Long Blonde Hair: 7 Reasons to Fall In love

Why are women are in love with long blonde hair? Is it because it stands out more than brunette hair? Or maybe because people want to feel fancy? Is it really worth all the hard work to keep it shiny and healthy?

While many people may do it to feel more different than usual, there are different reasons for this long-lasting obsession about this type of (life)style. Here are 7 reasons people love long blonde hair:


1. It’s a combination of world’s most favorites: Long and Blonde Hair

nice women long blonde hairstyle

What do people love the most: long hair or blonde hair? Why do you need to be in doubt, when you can combine both of them? This is a very simple reason: long blonde hair is the world’s champion when it comes to hair style. You can never go wrong with it!


2. It’s sexy (with no effort)

Even though you wake up with the famous bad hair day and don’t feel like fixing it at all, we promise you will still look sexy. If you are looking for an effortless way of feeling gorgeous every single day, this style is a must for you!

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3. It’s fancy

fancy blonde long hair for cute girl

When you think about fancy hair, what comes to your mind? Most of the people think about blonde and long hair styles. You can’t deny, the association between fancy and blonde is immediate, and it also revokes that sensation of classiness.


4. Blonde braids look amazing

It is a common understanding that braids should be elected one of the world’s top wonders. Braids save you from that day when you don’t have time to waste, but they are also perfect if you are looking for a different style and want to go for something special. Braids are very versatile, and guess what? They look even greater in long and blonde hair! Long hair gives more options of braids that you can do, while blonde hair makes the braids stand out more, enhancing the natural shiny look.

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5. Long Blonde Hair = Flawless Waves

Long Blonde Hairstyle for women

Once more, wavy hair seems like a perfect combination for long and blonde hair, right? You can come close (or reach) perfection when you mix these altogether. If you feel adding a glamorous touch to your personality and turning a lot of heads wherever you go, make sure you try out this look!


6. It enhances that special Hair Updo

Hair Updo haircut long blonde hair

Probably you have heard one of your friends saying they are waiting for their hair to grow so that they can have that amazing updo for someone’s wedding. Updos are made for long hair, but they get exquisite with blonde hair: all the different layers get much more visible, and the result is an outstanding hairstyle that will stand out from the crowd for its touch.


7. It allows playing with different shades – even colors!

This is the kind of hair which will allow you to take the words “freedom of expression” to a whole new level! With long and blonde hair, you are able to play with different shades, add new colors, or even die it completely – the choice is yours, and the guarantee of an enhanced result is always there!

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We hope this post gave you the clarity needed on the reasons behind so much love for long blonde hair styles. Make sure you keep these motivations in mind every time you think about that shorter haircut, or even dying your shades a bit darker: you can do it, but nothing beats the power of this mix!