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23 Perfect Volleyball Hairstyles to Rock on the Court

The main goal of a volleyball hairstyle is to keep your hair tied and in place during your match. You want to channel all your attention to giving your best while playing volleyball and not focus on hair strands obstructing your sight and movements. Keeping your hair loose is not forbidden, but almost all players prefer keeping their tresses secured.

Sporty Chic Hairstyles for Female Volleyball Players

We have gathered some cute & comfortable sporty volleyball hairstyles to organize your hair during the match. Check out the examples below!

1. Top Pony

volleyball hairstyle with high ponytail

The most common, simple and easy to pull off volleyball hairstyle for women will probably remain the ponytail. But if you have a cute, soft ombre, the pony will have a gorgeous gradient that highlights the ends.

All you need is to comb your hair up and use an elastic to secure the hairstyle.

2. Twisted Bun

high bun for volleyball

Keeping your hair secured during your game is crucial, and even if there are no regulations that impose such a thing. But if you want to make sure no strands get in your way, you better choose a bun.

Gather all your hair up, twist it, and roll it around the base.

3. Middle-Parted Bob

long bob cut for volleyball

During the game, it’s not mandatory to keep your strands secured, but it is recommended. If you are having a photo shoot with the team, you better opt for a hairstyle that works to your advantage.

An A-line bob with a middle part will frame your face, making it look more elongated. Choose a soft sandy blonde ombre and flip your hair over the ear.

4. Pony with Headband

volleyball hairstyle with ponytail

When you have long hair, your volleyball hairstyle should keep the hair tightly secured. Choose an athletic headband that keeps your hair back and absorbs sweat.

Secure your long locks in a ponytail, then use two more elastics to secure them again along the length.

5. Bun with Cap

updo for volleyball

Low bun hairstyles can be a great pick if you’re a bun-lover Volleyball player. A cap will protect you from the sun and keep your hair in one place. If you have long hair, you can run it through the back hole.

Better secure with a hair elastic and create a bun.

6. Dutch Braided Top

hairstyle for volleyball

Since 2024, a new trend of braided ponytail hairstyles has been seen when it comes to volleyball hairstyles. Bobby pins and flat clips are now allowed and can be used to create more intricate looks.

Create a diagonal Dutch braid for the top that will be very useful if you have bangs that you need to secure tightly. Then pin all the hair in a ponytail.

7. French Braid

braided updo for volleyball

French braids are ideal when you’re doing a lot of movement, therefore one of the best hairstyles for women who play volleyball.

Start braiding from the top and secure the braid at the nape.

8. Long Loose Side Curls

volleyball hairstyle for long hair

If you’re playing volleyball on the beach, with your family and friends, outside of professional competition, or having a photo shoot, you can wear your hair however you want.

Curl your long hair and flip it on one side, wearing your mane on the shoulder.

9. Braided Long Ponytail

braided ponytail for volleyball

Ponytails are not only cute volleyball hairstyles, but they are very practical during your game. Flawlessly comb all your hair back.

Pin it in a ponytail and use a matching hair tie. Braid the the hair then secure it again.

10. Two French Braids

braided pigtails for volleyball

Even if you are playing just for fun or in a competition, pinning your hair is recommended as it will prevent your locks from getting tangled and in your way.

So, part your hair in the middle, from the forehead to the nape, and opt for two French braids.

11. Half Up Half Down with Headband

volleyball hairstyle for black women

If you are a volleyball player and love a flawless look on and off the field, opt for a half-up half-down hairstyle.

Pin the crown hair in the back, then curl the remaining mane. Add a colorful headband to complete your look.

12. Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs

volleyball hairstyle for straight hair

If you’re not bothered with hair coming in front of your eyes consistently, try this blonde hairstyle. Creating layers will give your hair a gorgeous shape, especially when you pair them with curtain bangs.

If you have fair skin and blue eyes, then you must carefully pick your hair color. Choose a sombre with platinum blonde and gray nuances.

13. Short Coarse Hair

volleyball hairstyle for short afro hair

When you don’t want to worry about your hair during your matches, one of the best volleyball hairstyles is definitely a short pixie because of its ease of maintenance. It preserves the volume for the top while the nape area is gradually trimmed and shortened.

14. Pigtails

volleyball hairstyle with pigtails

If you layer your hair, your pigtails will gain a fuller look and more dimension. Part your hair on one side and pin your hair above the ears in two ponytails.

Go for a sandy washed-off blonde hair color and you are ready to rock the game.

15. Pale Red and Pink Pixie

volleyball hairstyle with short pink hair

Even if they are short, pixie cuts offer plenty of hairstyling opportunities.

As you can see, you can add the pop of color you need and transform a dull short haircut into a hairstyle that expresses your personality.

16. Curly Pony with Short Bangs

volleyball hairstyle with curly bangs

A simple ponytail is the best hairstyle for a volleyball player who needs to tame their unruly curly locks.

Keep your bangs short, just above the eyebrows, and spread on the forehead.

17. Box Braids and Pigtails

volleyball hairstyle with braids

These protective hairstyles are ideal for women who want to keep their curls tamed, however, these can also obstruct your movements while playing.

So it is best to pin them up in a pony or pigtails while you are playing.

18. Two French Braids

volleyball hairstyle for short hair

Two French braids are the perfect way to secure your hair when you have medium or long hair.

Do a middle part, then tightly braid each section, feeding in the knit as you go towards the nape.

19. Asymmetrical bangs and Back Pony

volleyball hairstyle with bangs

Go for asymmetrical bangs and swipe them to the side. You can secure the longer pieces with flat clips or bobby pins.

The longer hair can be secured in a high or low ponytail, in the back.

20. Loosely Braided Ponytail

volleyball hairstyle for curly hair

Headband rubber bands are so practical when you want to wear your hair back. Use a hair elastic to pin your ponytail, then braid the hair.

Secure again with another elastic and don’t worry if some of the treads are out and messy.

21. Pony with Lowlights

short ponytail for volleyball

To recreate this look, you need an A-line bob haircut that keeps your front strands longer. Comb your bangs to the back and secure them with a few bobby pins.

To gain that depth dye the nape hair black, creating a peek-a-boo section.

22. Box Braids and Two Ponytails

volleyball hairstyle with micro braids

Box braids are proper volleyball hairstyles that you can easily secure during your game. It is not mandatory but you might find it practical.

All you need is two hair elastics that you’ll use to build your pigtails.

23. Top Braided Pony

female volleyball player hairstyle

When you have box braids, your styling options are so diverse. Part your braids into two sections, one for the crown and one for the nape.

Secure with elastics then braid your plaits, then secure again.

Volleyball hairstyles aim to keep the hair well secured so you won’t get your lock all over the place during gameplay. So they have to be tight, practical, and of course, cute! Try the options above and let us know in the comments which one you prefer!

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