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What Is A Rezo Cut? Style Guide & 25 Unique Ideas

If you have curly hair that is limp of life and you’re looking for a way to give it a little glow-up, there’s one option you might not have considered: the Rezo Cut.

While there are many women’s hairstyles that promise to make styling curly hair easier and less of a headache, the Rezo cut is special in that it was created specifically to enhance what you already have instead of completely changing it.

What is a Rezo Cut?

A Rezo Cut (also known as the ‘RëZOcut’) is a method of dry-cutting curly hair that became popular only a few years ago.

It was inspired by African American culture and created by stylist Nubia Suarez. The technique involves creating lots of volume at the crown of the head, leaving the hair’s length alone.  In fact, the hair is typically left at one length all around the head.

The cut doesn’t involve chopping off beautiful curls but focuses instead on amplifying them. It’s the ideal option for women who love their curls and their length but are looking for shape and tons of volume.

Gorgeous Rezo Cuts to Inspire Your Next Look

Take a look at the below 25 Rezo Cut styles for inspiration to bring your own curly hair back to life!

1. Blonde Highlights

rezo cut with blonde highlights

Highlights are a beautiful way to add even more definition to your curls. This Rezo Cut made a sassy bob with touchable texture in a color that flatters every skin tone.

2. Thick Curls

rezo cut for thick curly hair

Thick hair is no longer a pain, but instead becomes your prize to show off. Go with short bangs if you wear glasses, and opt for a light hair color for the perfect summer shade.

3. Black Spiral Curls

rezo cut for black women

For Black women with naturally curly hair, we recommend this combination of tight spirals with looser curls and short spiral-curled bangs. A Rezo Cut will elevate their gorgeousness.

4. Highlights with Side Part

curly rezo cut with blonde highlights

For an oval face, consider a side-parted bob with blonde highlights to complement a darker under color. These loose curls are worthy of all those Insta pictures you’ll be taking.

5. Piecey Bangs

rezo bob cut with bangs

Do you have a small or petite face shape? You can easily pull of a short Rezo Cut with thin, piecey bangs combed to the side. For brown eyes, we love this rich chocolate brown hair color.

6. Frizzy Ginger Curls

rezo cut for frizzy hair

Frizz can be in fashion with help from a Rezo Cut. On short hair, the look creates a style reminiscent of a young Molly Ringwald. You’ll love the way your ginger curls look.

7. Brown Pixie

rezo curly pixie cut

If you’re an older woman with an oval or long face shape, turn your curly hair into a youthful pixie. Light brown hair is no longer boring once curls are enhanced and a soft forehead-grazing bang is added.

8. Teen Girl’s Rezo Cut

rezo cut for teenage girls

For young women and teens who have a very light skin tone, you can’t go wrong with a super light blonde hair color. Everyone will be dying to touch your perfectly fluffy curls.

9. Long Bangs

curly rezo cut with bangs

If you’re used to having bangs or you’re just looking for a way to disguise a wide forehead, long bangs are a beautiful finishing touch to a short and curly Rezo Cut. Let those spirals come past your eyes for a peekaboo style.

10. Afro with Gray Highlights

afro rezo cut with gray highlights

Black women with afro-textured hair will feel emboldened by a Rezo Cut that accentuates thick curly locks. We love this thick rounded style with edgy gray highlights over blonde.

11. Brown and Blonde

curly rezo cut for brown hair

Another beautiful look for women who wear glasses is this long Rezo Cut with thick curly bangs. It features a combination of brown and blonde coloring that look great against medium skin tones.

12. Blonde 2C Hair

rezo cut for 2c hair

If your curls are more loose than tight, then they probably look more like soft waves. A chic blonde shoulder-length haircut is just the look for you. All you’ll have to do is use your fingers to comb in an off center part.

13. Salt and Pepper Hair

rezo cut for older women

Older women who are starting to see more white and/or gray hairs will no longer feel scared seeing them coming through. With a stunning long Rezo Cut gracing your head, you’ll love flaunting your age. Just use your fingers to brush your hair away from your face.

14. Extra Thick Top

rezo cut for women over 40

The va-va-voom for this short hairstyle is where it’s supposed to be – all up top so everyone sees your curls front and center. With bangs, this cut is especially flattering for women over 40 with a narrow face, since the thick style will help balance it out.

15. White Rezo Cut

rezo cut for women over 60

For much older women who tired of the styling game, opt for a chin-length bob. It’s low maintenance, needs only a center part, and beautifies those pure white locks.

16. Caramel Highlights

rezo cut with curly bangs

Thin bangs brushed to the side are super cute and chic on young women. Add them to a long Rezo Cut, along with lush caramel highlights that flatter darker skin tones.

17. Loose Curly Hair

rezo cut with loose curls

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally loose curls, show them off! Add a partial center part, and finger style your hair so everyone can see the texture you don’t have to work as hard as everyone else to get.

18. Pink Highlights

rezo cut with pink highlights

Love playing with fun hair colors? Reach for the pink to dress up your curly mane. A medium-length haircut is a good length for helping emphasize a thick top half of the hair with long bangs.

19. Pintura Highlights

rezo cut with pintura highlights

Are you looking for highlights that’ll look great on black women? Try this trendy one confidently!

Pintura is balayage specifically for curly hair. For Black women with afro-textured hair, this is a gorgeous color technique that will make you feel runway-ready. Try a brownish-red for a fierce style.

20. Blonde Rezo Cut

short rezo cut for mature women

Prefer a short haircut but need something to flatter your natural curls? Thicken things up with a Rezo Cut that doesn’t make styling anymore difficult. The blonde coloring is both youthful and refreshing.

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21. Purple Rezo Cut Hair

short rezo cut for purple hair

Another gorgeous shade for women who love fun hair colors – purple! Light or dark, it’ll make your curls pop. For short haircuts, consider a pixie or chin-length bob with baby bangs.

22. Wavy Pink

wavy rezo cut for pink hair

Soft waves combined with a feminine and flirty color like pink is a combination every woman loves. Part your Rezo Cut off center and finger comb to get a casual, low maintenance style.

23. Short Spirals

short rezo cut for curly hair

Spiral curls are always a stunning hairstyle choice for Black women. A Rezo Cut will flatter round face shapes, as well as oval face shapes if bangs are added.

24. Red Afro Hair

rezo cut for afro hair

Crazy thick and curly is the only way to describe this beautiful red afro. Darker skin-toned women will effortlessly pull of the color and appreciate how the thick top half of the hair draws the eye upward.

25. Layered Rezo Cut

layered rezo cut

You’ll never catch us saying a bad thing about layered hair. No matter your mane goals, layers will flatter your face for a beautiful cut you love. Consider a side bang for soft face-framing.

Which Rezo Cut was your favorite? Short, medium, long and with or without bangs, there’s a Rezo Cut for you. As with any haircut, consider your face shape before making any changes. This way, you will surely have a beautiful new look.