20 Chic Short A-Line Bob Hairstyles Worth Trying

Short A-line bobs very away from traditional bob hairstyles because they are not the same length all of the way around the cut. These bobs are normally shorter at the back than they are at the front. The difference in length can be slight or it can be much greater. Choose a length which suits your hair type and face shape.


Styling Short A-Line Bob

Just like any other women’s haircut, a short A-line bob can be styled in lots of different ways. Many women choose to enhance their haircut with interesting or unusual hair colors. Highlights and lowlights also help to add more texture and depth to bob hairstyles. These colorants are particularly good for women with thinner natural hair.

1. Soft Waves

Soft Waves with a-line bob

Waves are a beautiful way to soften up an A-line bob hairstyle for short hair. Put your hair into rollers for a little while to give your hair a very light curl.

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2. Spice Bob

Spice a-line Bob

Victoria Beckham is the queen of the short A-line bob hairstyle. She made the A-line hairstyle famous during the mid 1990s and she has returned to it many times since.


3. Big Curls

Big Curls on A line Bob

Add some extra volume to your hairstyle by adding some big bold curls to your look. Heated rollers are a great way to create strong lasting curls on your bob.


4. Dusky Pink

Dusky pink color on A-lin bob style

For a subtle yet colorful hairstyle, why not try out a dusky pink hairstyle? This light shade is complementary for women of all skin tones.


5. Intense Black with Heavy Fringe

Intense Black with Heavy Fringe on bob

An A-line bob on short hairstyle can look really dramatic and intense when it is a dark color. Enhance your look even further with a heavy dark fringe.


6. Black and Bronze

Black and bronze colors are very complementary, so highlights and lowlights in these colors look fantastic. It creates a regal and elegant look.


7. Stunning Magenta

Magenta or violet look fantastic on black hair. This shade is a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd and turn some heads.


8. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy A-line Bob Hair for women

Giving your hair a shaggy cut can help to create the illusion of volume. Tousled your hair in the morning with a little styling product to keep your hair looking great all day.


9. Curls on Lovely Long Hair


You can really make a big impression with lob A-line haircut. Curls help to enhance your look even further, so be sure to set your look with strong-hold hairspray.

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1o. Chunky Highlights

A-line bob with Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights look fantastic as part of short A-line bob hairstyle. Choosing contrasting colors for your highlights really helps them to stand out from one another.


11. Bright Red Style

 Bright Red A-line Bob Style


Red hair is amazingly bright and colorful. It is great if you want to turn some heads. Keep the look straight and sleek to improve your color intensity.


12. Straight and Sleek

Sleek hair always looks healthy and shiny. Keep your hair sleek with styling products and anti-frizz products which will prevent flyaway ends.


13. Short at the Nape

A-line bob for women

One of the main benefits of a short A-line bob is that it will allow you to show off the nape of your neck. This is a great choice if you have a tattoo in this area.


14. Long A-Line

long a-line bob

A long angled A-line bob on short hair is a really distinctive look which is much longer at the front than it is at the rear. It lets you wear your hair both short and long.


15. Fiery Orange


A fiery orange color is fun, flirty and feisty. Copper, ginger, and orange colored hairstyles can be further enhanced with complementary highlights and lowlights.


16. Pastel Roots

Rather than choosing a really intense color for your whole head, why not team pastel roots up with platinum or white blonde hair? This look is very effective for people with paler skin tones.


17. Black and Red Style

Black and Red A-line bob Style

Black and red is a classic color combination that is very popular for both men and women. Keep your A-line short bob sleek and straight to show off this brilliant color combination.


18. Asymmetrical A-Line in Mystic Green

Asymmetrical A Line in Mystic Blue


An asymmetrical short A-line bob is a funky and futuristic choice. The gray color is full of mystery and intrigue, whilst the pastel green coloring adds to the off-world allure.


10. Long A-line in Dusky Gray

Dusky gray is an exciting color for women who want a refined yet unusual look. If you do not want to have completely gray hair, dusky highlights look cool too.


20. Angular A-Line Bob

Angular A-Line Bob

An angular bob is a great style for women who want to look strong and sharp. It is a good look for people who want to find a fashionably business haircut.


Short A-line bobs are the best style for women with mid-length hair who want something that is a little bit different. These styles are great because they are so versatile.