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40 Best Short Fine Hairstyles for Over 60 Women

The importance of a good hairstyle can’t be underestimated, especially when it comes to age. When women cross the age of 60, they tend to forget a bit about beautifying their hair and sporting a trendy hairstyle.

This should not be the case since there are so many beautiful long and short hairstyles, particularly for women over 60 with fine hair.

Beautiful Short Thin Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Here are 40 beautiful suggestions suitable for women over 60 with short and fine hair.

1. Curly Pixie for Women Over 60

woman over 60 with short fine curls

One of the greatest short fine hairstyles for women over 60 is a pixie cut that works its magic on curly hair. Also, some ladies prefer perming their locks to gain more volume before dyeing it and getting the cut. The choice is up to you.

2. Short Pixie

very short fine haircut for over 60 women

If you are getting older, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a funky hairstyle to show off your tastes and personality. Moreover, a pixie is a proper short fine hairstyle for women over 60 who want a cut that is very low maintenance. Wash your hair, dry it, and you’re good to go!

3. Classic Bob Haircut

fine short brown hair for women over 60

Other women prefer longer hair that makes them look more feminine. Opt for a bob haircut that keeps your hair at shoulder level and curl only the front strands. If you choose to dye your hair darker, repeat the procedure frequently. Your white roots will show off, and you don’t want a sloppy look.

4. Blonde Pixie

women over 60 with short fine haircut

A blonde pixie is probably the cleverest way to mask all those annoying gray hairs. By creating this short fine hairstyle for women over 60 and arranging it messily, you will end up with a cool haircut that makes you look younger, fresh, and joyful.

5. Full White

short fine white hair for women over 60

Congrats to you if you are not afraid to embrace your white strands! Going full white is never easy, but some women have no problem with hair depigmentation.

If you are one of them, you must find a hairstyle that suits you and highlights that beautiful natural color. And a bob with bangs is just what you need.

6. Feathered Pixie

short choppy fine haircut for women over 60

Going for a feathered cut and bangs spread on the forehead is a modern and ingenious way to style your hair at this age. The hairdo has a young vibe that will be instantly passed to you, and you’ll look so stylish.

7. Champagne Blonde Hair for Women Over 60

short fine hair with bangs for over 60

Champagne blonde hair is a bubbly color that suits a bubbly woman over 60 just like you. Opt for a bob haircut for short fine hair and get some fancy bangs. Get them feathered and spread on the forehead. Choose a modern frame for your glasses and match them with the hair color.

8. Short Hair with Side Part

short side part hairstyle for fine hair over 60

A side part is something any lady can do, even those over 60. Use a comb and a bit of product to make a smooth, neat line. This gives your fine hair a little lift.

9. Short Puff Hairstyle

short puff hairstyle for fine hair over 60

Do you prefer a short hairstyle with lift and character? You’ll love this swept-back hairstyle, whose brushed up front is helped with a little teasing. The style distracts from thinner hair and accentuates the face.

10. Short Dark Hair with Glasses

short fine hairstyle for Asian women over 60

Asian women tend to have pretty straight hair, which makes styling a breeze. Women over 60 will love the simplicity of this short, slightly razor cut style with thin face-framing bangs.

11. Short Fine Lob

short lob hairstyle for fine hair over 60

A lob is a gorgeous look for any woman of any age. Face-framing layers create built-in style that is easy to shape and arrange with your fingers. Pair your short haircut with piecey side-swept bangs.

12. Loose Burgundy Curls

short burgundy hairstyle for fine hair over 60

If you’re a woman over 60 with short wavy or curly hair and you’re not afraid to play with hair color, we suggest this rich burgundy shade for a side-parted hairdo. It will emphasize your hair’s natural texture and make thin hair look a little more luxe.

13. Short, Fine Copper Hair

short fine copper hairstyle for women over 60

Whether you’re a natural redhead or you have a pale skin tone, copper is a very flattering, unique shade that deserves to be shown off. Try a cute shaggy haircut or one with short face-framing layers and thin, wispy bangs.

14. Short Bob for Over 60 with Glasses

short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 with glasses

A bob is one of those women’s haircuts that will never go out of style. The classy style is fairly low maintenance, perfect for older women. It also suits those who wear glasses wanting a no-fuss look.

15. Side Bangs for a Round Face

short hairstyle for fine hair over 60 with round faces

Are you over 60 with a round face? We love this adorable fine hairstyle for locks that comes barely to the shoulders. It has a soft side bangs that will cut down on the roundness of your face.

16. Spiky Layered Cut

short shag haircut for over 60 with fine hair

To hide that fine hair, there are a lot of tricks that can help you make the hair look voluminous, with more dimension. First, highlighting the locks will add more depth as long as you use warm blonde and brown nuances. Lifting the hair up and teasing the roots is also a good practice.

17. Blonde Perms

short fine bob haircut for over 60

Perming hair is a great way to build structure and volume. Make the curls tight and get a blunt bob haircut. If the cut is straight and with more texture, your mane will look more imposing. Opt for a very light blonde hair color to hide the white threads.

18. Oldschool Pixie

short fine haircut for over 60 with glasses

However, not all women over 60 choose short hairstyles for fine hair that are modern and cool. Many prefer classic and elegant looks like the one above. And to make the crown less flat, most of them get a perm that builds volume and adds some texture.

19. Female Pomp

pompadour hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair

This is quite a trendy short hairstyle for women over 60 years. It sure does look good and brings the youngish vibe on the person’s face. Although the hair might be grey, it does not have to be an obstacle.

The sides are cut short, which suits the fine hair. The top middle part of the hair is left long, styled like a soft Mohawk. The styling is upwards and sleek.

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20. Pixie Bob

hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair

The fine hair is soft and thin, and it does style much easier than any other hair type. This short cut displays a look that has a longer top portion of the hair, and a shorter one, under neat it.

The long portion is divided by a middle part, which directs the hair and the hairstyle. The layering is sharp and the hair on the back is shorter than the front.

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21. Short Hair with Side Bangs 

short spiky hairstyles for fine hair over 60

The bangs and the spikey top come as look for the over 60 women who feel young. The fine hair does allow playing with the style.The front parts of the hair are cut in the form of side bangs, layered to the side.

The top is short and spikey, styled upwards. The rest of the hair is cut short. With a little addition of hair mousse, it can be styled in a messy hairstyle.

22. Stacked Bob with Bangs

Very common short hairstyle for women with fine hair over the age of 60 is the bob. The caked pop has a different line that gives a more voluminous look, something that is much needed for the thin hair.

The back is quite shorter than the front, styled inwards. The bangs are deep and long, straight and blunt.

23. Messy Waves with Bangs

This blonde bob is a hairstyle for women who have naturally wavy hair or one that tends to curl but in undefined forms. That is due to the fine hair and not many hairstyles can look good especially on women above 60.

This one is short, with lots of layering where the top curls a bit and falls over the sides. The lower parts also tend to curl. But the form is undefined. The bangs are messy and deep.

24. Short Grey Curls

If the fine hair is curly, but as it goes longer the look becomes dull and undone, then wearing it in short curls is the modern and stylish hairstyle.

The direction of the styling is upwards which makes for quite an interesting hairstyle. With the addition of the setting hairspray, the hairstyle will be kept high and look more voluminous than it is.

Classic Short Permed Hairstyles for Women Over 60

25. Formed Layered Bob

The formed layered bob comes like a natural hairstyle for over 60 women, without much styling done on it. It does involve a proper cut and a bit of layering which will make the hairstyle nice and shaped.

The thin hair is quite short, parted with a sideline. The hair is layered, falling to the sides. The length reaches the ears.

26. Short Stacked Bob

hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair

The similar look with a stacked bob can be achieved with a nape undercut. Only the back of the head, just above the neck is shaved, while the sides are in regular length.

The front parts reach the cheek length and as the hair goes to the back, it becomes shorter and shorter. The stacked part is high and layered.

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27. Pixie with Highlights

This short thin haircut presents a look that can be even more accented if it comes with different color shades. Namely, the top of the hair is longer, layered, and sharp. The lower part of the hair is darker and it is quite short at the neck. The change in hair length is evident and visible.

28. Round Thin Bob and Bangs

The fine hair, as mentioned before, is not very voluminous and big. That is why it might present a sleek look without much styling.

The sides are layered with the length reaching the chin. The bangs are thin, rare and have a curvy line on the forehead.

29. Asymmetric Bob

Playfulness in a look can be achieved with lots of different styling option, as well as adding some different hair length. Women over 60 with fine hair who wear quite short hair can add blonde highlights to their look.

Styling the hair with a side part will add to the beauty of the look. The asymmetry of some parts longer than the others will create a soft feminine look.

30. Short Shag Haircut

If you add a lot of layering and sharp ends on a shaggy cut, it will give the hairstyle more voluminous look. The shag has a special form so the layering will make it even more extraordinary.

Epic Shag Haircut 0ver 50 Women with Fine Hair

31. Short Pink Hair

short hairstyles for fine hair over 60

This colored fine pixie  is a very interesting and daring hairstyle for women above 60. The first accent is put on the hair color. Although this is a mixture of pink and purple, the haircut can come in another color.

The cut is short with a change of style.The under part of the hair is short and it starts with some short, blunt baby bangs. After that comes the top portion of the hair, long, layered, spikey at some places.

32. Short Icy Blonde Hair

Something the styling has a lot to do with a look, not just he cut. Many women decide to style their short fine hair by doing some mixture between the straight and the curly.

Like in this hairstyle, the front parts are straight while the back is curly. This way the hairstyle looks more voluminous and rich.

33. Colorful and Wavy Bob

Not many older women with thin hair will take this step in styling, but those who will find it extremely interesting and youngish. The base of the color is grey and the cut is short bob.

There are some purple and pink highlights added to the hairstyle that make it very interesting. The styling is done in loose waves.

34. Curtain Bangs

Another a bit boyish look comes from this hairstyle. Here, the hair is fine and straight. The top portion falls over the other hair that is with a shorter cut. The bangs are deep and parted to the side, creating a curtain bangs look.

35. Golden Blonde Highlights

loose curly hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair

If the fine hair also happens to be thin are rare, in that case, any hairstyle will require proper styling so that it will look more voluminous and nice.

The regular short layered fine haircut can be styled with the hair pulled back and curled a bit. This will create volume and fill any visible bare parts of the head.

36. Youngish Spikes

short spiky hairstyle for fine hair over 60

This look will bring any 60-year-old woman in her rebellious times. The short cut leaves a bit longer portion of the hair on the top that can be styled upwards, in spikes. The sides are short, but falling naturally on the head.

The contrast here is seen in the direction of the styling – the top goes upwards while the rest goes downwards.

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37. Short Hair with Highlights

A short and fine hairstyle can be upgraded with the accented texture and definition of the hair. The cut starts from the middle of the hair, layering the hair to the sides and the front.

At the front, some parts are longer, come almost looking like baby bangs. Adding some highlights will give the style more definition and texture.

38. Wedge Hairstyles

With the sleek and defined hair top, this short wedge hairstyle for over 60 gives a nice and neat look. Each strand of the thin hair is in its place, as well as the bangs too. they are deep and long, falling over the forehead is a bit curvy form.

39. Short Messy Hair

short messy hairstyles for over 60 with fine hair

This is another look that presents a combination of sleek front and wavy back. The back of the hair is wavy and present a wet look.

40. Blonde Pixie Cut

short combed back hairstyles for fine hair over 60

The fine hair is soft and provides a relaxed look when it is only combed casually. The cut allows the top to be longer while the sides and the back are shorter. The styling is easy and the hair will look nice.

These are some of the best short hairstyles that women over 60 with fine hair can try out. The fine hair can look good with proper styling and the short cuts provide exceptional beauty for the women over 60 years.