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30 Dazzling Long Hairstyles with Face-Framing Layers

Long healthy hair is every woman’s dream come true. But these very tresses can appear lifeless and boring if not styled properly. Letting go of your hair length is not necessarily the only option left. Give face-framing layers a try instead.

This type of layering involves snipping the strands to bring all the attention toward the face by creating movement and volume around it. The varying lengths help modify the appearance of your face by either sharpening its features or softening its angles.

Face-framing layers for long hair may not be very drastic but they are just enough to refresh your look!

Fabulous Face-Framing Layers for Long Hair

The following list has the coolest long hair inspirations with face-framing layers to bring your best features into the spotlight. Just keep in mind your hair type and styling routine.

1. Sculpted Copper Curls

long face framing ginger layers

Curly tresses, just like any other hair type, can become dry and brittle over time. Let go of those dead ends with a handful of layers and leave the rest to your natural texture.

A shiny copper all-over hair dye is perfect to enjoy being a redhead for a while!

2. Face-Framing Curtains

long face framing layers for oval faces

Curtain bangs are the perfect match to go with your face-framing layers for long hair.

The strands are short in the middle and continue to elongate along the sides of the face to blend in with the remaining layers. A good blowout and some bouncy curls are all you need.

3. Soft Front Graduation

long face framing vintage layers

Long-haired beauties who wish to keep the hair cutting at its minimum can go for a good trim coupled with forward layers.

Curl the ends towards or away from the face, or give them a good blowout instead to achieve a different look every single day.

4. Long Sexy Shag

long face framing shaggy layers

A shaggy haircut is characterized by plenty of layering with the strands shorter and fuller around the crown while thinning and elongating towards the ends.

Give it a try with your long locks for a no-care vibe and don’t forget to give these romantic Bardot bangs a shot too!

5. Subtle Wispy Layers

face framing layers on long thin hair

Face-framing layers don’t need to be dramatic all the time as little changes go a long way when it comes to hair.

Skip bangs and opt for wispy layers that extend down from the chin to the tips. A hand-tousle and off you go. Simply wow!

6. Feathered Black Locks

long face framing step layers

Set those magical long black tresses on fire with feathered layers that’ll create the illusion of thick roots and light airy tips.

Go for long curtains to soften the face and tousle all the hair at the front to turn around heads along your way!

7. Chopped-Up Messy Lob

long wavy face framing layers

Shoulder-grazing hair can mean long for many ladies out there. Make sure your hairstyle is one of a kind by asking the hairstylist for a messy lob with uneven wispy layers.

Finish off with beach waves and some balayage highlights to recreate Jennifer Anniston’s exact look.

8. Chin-Length Bangs, Layered Curls

face framing layers on long thick hair

A chin-length fringe is perfect to hide those chubby cheeks or conceal a sharp jawline instead.

Add further movement with heat-styled curls and top off with a sun-kissed blonde hair color. Wait for those dark roots to emerge and you won’t regret it!

9. Blue Rock Star Tresses

long face framing blue layers

Play around with a vibrant cobalt blue hair dye to make sure your long hair with face-framing layers gets noticed from a distance.

Achieve dimension with subtle highlights and curl the strands away from the face to complete that rock star look. Bold and beautiful!

10. Bottleneck Fringe + Balayage Highlights

long bottleneck hair with face framing layers

Jennifer Lopez never fails to put her long tresses on full display with style and so can you.

Try bottleneck bangs to impart a slimming effect to the face and brighten it up further with icy blonde balayage highlights that concentrate towards the ends. Eye-popping, isn’t it?

11. Long Ombre Ringlets

long face framing ombre layers

Speaking of balayage and highlights, those who wish for a more dramatic change can amp up their layered curls with a vibrant ombre hair color.

Opt for dark roots that lighten midway to the ends and that’s it. Blending is the key to achieving a seamless finish.

12. Bangs with Face-Framing Layers

long face framing layers with side swept bangs

Remember those thick side-swept bangs from the 2000s? They’re still in fashion and can be paired with feathered forward layers to relive those good old days.

The platinum blonde hair shade is yet another thing to try this season. Regular blow-drying is a must!

13. Pink Hair, Don’t Care

long face framing butterfly layers

Go pink to celebrate your womanhood with style. Paint your long hair with face-framing layers in a bubble gum pink tinge leaving the ends light blonde for a unique finish.

Don’t forget to add curls to enjoy your new look to the fullest.

14. Bouncy Chocolate Mane

face framing layers on very long hair

Face-framing layers are all about the bounce, body, and movement. Recreate this look by getting a U-shaped softly layered haircut and adding tight curls at the front while loose ones at the back.

Winged eyes, nude lips, and a side-swept fringe are all what you need afterward.

15. Side-Swept No-Tie Braid

long face framing layers with braid

There are various ways to style your long layered tresses apart from keeping them on the loose.

Take this idea as an example featuring blonde layers and bouncy curls. Create a bubbly side braid to fall on one shoulder and skip the hair tie to let it unravel with style. 

16. Voluminous Wolf Cut

two toned long face framing layers

Short sides, long back, voluminous crown, and choppy layers are all what define the iconic wolf cut that is also, simply, the mix of a shag and mullet.

This hairstyle is a must-try for all those with some natural texture in their hair. The messier it gets, the better it looks!

17. Point Cut Layers

face framing layers on long ash blonde hair

Point-cut layering focuses on creating more texture at the ends allowing the strands to blend more seamlessly.

They can turn out to be the ideal face-framing layers for long hair, especially for senior ladies searching for something soft and sultry. Don’t skip those metallic gray highlights!

18. Perfect Face Frame

long face framing blonde layers

Fringe bangs are best to frame that gorgeous face of yours. Instead of limiting the layers at chin level, ask the hairdresser to cut at an angle all the way to the tips to end up with a flowy frontal graduation.

Try delicate babylights to achieve a soft glow that won’t be ignored.

19. Auburn Glam

long face framing layers with glasses

Though face-framing layers need to be styled daily, they can still work well for office-going gals always in a rush.

A deep auburn blunt mane with soft airy layers accompanying the face at the front surely won’t disappoint while making those specs look more gorgeous than ever before. Bangs are optional!

20. Long Layers + Highlights

long face framing layers with highlights
Instagram/Gabby Gomez

This long hair with face-framing layers idea is probably the best inspiration you can get to visit the hair salon this instant!

The layered swoops starting below the chin with light caramel highlights shining against a medium brown base are just to die for!

21. Cropped Side Bangs, Bouncy Curls

long face framing layered hair

Have fun while playing around with different hair textures. Go for thick cropped side bangs that are just long enough to cover a large forehead without creating a suffocated look.

Layer the remaining hair and leave the rest to those natural kinks.

22. Winter Look

long face framing layers with beanie

Get through the winter season with style this year. Start fresh by chopping off those dead ends into forward layers and add some golden blonde highlights.

Tousle all the strands forward and put on your beanie, glasses, and gloves to make a statement worth remembering!

23. Salt and Pepper Beauty

face framing layers on long gray hair

Ladies getting on in years can embrace their graying tresses in the most elegant way. Ask for a soft round haircut with layering at the front.

Enhance the volume further by getting a good hair perm. Add black lowlights midway to ends to recreate this salt and pepper ombre look exactly.

24. Barely-There Layers

face framing layers on long straight hair

As said earlier, tiny alterations go a long way when it comes to hairstyles. Keep it subtle by snipping the frontmost chunks at an angle creating the slightest face-framing layers that can ever exist.

Flaunt the style with a cute side braid and done!

25. Soft and Feathery

long face framing brown layers

Feathered layers work best with straight hair. Stand out from the rest by chopping your luscious long tresses at varying lengths to end up with wispy chunks falling all around the face.

Finger brush your mane and let the wind do its work on the way!

26. Carefree Natural Curls

long face framing messy layers

Talking about straight hair, curly tresses don’t look any less when layered. Snip the curls when dry to make them fall exactly where intended at the front.

Complete your glow-up with a warm auburn hair color and coppery highlights.

27. Choppy Layers, Blunt Ends

long choppy face framing layers

Keep it minimal by getting a straight snip at the back coupled with a few layers at the front that bend in naturally to hug the face and neck.

You can copy this hairstyle at home with just a little practice although seeking professional help is always the best option.

28. Magical Green Money Pieces

long face framing layers with money piece highlights

Here’s another idea for ladies who want their long hair with face-framing layers to be distinctive for sure.  

Opt for vibrant olive green money pieces and paint the tips too to contrast sharply against a black base. You can also play around with peekaboo highlights.  

29. Straight Bangs with Forward Layering

long face framing layers with wolf bangs

Thick bangs can look too blunt at times. Balance them out by creating a soft graduation at the front with layers of course.

This style is suitable for ladies with wide foreheads or those who wish to shed off a few years instantly.  

30. Brigitte Bardot Vibes

long face framing feathered layers

Brigitte Bardot bangs are the most iconic fringe that suits any face shape. They are characterized by middle-parted layered strands swooping dramatically on both sides of the face.

Continue the layering all the way to the ends and you’ll definitely love the outcome!

Face-framing layers for long hair are perfect to add volume to thinning tresses or remove the bulk from a thick mane. They aren’t very low maintenance though as considerable styling is necessary to prevent the strands from falling flat all around the face. Throw in some highlights or try a brand new hair color to spice things up a bit!