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12 Red Velvet Hair Ideas – Beauty at Its Most Decadent

Thinking of coloring your hair in a bright red or red velvet hair color? Women love this color, especially for the Fall season, since it can look so good once matched with a dark burgundy lipstick.

If this sounds like something you might want to try out, we have 12 beautiful hairstyle options that you should consider.

How to Get Red Velvet Hair

red velvet hair for women

Red velvet hair reminds a lot of the red velvet cake, thanks to its rich and auburn red hair color. If you want to achieve this color on your own and at home, here is how to do it:

Step 1: You should have lighter or even blonde/bleached hair to get the perfect results. If your current hair color isn’t as is, make sure you give a lighter shade to it.

Step 2: Use a dye that has a red-violet hair color pigment. If your hair is virgin hair and it hasn’t been colored, you can achieve the right undertone within your first try, with no reason for bleaching it.

Step 3: If your skin undertone is warmer, you should use a red dye first and then add a hint of violet hue to get the right color for your complexion. If your undertone is cool-toned, you can sway either way.

Step 4: Don’t wash your hair too often, and give it enough time to sit and settle in. This way, you will help your cuticles seal and hold the color for a longer time.

Step 5: Keep your hair out of the sun because it can damage the hair and the color itself. Be persistent and get regular trims, as well as often hair dyes, to enjoy a flawless finish.

Glamorous Red Velvet Hairstyles

We have brought the 12 best red velvet hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous and stylish.

1. Tight Red Ringlet Curls

curly red velvet hairstyle for women

Tight curls can look super feminine & hot, especially on younger girls. This old 60’s hairstyle will never be out of fashion, and you can get it done and rock when out at the club or even when doing your everyday school/colleague duties.

2. Long and Wavy Red Velvet Hair

Long and Wavy Red Velvet Hair

If you don’t mind styling and maintaining long hair, make sure you get this red velvet hairstyle. It will give you a lot of confidence while making you feel like a princess from a fairytale!

3. Lob with Red Velvet Hair Dye

red velvet wavy lob

Short and red velvet hair will make blue and green eyes pop so much! This contrast is very attention-seeking, so be aware of that before getting this sexy hair-do.

4. Long Side Bangs

red velvet hair with side bangs

Side swept hair is much easier to maintain, and it still looks gorgeous! If you love long hairstyles, match them with a red velvet hair dye and enjoy a simple yet sleek outcome.

5. Voluminous Hair with Side Part

Red Velvet Hair with Side Part

Super voluminous hair looks gorgeous on Kirsten, and who says it wouldn’t look great on you? She has a pale complexion which only adds up to the beauty of this red velvet hair color.

6. Red Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

women with short red velvet hair

Women who are not afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone or simply those who prefer shorter hairstyles will love this velvet red hairdo.

It has a lot of volume & longer bangs at the front while leaving a fierce impression no matter where you go.

7. Dutch Braids

Loose Dutch braids will look lovely on every woman. But, if you need simplicity, tie your red velvet hair in this braid style, and enjoy your shopping or similar activities.

8. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair with Highlights

red velvet wavy hair

This wavy hairstyle is paired up with some silver jewelry, and it has a semi-formal vibe. So if you love bold makeup and your hair is dyed with red velvet hair color, make sure you round up the look with some statement jewelry; you will love it.

9. Long Beach Waves on Red Velvet Hair

Shorter hair with beach curls looks playful and fun, ideal for moms who are always on the go and not sure what to do with their hair. Pair it up with this dark lipstick, and you will be set for the day!

10. Half Up Half Down Hair

This hairstyle with red velvet hair color looks like something you would rock. So make sure you also get it and show off when enjoying your glamorous Saturday night outs.

11. Red Velvet Bob with Bangs

Red Velvet Bob with Bangs

Short & fluffy bangs can leave a good first impression while being low-maintenance. Women in their 20s or mid-30s will look the best with this hair length, red velvet hair dye, and some cute bags.

Red-Purple Hair Color Ideas

12. Chic Angled Bob

red velvet hair bob

Lastly, this long angled bob with red velvet hair is quite glamorous. This makes them perfect for girls and women who are off to a wedding, prom, special birthday party, or other semi-formal events.

FAQ’s on Red Velvet Hairstyle

Which Kpop idol slew red velvet hair best?

Once BlackPink hit the stage and swept everyone off their feet, people started to fall in love with all four performances.

However, the singer Rose transitioned into red color hair just recently and made everyone hop onto this trend as well.

The dark or light hair-which base will bring out the most of red velvet hair?

The best hair color for true red velvet outcome is natural & virgin hair. However, if this is not the case with you, then the next-best-case scenario would be for you to have either blonde or bleached hair to get the red velvet hair dye.

Need a quick change, and you feel like red pigment would look the best on you? If you have a pale complexion and are dying for a change, look into these fun red velvet hairstyles.

Women can enjoy them no matter their age, complexion, or undertone; it is all about matching the dye successfully to your warm or cool skin tone.

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