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15 Unbelievably Cool Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Men

Blonde hair on men looks attractive, striking, and a versatile look appropriate for all occasions. This hair color can be fancy, sophisticated, or even edgy, depending on how you go about styling it, and men with dirty blonde hair have a wide range of trendy styles to choose from.


Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for Men 

Here are 15 dirty blonde hairstyles for men that you’ll want to try for yourself.

1. Short Quiff With Undercut

short dirty blonde hair for men

The quiff hairstyle is one in which the top hair is combed upwards. It looks excellent with blonde hair with a platinum tint because this gives off the illusion that the tips are catching more light than they truly are.

This dynamic look is a showstopper and looks great on guys with equally striking blue eyes


2. Forward Fringe

dirty blonde hair for men with undercut

Faux hawks are increasingly popular given the edginess that comes with tapering your head’s sides and the versatility of having more hair on top than just a single strip like a regular mohawk.

This look is even more intriguing because you can brush your hair to the front instead of combing or picking it to make it stand upwards. Forward combing is also usually easier to achieve and maintain, which is always a plus.


3. Tight Helmet Curls

curly dirty blonde hair for men

Tight curls in the shape of a helmet look awesome with a dirty blonde shade, especially if the hair has lighter blonde highlights throughout.

The contrasting tones throughout the tight curls create an intriguing and alluring depth to the overall look for guys.

If your hair is on the longer side (think shoulder length), you can also pull it back into a man bun for special occasions or warmer days.


4. Side Part Comb Over

dirty blonde hair color for men

People tend to talk about comb-overs concerning balding men, but combing your hair over to the side is not just a disguise tactic. It can be an elegant and trendy look, whether you’re balding or not.

This look is especially appealing with naturally highlighted hair, as the combed sections allow the individual highlight streaks to stand out.


5. Quiff With Beard

mens hairstyle with dirty blonde hair highlights

This messy, dirty blonde quiff look is simultaneously stylish and approachable, especially when paired with a lightly scruffy beard. 

The beard adds sophistication to the look without making it too formal, and the quiff keeps it exciting and modern. Make sure to keep the sides low so that both the quiff and the beard stand out. 


6. Bedhead With Shorter Sides

messy dirty blonde hair for men

It takes a real showstopper to pull off a bedhead look, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to make this level of mess look cool, then go for it!

You will likely need some gel or styling mousse to achieve and maintain this look throughout the day. Pair this bedhead look with high-fashion clothes to convey true intention instead of sloppiness.


7. Side Part + Front Swoop

mens dirty blonde hair

If you want a straightforward look that is relatively low-maintenance and will be suitable anywhere you go, a side part with a front swoop is an agreeable option for men with dirty blonde hair.

It’s one of those hairstyles that directly reflect the outfit one wears, so it can be as dressy or casual as you make it.


8. Long Side Swept Hair

side swept dirty blonde hair for men

The side-swept long hair is similar to the one above, but because the hair is longer, it creates a more contrasting and striking overall look.

This style best suits creative, fashion-forward, or stylish men looking for a hairstyle to match their persona.


9. Soft Shoulder Length Waves

long dirty blonde hair for men

This look is great for dirty blonde hair because it gives off a surfer vibe. In other words, it’s a great hair color for men who want to convey a relaxed, easy-going, and carefree energy.

Long blonde hair also looks great with subtle waves, as seen in the picture.


10. Classic Fringe

dirty blonde hair for middle aged men

Like the side parted front swoop, you can always rely on a classic fringe to be appropriate and easy to style.

If your dirty blonde hair is on the shorter side, this may be a good option for you as it doesn’t require a lot of hair length to achieve the look.

All you’ll have to do is comb your hair to the side after washing, and you’ll be on your way.


11. Short Messy Hair

dirty blonde hair for men with fine hair

This bedhead look is similar to the one mentioned earlier, but it’s best for men with shorter hair who want a more artistic look than an edgy one.

The fluffy front fringe is best when it’s slightly lighter than the rest of the hair.


12. Hairstyle for Big Forehead

medium length dirty blonde hair for men

For men with a big forehead and straight, short, and thin dirty blonde hair, a side part may be all you need for a versatile, no-frills look.

This look might also be a great choice if you are growing your hair and want to stop cutting it for a while. If the popular undercut look is too high-maintenance for your liking, go with this simple, short hairstyle instead.


13. Fringe Up With Undercut

mens dirty blonde hair color

The upwards fringe with a crisp undercut is an elegant and trendy haircut. Those with dirty blonde hair that veers more towards light/regular blonde might be especially interested in this look.

Because how the blonde tones can really stand out when juxtaposed with a dark undercut.


14. Two-Tone Looks

young man with dirty blonde hair

As you know, pompadour looks great on thick hair.

But men with dirty blonde hair might be interested in taking their hair a step further by bleaching the top of their fringe a shade or two lighter than the rest of the hair, creating a particularly unique and fashion-forward look.


15. Crop Top Quiff

dirty blonde hair for men with glasses

This crop top hair with the classic quiff takes the short hair to a whole new level. Trim the sides to bring a uniform shape, and a pair of glasses make it the perfect hairstyle for nerdy guys.


These are only a few of the many different hairstyles that look great with dirty blonde hair.

And while we’ve focused mainly on shorter styles in this article, it’s important to remember that blonde haired men can achieve various styles with the right colorist and stylist.