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15 Best Hair Color Ideas for Women With Thin Hair

Looking for a way to liven up your thin hair but not sure which hair color to choose? There is certainly no shortage of colors to choose from!

Beautiful Hair Colors for Thin Hair

For some women, having thin hair is a curse. They aren’t sure how to style it so it looks full or fashionable. However, with just the right hair color, your thin hair can become a blessing!

1. Hair Color for Long and Thin Hair

hair color for long thin hair

For long thin hair that is mostly straight, add different shades of blonde. Light, medium, and dark blondes will always go together, and a dash of black underneath adds cool edge.

2. Hair Color for Thin & Curly Hair

hair color for thin curly hair

Turquoise or a baby blue and a medium purple give short curly hair a fun pop of color. Scrunch in curl cream to get these tight kinky curls.

3. Hair Color for Short Thin Hair

hair color for short thin hair

For women with light skin tones and thin hair, try light red. This wavy pixie with a soft side bang works perfectly for women with oval faces.

4. Hair Color for Medium Thin Hair

hair color for medium thin hair

Maintain your professionalism at work and still display your punch of personality by adding light blue just to the ends of a long blonde thin hairstyle.

5. Hair Color for Thin and Straight Hair

hair color for thin straight hair

To get this platinum hairstyle for thin hair, chop it short above the neck and add layers. After combing in a side part, you’ll get lots of volume for texture.

6. Hair Color for Thinning Gray Hair

hair color for thinning gray hair

Not into drab gray hair? Go with golden blonde to bring warmth to your face. Try it on long, medium, or short hair like this long pixie with side swept bangs and highlights.

7. Hair Color for Thin Hair and Round Face

hair color for thin hair with round face

A whole new look can be created on round-faced women by trying a deep burgundy or rich purple on medium length thin hair. Use fingers or curling iron to get the soft wavy body.

8. Hair Color for Very Thin Hair

hair color for very thin hair

Embrace your very thin hair by going for a short pixie. The sides are super short but the top middle is a little longer for creating texture. Along with light blonde, there’s also a subtle pastel purple color.

9. Hair Color for Thin Asian Hair

hair color for thin Asian hair

If you’re an Asian woman, don’t fret over your thin hair. Distract from it by trying a bold color like red with orange highlights and adding lots of soft curls and waves.

10. Short Blonde

blonde hair color for thin hair

Marilyn Monroe would definitely approve of these luscious blonde curls on short thin hair with bangs. Keep the cut above the shoulders and use a barrel brush or curling iron to get jumbo waves.

11. Dark Brown

 hair color for thin hair

For an updated low maintenance look, you can DIY and add dark brown. Blunt bangs make this a neat look and look especially cute with short hair pulled back.

12. Light Blonde with Turquoise Highlights

hair color for thin fine hair

If blue is your favorite color, you’ll love the way it looks on light blonde hair. The highlights are subtle but still make a statement and allow you to express the fun side of you!

13. Balayage for Thin Hair

hair color for thin hair

An easy way to liven up thin hair is with balayage. Two tones of blonde will give you a summer glow and are also still professional for work.

14. Pastel Pink

best hair color for thin hair

Make your current thin hair even more feminine with pastel pink. It’s subtle yet noticeable against light blonde hair. Whether you wear your hair up or down, the color will always make you look amazing.

15. Thin Hair with Medium Blonde

hair color for thin haired women

Medium blonde hair color might not be your first choice to give your thin hair an update, but add a few golden highlights to really make the color pop and you’ll love it!

There are a few keys and tips to remember when it comes to adding a new color to your thin hair. To keep it rich and vibrant, always use conditioner, and remember that the color will fade over time so you will need to do touch-ups. Keep it maintained and you’ll find a new love for your thin hair!

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