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17 Gymnastics Hairstyles That’ll Make You Flip

Any hairstyles for gymnastics have one important goal: keeping the hair secured while performing the routine and practicing.

For contests, regulations are quite strict as these hairstyles must be very tight, so you won’t need to redo them after each performance. Also, it is required that the hair will not touch the floor when doing complicated exercises.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get unique hairdos that suit your necessities. Use braids, high or low buns, and bobby pins to make sure everything remains in place.

Best Gymnastics Hairstyles

Check out this complete listing of the best hairstyles for gymnastics and try them on during your next practice.

1. High Braided Pony

braided ponytail for gymnastic

If your little girl is a gymnast, she needs a hairstyle that looks glorious and keeps the hair pinned. And sometimes, a very simple option can be one of the most appealing.

Get a high ponytail and tightly secure it. Then braid the pony and secure it again at the ends.

2. Rolled Bun

gymnastic hairstyle for black girl

Box braids are ideal for day-to-day wear because they are cool, give plenty of styling opportunities and protect coarse hair.

Adapt this gymnastics hairstyle for African-American girls by gathering all plaits in a rolled-back bun that you will secure with a scrunchie that matches your outfit.

3. Decorated Bun

sleek updo for gymnastic

Pin all the hair in the back and make sure it is well secured. Use a fishnet to cover the bun, and decorate it with roses or other hair ornaments.

4. Ponytail with Bangs

gymnastic hairstyle with ponytail

If you have medium hair, your locks won’t touch the ground when doing a cartwheel, so it’s safe to wear a high ponytail. As for your bangs, you can style them with a curler to give them that bumpy look and keep them above your eyes.

5. Snake Twist Bun

gymnastic hairstyle

Snake twist buns look so sophisticated and elegant, but they are quite easy to style. Part your hair into small sections that will twist until the hair starts curling on itself.

If you have layered hair, it’s a great idea to get your hair damp so no threads will stick out.

6. Two French Braids

female gymnast with braided hairstyle

Part the hair into two sections, from the forehead to the nape. On each side, start close to the hairline and create a French braid. Repeat the process for the other side. Secure with rubber bands and straighten the remaining hair.

7. Donut Bun

black female gymnast with bun hairstyle

For this hairstyle for gymnastics competitions, you will first need to straighten your hair and use some gel for those flyaways. It will look sleek and beautifully tamed.

Pin all the hair in a bun which you will roll and secure. You can also use a sponge donut and wrap the hair on the donut.

8. Tucked Waves

curly hairstyle for gymnastics

This wavy hairstyle is more suitable for those who do contemporary dance or other similar sports. Use a triple waving tool or braid your hair overnight to achieve that texture. Pin the bangs to the back and secure them with bobby pins.

Tease the hair and get a bump in the apex area, then use some volumizing spray for the rest of the locks.

9. Casual Ponytail

gymnastic hairstyle for short hair

This hairstyle for gymnasts is one of the easiest options out there. Get all the hair up and use a hair elastic to secure the hairdo. Instead of pulling off all the hair, create a loop.

10. Braided Bun

gymnastic hairstyle for teen girls

With this high bun, there’s no chance your hair will fall apart during your routine. First, comb your hair thoroughly using a brush, then use a rat tail comb to get that sleek look.

Secure the ponytail, then braid it and roll it around the base. Secure it again and cover it with a hair fish net.

11. Rubber Band Hairstyle

gymnastic hairstyle with bangs

For this gymnastics hairstyle, you will need some small rubber bands. Section your hair into small pieces that go from one ear to another and secure each tiny section with rubber bands. Get them all together in the back, tied in a ponytail.

12. Pigtail Braids

braided pigtails for gymnastics

Braids are ideal for gymnast girls that spend a lot of their time training. Do a side part and build two French braids. Don’t knit the hair til the end; spare the tips where your strands naturally gain some texture.

13. Braided Top Knot

Asian female gymnast hairstyle

If you really want to stun everybody with your hairstyle, here’s what you should do. First, get blonde highlights and keep your hair in its natural dark color. Creating contrast is important because your braid will stand out even more.

Do a French cornrow that uses the fringe and secure it in the back, by pulling all the hair up in a bun.

14. Space Buns

space buns for gymnastic

No matter your age, space buns are ideal hairstyles for gymnasts because they keep the hair gorgeously secured and styled.

Also, this hairdo is not even too complicated! All you need to do is part your hair flawlessly in the middle and style two high ponytails on each side. Secure them and roll the hair at the base of the pony.

15. Top Bun

topknot for gymnastic

This high bun will look absolutely spectacular if you already have an ombre or blonde highlights. Use a rat tail comb to make the top look sleek. Your bun must have some dimension and should be tightly secured so it won’t get loose during your performance.

16. Zig Zag Cornrows

braided updo for gymnastic

This protective hairstyle looks so mesmerizing, and it’s all because of those perfect partings and cornrows. Do a zig-zag hairstyle and, following those lines, braid your plaits. Pin them all up in a top bun and decorate it with a glittery well-secured bow.

17. Parallel Cornrows

gymnastic hairstyle for fine hair

If you have bangs and don’t what them to get in your way, this hairstyle for gymnastics competitions is the right approach.

Do a top hair section for the apex and part it in two, then style two parallel cornrow braids. Pin all the hair in a top-back bun.

All hairstyles for gymnasts need to keep the hair very well secured without compromising looks. But that doesn’t mean you have fewer alternatives!

You can combine buns, braids, and ponytails and still look your best when you practice or participate in a contest. Check out these examples and let us know which you loved more!

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