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Blonde Hair with Blue Highlights: 7 Stunning Examples

Blue is the material color of the ocean and the heavenly skies. That means it is the sustainer of life. Indeed, you can never go wrong with blue as your choice. The fashion world is embracing shades and hair dyes for a change. It is astonishing to see how color blue is gaining rapid popularity within women.

As much as many may ignore it, the fact is the shades of blue are the trendy fashion styles of the day. Thus, we are giving you some stunning ideas of blonde hair with blue highlights.


Best Blonde Hairstyles with Blue Highlights

These are the 7 most ravishing ways to style blue highlights on blonde hair. Have a look and grt yourself done right away.

1. Mosaic Blue

blonde hair with blue highlights

It seems like a maze of beauty in blue shades. The roots are dark for blonde hair with some strands of extension with the dark tint. From the black emerges the baby blue hair color with a seamless transition.

Though a significant part of the hair is blue, there are some glimpses of the attractive blonde hair. This blue hair highlighting turns out as a creative idea.


2. Peekaboo Hair

blue highlights on white blonde hair

The blonde to white hair is easy to manage. Furthermore, when you want to dye it, the procedure is simple. In this blonde hairstyle with blue highlights, the outstanding aspect is the tips.

The few threads of highlights sparkle in the white background. Similarly, the blue edges of the hair stand out like flames of burning blue.


3. Face-framing Highlights

blonde hair with dark blue highlights

This piece of art is self-expressing and straightforward. The simple long blonde bob has a highlight base of the dark blue. Instead of having the blonde as the background, this hairstyle has done the opposite.

And the result is excellent. The glimpses of blue protruding underneath the blonde have a tantalizing effect on the eye.

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4. Teal Blue Hair + Blonde

greenish blue highlights on blonde hair

This is an experiment that defies the odds. The blending of the teal blue in the blonde is on the spot. It is a rare fete to sample such ingenious artistry. Most astonishing is that the mixing starts from the roots.

All the highlights are independent yet complementary. These blue highlights on blonde hair that will stand out from the cluster at any moment.


5. Braided Ponytail

caramel blonde ponytail with blue highlights

It is the hairstyle for the shy girl at heart. The high braid ponytail makes the blonde texture flow well. It is the introduction of the highlights in blue shade as part of the weaving strand that captures the eye.

With such a mix, you can step out in a variety of cloth color shades to match. This caramel blonde hairstyle is the freedom you want.


6. Blue + Silver Highlights

blonde hair with blue highlights

It takes a meaningful effort to turn such a traditional side part bob into a piece of art. The perfect rays of the light blue with silver jell well in the background of the darker root.

The final effect is the ambiance of the exotic arctic glazier thawing away into the ocean. It is worth trying it for esteem and pleasure.

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7. Simple Blue Grey Mix

blue highlights on grey blonde hair

This hairstyle is simple, and so is the color shading. When you mix two shades of blue, you get an excellent presentation. The addition of the grey on the blonde and blue hair is magnificent.

Then finishing the tips of the blonde hair with an all-round dark blue hair highlights is brave. This comes out as a bold expression of your personal style. Therefore express your feelings through your hairstyle.


The trend is on with the shades of blue. When you feel like exploring your creativity, start with blue. It is a surety that you will never step out with something else. It is our conviction that you are now more knowledgeable about the current trends of blue.

The seven stunning examples of blonde hair with blue highlights should be your guide. If you do not pick one of them, at least you have a good idea to work on. Thus, go for it, and you will never regret it.