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31 Different Ways to Style A Curly Beard

Since ancient times, despite some of the strongest muscular features of abs and biceps, facial hair has been prominent to embellish the manly looks of the finest males. Men have always tried to develop unique and brilliant facial hairstyles to impress the onlookers and leave a profound emotional impact on the opposite gender.

The curly beard has become a trendy beard style. Though curly beards are rather sturdy to maintain than the straighter ones yet the glory they add to the face is unmatchable.

Grooming Tips for Curly Beard

Maintaining and grooming a curly beard takes patience to keep the shape and style you want. We know you want to look your best, so we’ve compiled a list of five tried-and-true methods for grooming beard.

Beard Wash

curly beard grooming - beard wash

A good grooming regimen starts with shampoo, like one geared towards facial hair. If you use beard oil regularly, oils can build up around the follicle. Use a beard shampoo and bring it to a lather before rinsing. Once out of the shower, gently pat dry your beard with a terry cloth before styling.

Beard Balm, Waxes, and Pomades

While you might prefer a simple beard oil, you can also try using a beard balm or conditioning pomade. Beard balm will moisturize the hair while adding the ability to mold and shape the hair into your preferred style.

Add a dime-sized amount of product into your palm and rub it between your fingers to activate it. Distribute it evenly throughout your beard to add structure to your curls. Use a beard comb to smooth out unruly hairs, starting towards the upper lip and following the curvature of your cheeks down to your chin.

Various waxes and pomades are available, so it’s up to you to see what product works best. Some balms add shine, while others offer a matte finish to prevent your beard from getting greasy or shiny. Try a pomade that adds extra moisture with superior holding power to avoid flyaways.

Regularly Combing or Brushing

curly beard grooming - combing

Curly beards can be hard to tame, especially in the morning or after a full day of activities. Invest in a handy bristle brush or beard comb to tackle those tangles and knots. Boar bristle brushes are popular for their utility and ability to control frizz.

Brush your beard daily in a downward motion to avoid tearing or ripping the hair. Don’t pull on the hair too hard to avoid causing more damage to the hair follicles. Use a drop of beard oil or a bead of styling wax to help the bristles glide through the hair.

Hair Dryer and Dryer Brushes

Adding heat to your beard styling regimen can be tricky, as it can cause extra damage to hair. Start on the lowest setting and use products that allow for heat protection.

Use a hair dryer and comb combination to gently brush the hair while straightening it with the heat on a low setting, or use a heated dryer brush to accomplish the same effect without extra tools. Make sure you are brushing away from your face starting underneath your chin.

Regular Trimming

curly beard grooming - trimming

The best advice for taming a curly beard is to trim it regularly, preferably every two to three weeks. Hair that has grown out is prone to split ends, which is when the tip of the hair splits in two and causes extra frizz and damage.

Trimming is also great for styling since it helps tame the overall volume of beard hair that curls create. Whether you have a straight, curly, or wavy beard, all beards are prone to stray hairs with random growth patterns.

Best Curly Beard Styles

1. Bushy Flare

long hair with curly beard

Men over 50 can flaunt their greying curly facial hair by letting it grow into a wide flare reaching the chest. Couple this unkempt garibaldi beard with walrus mustaches and a long middle-parted curtain haircut to complete the silver fox look. 

2. Chin Curtain

curly chin beard

Black boys can accentuate their natural afro curls with a neat chin curtain beard on the face. A thin strip of facial hair runs from one ear to the other with a prominent goatee on the chin. A subtle hair line up creates a neat and clean appeal.

3. Bandholz Style

curly beard style

Another way to style a curly beard is to let it grow freely while trimming the sides to create a rectangular shape. The Bandholz beard has a mustache connected to the facial hair. Slick back the curly hair to complete this grizzly look that is ideal for laid-back men.

4. Verdi Beard

messy curly beard

A Verdi beard has short sides with longer strands on the chin area that are no more than 10 cm from the lower lip and trimmed mustaches that are clearly distinguishable from the beard. Tousled afro curls on the head complete this carefree style.

5. Extended Goatee

short curly beard

Tame your curly hair with this balanced look. It features a medium stubble along the cheeks with thicker mustaches and a goatee at the front. Pair it with a long curly top and undercut along the sides to recreate this funky style exactly.

6. Old Dutch Style

chin curly beard style

Blonde guys with untamed curly hair can go for this Old Dutch style of beard defined by facial hair that is flared outwards. Lighten the color of the mustaches making them barely visible while the tousled curls on the head create a carefree appeal.

7. Braided Look

curly braided beard
Instagram / vitus_mzo

Turn around some heads with this long curly beard style. Once the desired length is reached the facial hair is entwined into a single braid with trimmed mustaches. Pair this style with long hair secured in a low ponytail for a masculine finish.

8. Go for Curls

grey curly beard
Instagram / spoony_beard

Who says curls are only for women? Men can rock them equally well while expressing their wild personalities. Balding guys can grow out a thick garibaldi beard with walrus mustaches covering the lips to keep all the attention on the face. Top off by adding bouncy curls to the beard.

9. Beard Ponytail

curly beard ponytail
Instagram / pootytang_bangarang

Get noticed from a distance with this style that is easy to achieve. Ginger heads can create this punk look by opting for handlebar mustaches and a rectangular-shaped thick beard that is long enough to be secured in a ponytail.

10. Dread It

curly dreads beard
Instagram / hairbytiikeribarbi

This bold style requires some patience to achieve but is ideal for men who are getting bald. Keep the sides trimmed while growing the goatee to reach the abdomen. Tease and twist the strands to create a single dreadlock that won’t go unnoticed.

11. Ducktail Beard

man bun with curly beard
Instagram / sajin_nijas

Asian men can flaunt their bushy curly facial hair by styling it in a ducktail beard. The upper part is short while the chin area is allowed to grow out resembling a duck’s tail. Finish off with thick mustaches and a top knot bun for a debonair look.

12. Add Beads

curly beard with beads
Instagram / pete_nata

Create a curly beard style like no one else. Grow a garibaldi or Bandholz style beard and section it into as many parts as desirable. Add beads to each section and secure with rubber bands. Top off the look with a shaved head.

13. Bushy Beard

Bushy curly Beard for men

The most natural beard type is the bushy beard. Highly relevant to the natural and default texture of curly hairs, this brilliant curly beard style lets you live your fabulous way to the fullest. Rather than marinating it, the bushy style is more about granting freedom to the facial hair to grow on every possible part of the face, including chin, mustaches, and neck.

14. Chin Strap Beard

Chin curly beard cut

It is another popular and very trendy curly beard style. Gaining popularity from Abraham Lincoln, the chin curtain beard never stopped to leave an irremovable impact on the fashion industry. This is a finely trimmed and maintained curly beard style. The “chin curtain” is indeed for all the fashion freaks out there.

Full Beard Styles

15. Friendly Mutton Chops

Mutton Chop with curly beard style

Mutton chops is a rather old beard style, but it never went out of the limelight. Hugh Jackman popularly known as Wolverine adopted it and the style was resurrected to its classic glory. This fascinating curly beard style is the hallmark of manly features and fashion love of today’s men.

16. Shenandoah

Another very natural beard style for curly facial hair is the Shenandoah. Shenandoah is a wild and exotic beard style. If you want to enjoy the pure masculinity and a macho look, Shenandoah is here to serve the cause. With close similarity to the bush beard, Shenandoah differs only in its rather fork shape in the lower portion.

Blonde Beard Styles

17. Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi beard is the ultimate curly beard style. If you want to attain a fresh yet very trendy and refined look, then Garibaldi is the best choice. The Garibaldi beard’s trademark features are fine trimming and highly managed chin down length. It is the most incredible ginger beard style to try.

18. Wavy Beard Style

Wavy Beard with curly

The name is in exact accordance with the curly hair texture. Thus, the elegance of your curly facial hair will be increased many folds. The wavy beard style is for real men and earns high esteem.

It is one of the most eminent and casual beard styles in America. Wavy beard is the highly maintained and conditioned curly beard style and has earned a huge number of followers around the globe.

19. Short Hair with Beard

Beards are to men what makeup is to women; they are different yet better looking with it. If you plan to invest time to grow a beard, knowing the right shape and size is essential. I

f you have curly hair and a curly beard, this medium-length bear is what you should draw inspiration from. The medium hair length compliments the short hair towards the top.

20. Short and Curly

Beards come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, and each of those elements tends to bring out a different look. If you are a person who isn’t ready to commit to a long beard and the care it expects, this short curly beard hairstyle is something you can choose instead.

21. Messy Grey Beard

curly platinum blonde messy beard

If you have short straight hair that tends to never listen to you when you intend to style it, this kind of beard is something you could go for. The boxy shape that goes wide at the edges serves as a great contrast to unkempt hair. The low is flawless and perfectly balanced between effortlessly messy and an exquisite aura.

22. Two-Toned Beard

Just because you have a grey beard doesn’t mean that you can’t sport one. Instead of looking at it as a boon, look like a blessing! Two-toned curled beards can have a great aesthetic, especially when they are curly. It’s a great way to include color by not going through the trouble of actually coloring your hair.

23. Beards and Man Buns

Incorporating a curly beard is a great way to toughen up a man bun. It is a perfect method to blend something modern with something that’s not. The bun and the medium sided beard go with each other extremely well and create this undying look that’s striking.

24. Accessories and Beards

Curly beards create a lot of character when it comes to a look. But to have them look good, trimming and grooming them periodically is essential. If you tend to wear caps or hats a lot, having this type of beard will only compliment that aura.

25. Scruffy Beards

curly scruffy beard

If you look at this hairstyle, the first thing you will think of is the trucker’s beard style. The interesting element about this is that nowadays not just truckers but even normal people are diving into this look.

The curly scruffy beard look is convenient because it doesn’t have a lot of maintenance; the trimming and shaping is something you could do yourself. Hence, for convenience purposes, this hairstyle is a great option.

26. Bald Head with Beard 

A beard can add a lot of depth and a significant amount of dimension when it comes to a baldhead. Instead of using your hair on your head to frame your face, you could use your hair for the same purpose.

27. Undercuts and Beards

This type of beard can go well with a side-swept haircut. It balances out the entire look and makes it look exceedingly pleasing and sexy.

28. Redhead Beards

Having short hair allows you to play with the proportions of the length of the beard. This hairstyle is perfect for someone with a round face. The short hair on top and the tapered beard towards the bottom helps in great ways to elongate one’s face, making it look thinner.

29. Thin Beard

This beard is an excellent option for someone who can’t grow a full beard yet wants to have one. This subtle beard shadow will help accentuate your face structure by focusing itself on the jawline. Cut your hair short to maintain a manly well-kept look will balance out the entire style with your curly beard.

30. French Beard

curly beard with mustache

This beard is a mix of a French and 5’O clock shadow beard. If you are bold enough to play around and have it in you to try something out of the box, this beard style is the one.

31. Short and Groomed 

curly short beard

This curly beard style is a classic one. If you grow a curly beard but doesn’t particularly like the whole wavy long hair beard look, this is the style you can try. The curls aren’t grown fully by cutting your hair short, giving it more texture than curls.

More Breathtaking Curly Beard Styles for Your Choice of Preference

Curly Beard vs Straight Beard

Curly Beard vs Straight Beard

You may be wondering whether you have a curly or straight beard and how can you identify it. The answer is that even though most beards have similar growth rates, every beard has a  certain hair type.

Straight hair types typically grow downwards with no distinctive shape, whereas curly beards have hair strands that develop outward with a variation in shape, such as loops, waves, and springs.


Having a beard takes time and upkeep to maintain. You may still have lingering questions, such as can you straighten it or if having a curly beard is genetic.

Is having a curly beard genetic?

Scientists have discovered several genes that play an integral part in determining whether or not a person will have straight or curly hair.

Genetics can determine everything from eye color to nose shape, so it’s no wonder that having a curly beard is indeed genetic. These genes can help determine the coarseness, thickness, and color of your beard as well.

Is having a curly beard bad?

No. Having a curly beard may be time-consuming and annoying to get under control, but there is nothing wrong with having one. If you hate your curls, there are various methods of straightening and styling you can try to maintain the look of a well-groomed beard.

Why do men have curly beards but straight hair?

It’s completely normal for men to have curly facial hair even though the hair on their heads is straight. Genetics often plays an important factor in hair types, including having multi-textures on a singular head.

Can I straighten a curly beard?

Yes. Whether you prefer using a hair dryer and comb or a round brush, or a hair dryer brush, there are many methods to straighten a curly beard. As long as you start on a low heat setting and use heat protectant products as you style, you should be good to go.

These curly beard styles are here to let you choose the most appropriate style for you. Attain any style and enjoy your manly looks to the fullest. These curly beard styles are giving you a chance to leave a lasting impact on the ladies around and enjoy a fashionable look analogous to your personality.

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