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10 Fashionable Green Hairstyles Ideas for Guys

Green hair is a great option for men who are modern and love to dye their hair. You can adapt the color to your skin tone and opt for various styles, from lime green to a dark earthy color. This hair color is surefire, getting all the attention and compliments it deserves.


Green Hair Color Ideas For Men

To get Green hair, you can bleach your hair. You certainly want a well-spread color, so if you care to avoid having several hair patches that end up being highlighted or darker, book an appointment with a hair salon. Playing with bleach and colors is fun, but you should make sure you know what you’re doing. 

Once you get the color you wanted, wash your hair with special conditioner and shampoo for dyed hair because green nuances tend to fade easily. If you’re going to discover some of the best options for your new green hair, check the below green hairstyles for guys.

1. Yellow Green + Spiky

lemon green hair for men

This electric yellow-green hair is so vivid and a real magnet for looks. Opt for a fade on the sides and a rich top. Complete the look with a dense, long beard and a mustache. Make sure your facial hair is always perfectly trimmed and neat.

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2. Ombre Green And Teal

green mohawk for men

Your style is certainly different if you love mohawks and dorkish glasses. Once you shave the sides, create an ombre for the top hair, starting from green roots and switching to a stunning teal and, lastly, a blue nuance. 


3. Buzz Cut + Green

A buzz cut with a fade will show your face features and shape. Pick a shamrock green color for the top and sport a short beard and a mustache. If you have green eyes, even better, this look will greatly draw all the attention upon them.


4. Pastel + Green Tint

green ombre for men

To get these pale colors that complete each other, you need a block cut and bleach. Style that platinum silver base color and add pastel green and purple, and pink. Use a rounded brush to lift the roots before going out. 


5. Guy With Green Hair & Green Eyes

green hair color for men

As a man with fair skin and green eyes (or contact lenses), a pear hair color with yellow highlights will make such a great match. On sides, use a high fade, and for the short top hair, toss it on one side. This unusual look is certainly going to be loved!


6. Long Green Slick Back Hair

With a look like this, you’re going straight for the heart! Keep the top hair long and comb it on the back. Make it sleek with fixing spray and a pomade. On sides, cut the hair short. Sport a mustache and a beard


7. Green Braids

Black men love braids, and it would be such a shame not to combine an earthy, darker nuance of green with your fav knits. After dyeing your hair, part your mane into small sections and create these gorgeous rope braids. 


8. Curly Green Top

Spice your curly hairstyle with a long top and short sides with a color that won’t pass without notice. Opt for an electric green and create highlights. Use a special conditioner for curly hair if you want to preserve the shape. 


9. Mint Green

When you adore contrasts, you will certainly love this green hair for men. Get a short cut that keeps your short Afro hair defined, bleach it, and go for a pale mint green color. To get that contrast we’re talking about, sport a thick mustache


10. Asian Guy WIth Green and Silver

Asian boys adore experimenting with their hair. Color combinations that include a silver metallic base color with green highlights or tips are on top of the trends. Opt for a messy two block haircut if you want to be on top of the movement.


Green hair for men is suitable no matter the hair length or texture. Even if it’s a high-maintenance color, it suits both fair and olive skin. Before applying a certain color, make sure the nuance fits your tone.