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20 Ideal Beard Styles to Balance Out Triangle Face Shape

The pointiness of a triangle face allows for a lot of beard styles to look good on it. If you have a face like that, consider yourself lucky because you’ve got a long list of choices to pick from.

Long beard, short beard, boxed beard, stubble beard, and whatnot—they can all suit your face if you know how to use a razor correctly.

To further help you pick a style that brings your best features to the front, we’ve also included many hairstyles in our list of beard styles for a triangle face.

The Perfect Beards for a Triangle Face

Ever wonder why certain beard styles just look better on some people than others? A lot of it comes down to face shape, and if you have a triangular face, you’re in luck! The right beard can actually work wonders to balance out your triangle face shape.

A suitable beard style can soften the angular jawline and add some much-needed breadth to the lower part of your face.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what beard styles will make your triangular face look its most striking.

1. Full Beard with Preppy Haircut

full beard for triangular face

This cool-looking beard isn’t too long for a triangular face. It’s short with fading on the sides, whereas the lower part of the beard is slightly thicker and longer.

The mustache is connected and isn’t too fancy, but the whole setup looks clean and fresh with a preppy haircut.

2. Stubble Chinstrap Beard with Light Mustache and Soul Patch

chin strap beard for triangular face

This chinstrap beard is very subtle and creates a very light outline of the face, making your face shape more prominent than ever.

The stubble beard along with a very light parted mustache and a small soul patch is a great look for younger men or teenagers.

3. Hipster Beard with Disconnected Undercut Haircut

bandholz beard for triangular face

Take your aim at the “power” look with this neatly trimmed hipster beard that’s hanging at least 4 inches down the chin.

It’s also properly combed for a more straightened look and gets plenty of help from a thick mustache. The disconnected undercut has shaved sides with long hair in the middle with a few tied locks.

4. Red Stubble Beard with Short Undercut

stubble beard style for triangular face

It doesn’t matter which face type you have because when you have red facial hair, you have to find excuses to show it.

Here, you can show it with a stubble beard that’s consistent across the face with a mustache that’s in line with its length. The short undercut keeps the face from looking too long.

5. Triangular Goatee with Half Sideburns

beard style for black men with triangular face

Here’s a high-maintenance beard style for black men with a triangle face shape. The goatee is perfectly shaped into a triangle with a pointy end.

The sideburns are patchy and nearly connected with the mustache. The well-rounded painter’s brush mustache balances this overall pointy and edgy look.

6. Short Beard with Messy Hair

celeb inspired beard style for triangular face

Tom Hiddleston has a very prominently triangular face and he adorns it with a short and fuzzy beard. His beard is red and just thick enough to cover the lower part of his face.

The overall look is what you would call a bit low-maintenance, especially when you take into account the messy hairstyle.

7. Blonde Short-boxed Beard with Pilot Glasses

blond beard for triangular face

Sometimes, you have to do more than just pick a specific beard style for your triangle face. This blonde short-boxed beard is what most young people prefer these days.

Another great addition to this look is the pilot glasses. The rounded square frame adds great balance to a pointy face shape.

8. Very Long Goatee with Short Beard

long goatee beard for triangular face

You don’t always have to have a consistent facial hair length to look cool, as you can see here. The beard is in multiple lengths wherein the goatee is quite long, rough, and scraggly, contrasting with the rest of the beard, which is short, well-trimmed, and well-shaped.

9. Thick Soul Patch with Slightly Long Sideburns

soul patch beard for triangular face

It’s one of the beard styles for a triangle face shape that requires very little maintenance. You just grow a thick soul patch and shave the rest of your face clean.

The clean-shaved face plays an important role in making your soul patch become an anchor point on the face whereas the slightly long sideburns can take attention away from a receding hairline.

10. Patchy Beard With Side Brushed Hair

patchy beard for triangular face

If you have patchy beard growth this triangle face beard style is perfect for you. Grow a beard on your chin and neck and let your patchy sideburns add a messy look to your style.

Do not keep your hair messy with this style as it will make you look unkempt and unprofessional. You can brush your hair on the side to add a professional vibe to your appearance.

11. Salt and Pepper Short Beard with Spiky Haircut

tapered beard for triangular face

Some styles are meant for youngsters, adults, business persons, and professionals, and this is one of them. The short beard has very cleanly clipped cheeks and necklines.

The beard has some salt and pepper effect and what adds to the sharpness of this style is the disconnected mustache and a well-defined soul patch. The spiky haircut makes it trendier than ever.

12. Pink Full Beard with Yellow Curly Hair

colored beard for triangular face

Want to show your love for colors to the world? Pick this style that requires coloring the hair on your face and head to your liking. In this case, it’s a full beard that has been dyed to a tone of pink whereas the curly fringe on the head is completely yellow.

13. Van Dyke Beard with Parted Short Pomp

anchor beard with handlebar mustache for triangular face

The Van Dyke beard style is something to take pride in for men with a triangle face shape. The handlebar mustache with a goatee connected with a soul patch adds to the pointiness of the face.

To expose your face further, you’ll apply gel to your head, part them from one side, and make a short pomp.

14. Grey Garibaldi Beard with Long Hair

grey bushy beard for triangular face

More and more older men are choosing to wear their grey hair with pride, and this beard style is an example of that.

The grey Garibaldi beard covers the entire lower portion of the face and looks well-rounded due to proper and timely trimming. The long hair creates a combination with this style.

15. Typical Short Boxed Beard with Princeton Cut

boxed beard for triangular face

If someone asks you to explain a short-boxed beard, you can always show them this one, and there’s no doubt it’s one of the best beard styles for triangle face shape.

It takes on the triangular shape of the face. You can make the face look slightly rectangular by going with a soft-parted Princeton cut.

Bearded Celebrities with Triangle Face Shape

16. Danny Ramirez

Bearded Celebrity Danny Ramirez With Triangular Face

The star from The Gifted has a properly triangular face with a pointy chin, which he balances out not only with his beard but also hair.

His goes for long curly hair soft-parted in the middle–call it a short version of a curly bob cut. A stubble goatee covers his chin and the same-length stubble makes up his mustache too.

17. Harry Styles

Bearded Celebrity Harry Styles With Triangular Face

The famous English singer keeps changing his style, but this beard is a perfect measure to balance out his pointy and triangular face. The slightly heavy stubble covers his entire lower jaw.

In this instance, Harry has gone with a messy hairstyle that’s not too long or too short, but the wavy quiff in the front makes it look very stylish.

18. Patrick Dempsey

Bearded Celebrity Patrick Dempsey With Triangular Face

Dempsey is a resilient actor who’s done some great movies even in the 80s, and he’s aged like a fine wine to look better than ever with this heavy stubble beard with predominantly grey hair.

His spiky hairstyle makes his personality shine, more so when you look at how the textured look pops due to a mix of black and grey hair.

19. Pete Davidson

Bearded Celebrity Pete Davidson With Triangular Face

He’s one of the most well-known comedians today who you’ll usually see either with a stubble or no beard at all. His blown-out and dyed hair stands out because his natural hair color is black.

As for his beard, like others, he seems to like stubble on his face, but due to his contrasting hairstyle, the beard looks almost like a short-boxed beard. Did you see those geometric shades?

20. Ryan Reynolds

Bearded Celebrity Ryan Reynolds With Triangular Face

Ryan continues to charm people with his looks, and in this list of beard styles to balance out a triangular face, he’s the celebrity who stands out because of a full beard.

It’s a short yet full beard that would look bushy if he were to grow it a bit more. The hair is slightly short with a short quiff that looks more like a cowlick.

You’re totally entitled to the approach you pick, i.e. making your face look a bit boxier or wearing the triangle shape of your face with pride. We have included both in our list of 20 beard styles for a triangle face.

As a tip, a goatee can make your face look more triangular whereas a stubble or short-boxed beard can make the face look square. Pick one based on your approach.