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The Best Cherry Red Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Did you dream about having cherry red hair but never knew which shade to choose when going for the “fiery look”? So be it! Between countless possibilities in this color, varying from the Marsala, wine, violet, and burgundy, and other nuances, my favorite is, without a doubt, the cherry red.


Cherry Red Hairstyles

These hairstyles with red cherry hair color look amazing regardless of their hair length and texture!

Red Bob Weave

velvet & cherry red hair color

If you have bangs, you can play around with various cherry red hair shades. For example, you can dye your locks red velvet hair color and darken the image a little bit by dyeing the bangs dark cherry. The mix looks fantastic.


Full Highlights

Cherry red hairstyle

Reddish cherry hair color shade with a few subtle highlights is one of the best and smartest ways to become a redhead. The cherry shade is strikingly special while the brownish tones darken it a little bit while reducing the need for maintenance.


Cherry Red Highlights on Black Hair

Cherry Red Highlight

Cherry red highlights look stunning when coupled with naturally dark hair. When you first take a look at this mix, it seems amazingly natural yet it catches the eye with something striking. The secret is in the color mix.


Who Can Use The Cherry Red Dye for Women?

cherry red hair for women

Luckily, the cherry red hair color is an extremely democratic shade, it goes well with all kinds of skin tones and hair textures. However, due to its vibrant intensity, it offers a very particular contrast to darker skins.

A good example is pop singer Rihanna, which used these shades for a good while and showed how much that color can enhance the beauty of her skin tone! But don’t worry, the snow-white girls can also adopt the color without fear!

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Pre-coloring Care

women with cherry red hair

To get your desired dream of cherry red hairstyles, firstly you need to consider whether you have natural hair or you have little tincture on it. With your trusted hairdresser, it is important to do a capillary treatment on your hair for removing the stains from your hair strands.

As a result, color can stay longer on your hair blocking any kind of “chemical cutting”.But those who have lighter shades on some hair strings should be careful during the time of coloration.

Because the lighter strands may absorb more color than the darker ones which may not give you the desired color you want. You should have the dedication and passion to maintain your hair color as it requires regular routine treatment and maintenance from the moment of coloration.

If you do not have much time available or money to invest in the finishing touches and buy the treatment products needed for this type of color, it’s best to start thinking about another look. You can also try out cherry cola hair color for variations.

As the maintenance will be time-consuming and needs a sum of money one should try a different look as convenient to ones desire.


How to Get The Desired Shade of Cherry Red Color

cherry red hair color shades for women

The step by step process for achieving a cherry red color for women on natural hair is a very simple thing to do! You can do this by yourself at home or by the professionals of any beauty salon. For this first, apply the color on the length of the hair along with ends of the strands, then apply it to the root to have more even color.

In lighter shades of color such as blonde hair, you should stick to its original background before doing the cherry red color. It will give your hair a lively and bright look preventing it from turning fade.

In the case of darker hair, women should discolor their hair for removing excess color from hair strands before the coloration process. By doing this, each hair strand can take the intense and vibrant color of cherry tone without having any spots after the whole coloring process.



cherry red hairstyle for women

As said before, you need to be very cautious with the strands for keeping your red hair always look lively and attractive. As it fades more quickly, it needs more care and maintenance.

So, the first step is to buy specific products for your colored hair as they will protect your hair and prevents damage causing by dust, heat, and pollution keeping away your hair from fading and excessive dryness.

You should moisturize your hair weekly to make your red locks look soft and brighter. If you still don’t have any idea about how to moisturize your hair, click here to learn about it.

Additionally, the cherry red hair needs some short-term maintenance to have a healthy and gorgeous looking hair. For that, touch up your hair at least every 20 to 30 days. If needed, wrap your hair in a toning shampoo to keep the color vibration.


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We hope after reading this article you must try to get the brisk look of cherry red hair to stand out and fetch all the attention towards you.