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7 Long Layered Blonde Hairstyles That Women Love

Long blonde hair with layers is very sexy, feminine and stylish. Women with long blonde hair pay attention to their hair, flaunt it and want to show off. The best way to wear layered blonde hair is in layers. The layered long blonde hair shows both the beauty of the cut and the color.

Following are the latest long layered blonde hairstyles for women to copy this season.

1. Golden Blonde Hair with Long Layers

Golden Blond Hair with Long Layers

The beauty of long layered hair can be best shown by having a major blonde shade. The higher the layers start, the more versatile the look will be.

As for the color, the golden blonde shade with lighter highlights will complete the look to perfection.

2. Strawberry Blonde Layers

Strawberry Blonde Layered Hair

If you prefer color over the layers, then you can keep them soft and subtle. In this case, the strawberry blonde shade is an excellent and trendy choice.

It is the blonde color with a little dose of pinkish shine that looks wonderful on women with fair skin tone. A beautiful layered long blonde hair look for modern girls.

3. Ashy Blonde Hair

Ashy Blonde Layered Hair with Golden Highlights

The combination of highlighted layers is very flattering to the blonde hairstyle. To create a contrast, choose the ashy blonde shade as a base, and add layers and highlights in golden blonde.

The golden layers will fall over the hair, and in combination with waves, the look will be exquisite.

4. Layered Wavy Blonde Hair with Bangs

Layered Wavy Blonde Hair with Bangs

Long layered blonde hair can look good with thick bangs too. The soft waves will add to the complete frame, and as for the color, it depends only on you. The warm blonde shades that are extra shiny are great for this look.

For those who want to make a slight change, the root can be done in a shade darker than the rest of the hair. It will give a nice shade to the whole haircut.

5. Long Straight Hair

women with layered long beige blonde hair

The V-shape cuts on the blonde long hair accent the layering in the way they make it sharper. This hairstyle presents look just like that – strictly divided layer in the beige blonde shade. The beige blonde combination is with yellow undertones.

6. Layered Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Layered Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

The sharp layers on the long blonde hairs are visible on thick straight hair, that tends to be messy. The best style is to wear the hair parted in the middle.

Many women choose dark blonde roots with white blonde ends. It is a youngish and trendy look.

7. Sun-Kissed Layered Hair

Long Sun-Kissed Blonde Layered Hair

The sun-kissed champagne blonde shade is great because of the mixture of warm blonde tones. The layering here is subtle, just to give a frame to hairstyle and face.

This is long blonde hair with layers style suits women with fair and medium skin tone.

FAQs on Long Layered Blonde Hairstyles

Which blonde shade is suitable for layered hair?

There is no one special blonde shade when it comes to layered hair. The layered hair gives beauty to the face and defines the final look.

The layers are what make the hairstyle, not the shade of blonde. So, keep in mind that the color you choose should go with your skin tone and eyes.

Can layering change hair texture?

Yes, too much layering can change the texture of the hair. If the hair is layered too much it can make your head look like a mushroom, without balance or dimension.

Straight or wavy on which hair layers suit best?

Layers are best for straight hair. They are more visible on straight hair, while on curly one, they will be hidden in the curls.

On straight hair, you can accent your layers if styled straight or just a bit to the inside. That will complete the look and show a wonderful hairstyle.

The long layered blonde hair makes a wonderful appearance to those who are wearing it. Each blonde shade tends to fade more often and need to be maintained regularly.

This means that regular use requires using products that are strictly for blonde hair. The layered hair gives an elongating effect to the face and is a much better option than the blunt cuts.