11 Beach Wave Perm Hairstyles for A Classy Look

Scrolling around Instagram, you have probably run across the beach wave perm styles. You’ll love the elegance of this hairstyle, especially for the upcoming summer when we all need beach waves to look completely awesome.


What is a Beach Wave Perm?

beach wave perm hair

Perm hairstyle is a term that you might know from your grandmothers and mother. The process of perm became extremely popular in the ‘80s. Big hairstyles were everywhere you go, but then the question pops out – is the perm safe? Well, you shouldn’t overdo it, but there is a safe way to do it.

These days we are witnessing the comeback of wavy hair perms. If you are tired of sea salt sprays and curling your hair every day to get perfect waves, the perm is definitely the solution.

But, what is the beach wave perm? Shortly it is the process of applying certain chemicals on hair. They are used to reform your hair and transform it into a lovely wavy hairstyle.

Wavy beach perm is suitable for all hair types and lengths. If you belong to this generation of curling irons and you are pretty bored with it, then you need to try this relatively new technique.


How to Get Beach Permed Hair

How to Get Beach Wave Perm

The perm is something that should be left for a professional to do it. We would not advise you to do it alone. Actually, the chemicals can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know how much to hold them and how to handle them.

The process of getting beach wave perm is following. Your hair is inserted into some types of curlers, and the chemicals are added. These chemicals destroy your natural hair bond, preparing your hair for getting curled. Two chemicals are used in this process – one to destroy the hair bond and the second to neutralize and keep the waves set and in place for quite a time.


Following Video Shows How to Do Beach Perm on Short Hair


Beach Wave Perms: Before and After

before and after look of beach wave perm

Let’s suppose you have flat hair and you would like to turn it into summer-ready beach curl perm hairstyle. It is more or less important how long your hair is, as long it is healthy. We should warn you that if you recently have bleach, you shouldn’t do perm.

The process usually takes a couple of hours to transform your hair from straight to wavy. Your hairdresser will trim your damaged hair ends, and your waves will be more than ready.

In the end, you will be able to style your hair really quickly. You won’t need curler or blow dryer anymore since the waves are there. This will save you some time in the morning so you can have time for other stuff.

5 Effective Ways Get Beach Wavy Hair


Facts about Wavy Beach Perms

facts about beach wave perm

Here are some of the facts about beach curl perm that you should know about before you decide to do it.

  • As same as any other chemical treatment, a perm can harm your hair, making it dry and brassy. However, if you don’t overdo it and make a few breaks between these treatments, there should be no bigger problems.
  • Nowadays, you can find many beach wave perms that look completely different. The key is in diverse types of curls. They can be more loose, smaller or bigger, but the point is that all of them look amazing.
  • If you have wondered how much money you should keep aside for this hair treatment, here it the approx price – it usually starts around $500. However, you should always ask your hairdresser, since the cost can be different depending on the country.
  • Certain hair types can become even more damaged with the perm. Don’t do it if your hair is bleached or fine textured.


Hottest Beach Wave Perm Hairstyles

So, you have already decided to do a beach perm. Now, it’s time to get inspired. Here is how some girls are doing it. Chic and modern, right?

1. Medium Perm

beach wave perm on medium length hair

All girls with straight hair wished to have curls in one moment of their life. Now, with beach wave perm you can have it in a couple of hours. You can comb over your hair or made it asymmetrical, so you have more hair on one side.


2. Beach Wave for Short Hair

Beach Wave Perm for Short Hair

When you have short hair, it is hard to maintain it to look good all the time. However, if you opt for beach perm on short hair, they will keep your hair chic and sweet pretty much all the time. This girl shows us how we can have it all and with low-maintenance.


3. Wavy Auburn Hair

beach wave perm on auburn hair

Auburn is a great hair color. Women adore to wear it during fall and winter, but you can also give it a try in the summertime. It will look fantastic in combination with beach waves, we can guarantee that. Match it with your summer clothes for an even better impression.


4. Wavy Bob

lob with beach wave perm

This beach wave bob is great for girls with thin hair. It will provide you with some extra texture and volume as well. Huge beach waves are perfect for summer. This asymmetric bob is attractive by itself, and with waves, it looks even better.


5. Blonde Balayage

beach wave perm with balayage hair

All kinds of curls look interesting. However, when your hair is two-toned, they look even better. So, here is your chance to be absolutely chic this summer. Combination of beach wave permed hair and balayage technique will make you stand out from the crowd.


6. Wavy Long Hair

For all women with long hair – you should look no further than this if you want stylish hairstyle for spring and summer. These long beach waves look absolutely amazing. You can be sure your hairstyle will be noticed, and your style remembered, wherever you go.


7. Wet-Looking Beach Waves

Do you want to look like you have just been at the real beach? No problem! With this beach wave perm now you can have all that – style, messiness, and absolutely the best hairstyle for summer. Blonde hair will enhance the beauty of these waves even more.


8. Long Brown Hair

beach wave perm on long brown hair

This lovely two-toned hair looks stunning. Imagine beach perms on long hair. There you have – perfect and brand new summer hairstyle. You can count on low-maintenance and beautiful hair color every day. To keep this color, use appropriate shampoo and conditioner.


9. Short Thick Waves

These waves are great for summertime! They look really natural, so if your goal is to look like your hair is salty from the sea, do this perm with beach waves. It will stay like this even when nice weather pass. And isn’t that cool? You can style these waves whether you have short or long hair.


10. Waves on Thin Hair

beach wave perm on thin hair

Women with thin hair are convinced that they can’t style their hair to look more textured and voluminous. However, they are wrong. With wavy beach perm, your hair can look more voluminous, even if your hair is short.


11. Honey Blonde Hair

honey blonde hair with beach wave perm

Honey blonde shades suit everyone with fair and warm skin complexions. That is the key to their versatility. When you add beach wave perm to the equation, you get a fantastic hairstyle that will keep you out from the crowd.


FAQs on Wavy Beach Perm Hairstyles

Q. Can You Get Beach Wave Perms on Curly Hair?

Ans: Sometimes, women with curly hair want to change the structure of their curls. And that is absolutely fine. However, even if it sounds like this is a completely okay thing to do, curly haired women shouldn’t do the perm. It simply won’t work. You can just do damage, but you won’t be satisfied with the results.


Q. How Long Does Beach Wave Perm Last?

Ans: The beach perm lasts for about four months. Avoid washing your hair for at least two days after the treatment.


Q. Can You Get Beach Waves on Hair Permanently?

Ans: Perms have lasted a year or so, but these cases are sporadic. However, a permanent beach wave is not possible. You simply can’t change the way your hair is made naturally.


Beach wave perm hairstyle is an excellent solution for all women seeking for something new and interesting. It is a great thing to do, but you should always be careful and take care of your hair first. Summer is just around the corner, so if you were planning to do something with your hair, look no further than a beach perm.