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15 Hottest Hairstyles for Jumpsuits to Sport in 2024

Jumpsuits are an essential part of almost every woman’s wardrobe. These all-in-one garment pieces are ideal to make a style statement as long as you couple them with the right accessories and hairdos.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing hairstyles for jumpsuits, it is best to keep the hair loose with waves or curls on casual days while polished updos tend to be perfect for formal occasions.   

Nonetheless, the following list offers a complete guide to how to style your hair when wearing jumpsuits without overpowering that chic outfit of yours.


Hairstyles for Jumpsuits

Keep your jumpsuit the center of attention with the following classy hairstyles.

1. Statement Top Knot with Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

topknot hairstyle for jumpsuit

If you are wearing a one-shoulder jumpsuit, make that sharp neckline and shoulder stand out with a statement top bun that is also ideal to tame long tresses effortlessly. Twist the entire hair length and twirl it around on top of the head creating a knotted look. Chic without a doubt!


2. Spaced Out with Overalls

space buns hairstyle for jumpsuit

Keep it fun and playful by rocking space buns on normal days. Carve out a straight or zigzag middle part and crimp the strands to achieve some texture before styling them into two buns on both sides of the head. Going to a party? Add some glitter and see eyes pop around you.


3. Carefree Appeal

red curly hairstyle for denim jumpsuit

A casual denim romper calls for a carefree hairdo. Get some loose beach waves and gather them in a low ponytail or bun.

Pull it loose enough for the front strands to dangle freely around the face resulting in a messy appeal that won’t be overlooked.


4. Perfect Donut Bun + Chic Jumpsuit Belt

bun hairstyle for jumpsuit

Another hairstyle for your trendy jumpsuit that’ll make you the star of any show!

All you need to do is slip a hair donut bun maker into your ponytail, cover it up with hair, and secure it in place with pins. Try the look with a sleek middle part and some funky jewels.  


5. Medium-Length Layers + Ombre

straight blonde hairstyle for jumpsuit

Spice up those boring medium-length tresses by getting soft layers with a V or U haircut. Don’t stop here. Create the perfect dark and light interplay with the brown top melting into a blonde tinge while reaching the ends. Straighten your hair and put on your jumpsuit. Voila!


6. Pigtail Braids with Bangs

Asian women hairstyle for jumpsuit

All-in-ones can look modern, classy, or cute, depending on how women style their hair. Asian ladies can go for a cute girlie allure by coupling their wispy bangs grazing the eyes with simple pigtail braids that work with almost all hair lengths.


7. Matching Hairband with Boiler Jumpsuit

bangs with headband for jumpsuit

A hairband matching the outfit is enough to set your look on fire. Get one custom-made or put a little effort into finding one in the market. Sweep your bangs on one side or carve out a side part in case of no bangs and put the headband on top.


8. Voluminous Formal Updo for Crew Neckline

loose updo for jumpsuit

Wow, everyone at formal events by rocking this elegant updo with smoky eyes and bold red lips. Create some volume by crimping the hair before backcombing it near the crown area. Assemble all the strands into a messy high bun and pull some chunks loose to frame the face.


9. Side-Tousled 

brunette hairstyle for jumpsuit

When you can’t think of any hairstyle to go with your jumpsuit just add some curls, if not natural, and tease and tousle them on one side to fall forward on the shoulder.

Adorn with some oversized hairpins for a fancy appeal or keep it simple. Top off with some hairspray.


10. Natural Beauty + Two-Piece Overalls

hairstyle for black women with jumpsuit

Black beauties! Flaunt your natural kinky curls with utmost pride whenever wearing a colorful onesie.

Take a pick and fluff up that mane with a slightly off-center part. Those with long to medium locks can also gather them in a loose ponytail on the back sparing the front ones.  


11. Low Ponytail for Tank Top Jumpsuit

ponytail hairstyle for jumpsuit

Office-going ladies can keep their style workplace-appropriate by slicking back their tresses with a middle or side parting into a low ponytail at the back. Don’t loosen it up this time and wrap a chunk of hair around the base of your pony for a contemporary look.


12. Curly Glory and Shirt Collar Jumpsuit

curly hairstyle for jumpsuit

Enjoy your carefree days by rocking a relaxed hairdo with that solid color jumpsuit of yours. Grasp a small curling wand and create some magic by adding tight curls all over the head. Fluff them up with your hands and get ready to receive some praise.


13. Sexy Balayage

balyage hairstyle for jumpsuit

A sexy balayage is a must-try for those who are thinking of slaying in all-in-ones often this season.

The hairdresser will hand paint those blonde highlights concentrating them towards the ends with some luscious money pieces at the front. Low-maintenance and trendy, what more to ask for?


14. Loose Waves with Halter Neck

straight dark brown hairstyle for jumpsuit

Talking about hairstyles for jumpsuits here is one to make thin-haired ladies feel confident in their outfits without much hassle.

Add loose curls and brush them out with your fingers creating relaxed waves while adding some body to the tresses. Tousle them at the back and done!


15. Tiny Afro for Strapless Jumpsuit

short afro hairstyle for jumpsuit

African-American girls who want to put their body on full display with an off-shoulder one-piece can pair them with a teeny tiny afro hairdo. This one is more of a natural pixie featuring extra short sides with a slightly longer top. You don’t even need to comb your hair in the morning!


These hairstyles for jumpsuits are just an initial inspiration for those scratching their heads while looking at their one-piece outfits.

You can opt for many other options like crown braids, half-up hairdos, and high ponytails as long as you feel confident and comfortable. Time to take out that chic onesie!