7 Best Comb Over Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Comb over on curly hair also look exquisite as it does on straight hair. There are this certain charm and aura around curly hair which makes it look impressive. Curls are great when they fall down the sides and back of your head, but having them combed over is nice too. This makes them more manageable and easy to carry, even on hot humid days, when you want to keep your hair off your face.


Comb Over Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Since comb over is such a huge fashion trend, most people are now getting this hairstyle to look more fashionable and young. Here are 7 of our most favorite comb over haircuts for men with curly hair.

1. Curly Hair Comb Over with a Light Fade

Curly comb over with a light fade

A comb over on curly hair becomes more noticeable with a light fade. This gives you a polished and sophisticated look while managing a carefree aura too. The light fade helps keep the hairstyle quite natural and friendly.


2. Comb Over Curly Hair with Side Part

Curly comb over with side part

A side part and comb over hairstyles have always gone well together, then why not go for it with your curly hair too? You can even have a lined side part to get a more intense and sleeker look.


3. No Parting Curly Comb Over Hair

comb over hairstyle for curly hair

Curly comb-over hairstyle looks the best when there is no parting. This way natural curls can fall in different directions, giving off a youthful appearance and friendly vibes. This is easy to make every morning, as you just need to comb your hair well and you will be all set.


4. High Fade Comb Over on Curly Hair

Curly comb over with high fade

A high fade is a bold and intense addition to a curly comb over. This helps you give off an aura of powerfulness and a clear message that you are not to be messed with. Have this style if you want to have a more handsome and intimidating personality.

Handsome High Top Fade Styles on Curly Hair


5. Curly Comb Over with Beard

curly hair comb over with beard

A curly comb over goes really well with a beard as the two complements each other perfectly. You can look classy and more masculine with this amazing style. This will even bring out your facial features and hairline more sharply.


6.Comb Over on Short Curls

A short curly comb-over might be the perfect hairstyle for you if you do not want to look either too sleek and refined or too wild and carefree. This haircut brings moderation and balance in your personality. Short curls, although hard to comb over, can be easily managed with a good gel or paste.


7. Curly Hair Comb Over with Skin Fade

comb over on curly hair with fade

A curly hair comb over becomes more prominent when paired with a skin fade. The skin fade takes out your intense side and makes you look more focused and attentive. This way you can easily impress people with both your fashion sense and wit.


Try this curly comb over hairstyles for men to look super trendy and fashionable this season!

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