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Top 10 Beard Styles for Men Over 60 You Must Try

Remember when people thought age meant giving up on style? Those days are long gone. Now, beard styles for men over 60 are as fresh and varied as any hipster’s.

Seeing your beard adopt shades of gray is just years of wisdom showing up. And styling that beard to fit your face? That’s where the fun begins. It’s more than just facial hair; it’s a bit of who you are.

So, as you go through this list of the best beard styles for men over 60, you might just find one that will make you give a second glance in the mirror!

Ideal Beard Styles for Older Guys Over 60

Want to look younger at 60? A neat beard is your secret weapon. Forget the idea that getting older means looking less cool. Let’s explore some beard styles that make you look smarter, fresher, and yes, younger too!

1. Grey Stubble Beard with Slicked Side and Back Hair

stubble beard style for men over 60

It’s a great style for men over 60 because it doesn’t require too much maintenance. All it needs is consistent stubble growth of grey hair on the face, extending down to the neck.

A pair of contrasting, black semi-rimless glasses and slicked side and back hair look like a perfect addition to the setup.

2. White Short Beard with Brushed Back Hair

full beard for men over 60

A receding hairline gives you a perfect opportunity to go with the brush-back hairstyle. Since the forehead is broad here, you’d go with a full beard, but keep it short in terms of length.

There is some maintenance required due to the very clean neck and cheek lines.

3. Full Grey Lumberjack Beard with Tapered Side-swept Hair

long beard style for men over 60

There’s no way you won’t be making an impression with this long, broad, and impressive lumberjack beard that turns your silvery facial hair into a show.

The sides of the beard are trimmed creating a square shape with the bottom of the beard. The low-tapered, side-swept hair makes it quite a style for men over 60.

4. Short Patchy Beard with Round Glasses

short beard for men over 60

When your hairline is completely gone, you can always balance it out with a short beard. The beard in question is a bit patchy, but it’s thick near the chin so the patchiness doesn’t shine through.

The round and black glasses are traditional and look great with white hair.

5. Thick White Goatee with Salt and Pepper Mustache

circle beard for men over 60

The combination here is very unique because not all the hair is completely grey. This beard style for black men over 60 requires you to trim and clip the sides of your goatee so it looks very neat and has a defined shape.

The mustache is connected with the goatee and has hints of salt and pepper.

6. Garibaldi Beard with Side-parted Hair

galibaldi beard style for men over 60

The Garibaldi beard gives you this power look that’s hard to ignore. It comprises a long and well-trimmed beard with a thick and long mustache that stands on its own despite the thick and long beard.

Combined with a side-parted hairstyle, this style and make any older man look like a celebrity.

7. White Chin Puff Goatee with Einstein Mustache

goatee beard for men over 60

This bushy mustache with untamed hair will make you think of Einstein, but you can make this style yours by introducing an interesting beard combo.

The chin puff or goatee is completely white but it’ll look stylish on men over 60.

8. Long White Beard

long beard style for men over 60

It may show your age when you grow a big and thick full beard that’s completely silver, but there are ways to make it look fashionable.

Wear rectangular glasses with a thick black frame. Moreover, you can color your hair and brush it back to open that forehead, so your glasses get attention.

9. Grey Curly Beard For Black Men

curly beard style for men over 60

This style suits black men over the age of 60 and lets them wear their curly beard with pride. The beard is extremely wavy and curly, which is even more evident from the hair on the neck.

It’s a thick but short beard, with a major portion of it being white. The mustache is thick and has some hint of dark hair.

10. Heavy Stubble Beard with Center Bald Hairline

heavy stubble beard for men over 60

A U-shaped hairline is an inevitable occurrence for many men in the world, but you have a way to tackle this problem by growing a full beard out of heavy stubble.

The beard, combined with an almost disconnected mustache and soul patch makes the lower part of your face the focal point.

The interesting thing about these 10 beard styles for men over 60 is that they include options that have brought full, long, and completely silver beards into fashion too.

By trimming the outer edges, tapering the sides, and keeping everything tamed, you can get a perfect Bandholz, Garibaldi, or hipster beard. Or maybe just go for a simple chin puff or a circle beard.

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