6 Awesome High Fade Comb Over Hairstyles (2022)

High fade comb over is a raging fashion these days as they have so many variations and exciting style options. A comb-over gives volume to your hair making it look healthier and better-taken care of. The added shine by a gel goes a long way in improving your overall personality when you comb over your hair.

The high fade + Comb Over is one of the most popular variations that got appreciation in the men’s hair community. In this article, we’ll discuss the high fade comb over variations men can give a try in 2022.


Best High Fade Comb Over Hairstyles

Comb over haircut with the high fade is quite famous as it is easy to manage and adds a manly charm to your personality. Let’s have a look at our favorite 6 best high fade comb over hairstyles.


1. High Fade Hard Part Comb-Over

comb over high fade with hard part

This is one of the most famous high fade comb over styles. The hard part makes you look intense and more intimidating, while the comb-over helps you pull off a polished look. This is great for your everyday hairdo as you can wear it to all kinds of formal and informal gatherings.


2. High Fade Short Comb Over

short comb over with high fade

A short comb over is great for those who do not have long hair. Also, it is easier to carry and maintain, so get it if you do not want your hair falling on your eyes all the time. This hairstyle is particularly great for athletes and players.

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3. High Fade Long Comb Over Hairstyle

long comb over hairstyle with high fade

A high fade goes a long way in making you look sharp and intense. The addition of a long comb over gives you a less formidable look which does not make people want to steer clear of you. It also enables you to look absolutely handsome and carefree as long comb-overs give off a youthful aura. Consider getting this hairstyle when you next visit your hairdresser.


4. High Fade Comb Over with No Part

High fade comb over with no part

Now, this is a cool comb over high fade hairstyle as it has no partings or sharp-looking features. Still, the high bald takes away all messy hair looks and leaves you looking refined and well groomed. This is great for men who do not have too short hair as long comb-overs truly do justice to no parting with a high fade.


5. High Fade Comb Over Asian Hairstyle

High fade comb over hairstyle

Asian people add their particular touch to everything to make it more fun and exciting. High fade comb over Asian hairstyle is the right example of these things. It usually comes with a short comb-over and leaves you looking all set up to take on any business at any time. This is easy to make and carry, so you should seriously consider getting this hairstyle.


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6. Comb Over High Fade with The Line

Comb over high fade with the line

Comb over high fade hairstyle becomes more unique and has a personal touch with one or more lines made in there. You can have a line of the size and direction that you prefers. It can be horizontal, vertical or even downright diagonal. The choice is really yours and you can have fun sporting this unconventional hairdo.


These are the 6 best variations of high fade comb over. You can rock any of it this season.

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