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22 Best Business Hairstyles for Women

These chic looks guarantee you’ll look appropriate for the workplace while maintaining your usual stylish aura. Business hairstyles for women should feel tidy and pulled-together to give you your best professional flair. However, there is no reason you can’t have a little fun in the process!

Whether you’re looking for an everyday hairstyle or something more eye-catching for a big meeting or important presentation, you’ve come to the right place. We have 22 different hairstyles to suit long locks, pixie hair, and every length in between. Read on for our very best haircuts and styles you can wear to work.

1. Business Hairstyle for Long Hair

A perfect hairstyle for an interview or office-environment. Long hair can be problematic if you want to get things done and appear pulled together in the workplace. Go for a confident vibe with a slicked-back high bun hairstyle. This baring-it-all look is neat yet very approachable. Side buns are also a great choice for the office environment.


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2. Short Business Hairstyle

short business hairstyle

Short hair is always great for a formal look. Hairstyles like pixie cuts and bobs are great for a working environment because they cut down the time you’ll spend getting ready each morning. If you’re intrigued by a short cut, try a pixie. Push hair back with a bit of mousse or your favorite hairspray.


3. Professional Shoulder Length Hairstyle

medium length business hairstyle

Show off your confidence with a simple a layered hairstyle. Face-framing layers on medium hair are easy to wear and give dull locks necessary flair, especially if your hair is fine. As for getting ready, a quick blow-out is all you need.


4. Professional Braids

This side braided look is creative and romantic, so if you’re trying it out at your workplace, make sure it is tidy. The front braid crown frames your face for a classy yet stylish effect that allows you to be taken seriously.


5. Curly Hair

curly professional hairstyle

If you weren’t sure if loose curls were ideal in the work environment, think again. Cut your curls into layers for a neat style that shows off your personal flair and opens up your face. It’s perfect for making confident eye-contact.


6. Business Hairstyle for Women Over 50

business hairstyle for over 50

Mature women aged over 50 often choose shorter hairstyles, so if you’re looking for your next style, use this look as your inspiration. The short length of this cut is professional while the side bangs cut at an angle open up your face for engaging eye-contact.


7. Professional Hairstyle for Black Woman

professional hairstyle for black women

Show off your natural texture with a chic, side-parted style. Side parts effectively frame the face and open up your look without having to sacrifice gorgeous ringlets. Use your favorite mousse or creme to hold your hair in place.


8. Ponytail for Business

professional ponytail style

For what isn’t a ponytail good? We don’t know the answer because a pony seems to be the hairstyle that can be adapted to any situation, moment of the day, or event. And it even works for business meetings when you need to pull off your best. 


9. Intricate Bun

bun hairstyle for business women

A low intricate bun will always be a good alternative for a businesswoman that wants to show strength and trust. Create a loose fishtail braid for the mid-back and continue with a bun. You can use a sponge donut to create that gorgeous round shape.


10. Business Rope Braids

professional twists hairstyle

Versatility is certainly a characteristic that defines braids! They allow you to create half up half down hairstyles, buns, and ponytails, and they can be arranged in a manner that makes you inspire professionalism. They are by far one of the best business hairstyles for women.


11. Cornrows and Ponytail

braided ponytail for business women

Depending on your business, your hairstyle should be adapted to the field you are working in. Therefore, if you are an influencer, hairstylist, or someone that sells her image, a proper hairstyle with a fuss is the right thing to get. Wanna stun people? Then create perfect cornrows and tie them into an enchanting pony. 


12. Horizontal Braids

half up hairstyle for business women

A great hairstyle and formal outfit are required if you want to inspire professionalism and trust. But that doesn’t mean that your hairdo must be dull! And the hairstyle with braids presented above is so easy to recreate.


13. Business Bob

professional bob hairstyle

Bobs are so versatile! Are you having an important meeting? Well, this business hairstyle for women has your back because it will certainly make you look sharp and neat. Get a shoulder-length for your cut and straighten your hair. 


14. Loose Business Waves

side part hairstyle for business women

You don’t need to tie your hair or create exquisite buns if you want to look professional. You can opt for a more relaxed hairstyle if your job allows you to. Get a blunt cut and wear the top on one side. Wave the hair without curling the tips. 


15. Afro Medium Cut

curly hairstyle for business women

What hairstyle is low maintenance and can suit Afro hair? A short, slightly oval cut that keeps your coarse hair loose but manageable. And if you want to style it, you can add just a little bit of hair gel to make the ringlets tighter and with shape.


16. Back Space Buns

two bun hairstyle for business women

Space buns can be so fun, but in this case, you need to find a way to adapt this hairstyle for business. Create two triangle sections and style braids that will create a delimitation between the hair used for the space buns and the untied locks. 


17. Pinned Top

blonde hairstyle for business women

Searching for business hairstyles for women that make you look like a professional but also look cute? Why not consider this simple hairdo that uses two voluminous pins decorated with pearls. Create a middle part and comb the hair to the back. Finally, secure each section with the pins. 


18. Ponytail

Sometimes, you need a business hairstyle that sets you apart! If your workplace allows leeway with how your hair is styled, try out a high braided ponytail. The look is neat and pulled together, yet it lets you embrace your creative side.


19. Half-Up

Half-up styles are nice for hands-on women. This look takes it to the next level with a lovely twisted braid crown and ponytail. It might be too much for overly curly hair, but on straight or fine locks, it’s more than suitable.


20. Business Hairstyle for Thick Hair

professional thick hairstyle

Thick hair often needs extra help to control. Swooping hairstyles with layers are fine, but if you’re worried about too much hair, try securing it with a chic headband.


21. Bobs

professional bob hairstyle

Bobs are ideal because of their minimal nature. Side bangs and a side part add interest, especially if you wear glasses. As for the length, work with your face shape and hair texture to create your ideal look.


22. Wavy

Wavy hair is sexy, but it can be professional, too. Smooth and contain stylish waves for the workplace. Go for a slightly off-center part and create waves on medium-length hair for a casually refined appeal.

Our business hairstyles for women are not only classy and professional. Even if you’re interested in an up-do or braid, you can wear fun styles in a way that still feels appropriate for the workplace. When in doubt, go for a simple style like loose waves or a chic bob. Regardless of the hairstyle you, our looks guarantee that you’ll feel both pretty and polished.