blonde hair shade accentuates delicate nature of a woman while cornrows add a little bit of edge to your look. You’ll definitely love this style, and it’s easy to keep it perfect at all times.


2. Red and Blonde

blonde cornrows for women

The best thing about cornrows is that you can style them in many different ways. You have the liberty to rock these box braids in any way you want. For instance, you can opt for blonde cornrows with striking red color starting from the half down.


3. High Ponytail Braids

blonde cornrow ponytail

High ponytails are a major trend today mostly because of Ariana Grande. You can easily rock this cornrow hairstyle with your long blonde hair. Use extensions to add length and fullness to your hair for a more dramatic touch just as shown in the photo.


4. Platinum Blonde Cornrows

Platinum Blonde Cornrows

Love the platinum blonde hair? Who doesn’t! Cornrows in platinum blonde hair color are angelic, delicate, and soft. It’s ideal for girls and women who prefer more elegant styles they can rock on any occasion. Plus, you can easily put these platinum cornrows up in a bun, ponytail, let them flow down your back, you name it.


5. Ashy Blonde Cornrows

Ashy Blonde Cornrows

Not all blonde cornrow styles have to include huge ponytails and whatnot, and you can opt for a sleek style that’s ideal for upcoming summer days. It’s easy to rock these cornrows, especially when you also complete your style with nice makeup.


6. Low Braided Bun

blonde cornrow low bun

It’s not uncommon for people to think that you can’t really do much with cornrows, but that’s not entirely true. You can style your blonde hair cornrow braids in a wide range of styles. Basically, all you need is a little bit of imagination. For instance, you can create a low bun as shown in this photo. Isn’t it cute?


7. Golden Cornrows

golden blonde cornrows for women

Women with black hair can rock blonde cornrows with ease. These thicker stitch braids in golden hue are super stylish and very classy while showing you also know how to have fun. Try it out, and you’ll see how easy it is to pull it off.


8. Feed-in Braids

women with blonde cornrow bun

Attending a wedding or some other kind of special occasion? Then pull up your dark honey blonde cornrows braids into a nice, classy blonde bun.


9. Straight-Back Style

blonde cornrow styles

This simple straight-back cornrows hairstyle is not easy to resist. Dye the hair in a soft blonde hue or add extensions keeping the roots natural. The thick and thin braids are alternated on the scalp up to the crown from where they are left loose to dangle.  


10. Jumbo Blonde Cornrows

Jumbo blonde cornrow

Make a bold move and bleach down a long lob completely to the roots and dye it in a sunflower blonde hue. Style the hair into jumbo cornrows from the front to the ends. This chic look is an ideal way to tame curly locks with style.  


11. Braided Scalp

blonde cornrows into ponytail

Don’t want to keep the hair loose? Have a glance at this high-fashion hair look. The scalp is tightly braided into creamy blonde cornrows up to the crown and then styled into a voluminous chic high ponytail that even celebrities won’t resist.


Celebrities Who Rocked Blonde Cornrows

Celebrities love cornrows, and we aren’t surprised at all. If you need a little bit of celebrity hair inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Below, you can see some of the many celebrities who rocked these blonde cornrows and looked absolutely stunning.

 Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles with blonde cornrows

Solange is one of the most stylish women in the entertainment industry, and of course, she tried out this hairstyle as well.


Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders's Blonde Cornrows

This model knows how to wear blonde cornrows with style. You can easily rock this look as well.


Beyonce’s Blonde Hair

beyonce with blonde cornrow

And of course, the queen of everything aka Beyonce rocked these blonde cornrow braids as well. Which also known as lemonade braids!


Bo Derek

Bo Derek's Blonde Cornrow

One of the most famous actresses to wear cornrows in blonde hair color on the big screen was Bo Derek, and she looked fantastic.


Kim Kardashian

celebrities with blonde cornrow

Kim Kardashian rocked her now infamous cornrows on Instagram.


At this point, you’re probably inspired to go ahead and get blonde cornrows, and we can’t blame you, this hairstyle is truly outstanding. This article showcased some of the most beautiful styles including celebrity hair inspiration that you can emulate with ease. It’s important to remember that proper maintenance of cornrows is crucial so make sure you take care of your hair properly.