Long Top & Short Sides – 50 Exclusive Men’s Hairstyles

11.  Thick and fabulous


Men with thick hair can enjoy a low-maintenance long on the top hairstyle. The hair in the back stays short while the locks in front are long and thick. You’ll need just a few drops of hair gel to keep them beautiful.


12. Wispy bangs

 Wispy bangs hairstyle for young men

Not many men are ready to deal with long and wispy bangs. That’s why these amazing long on top hairstyles are often overlooked. If your hair is straight, such wispy bangs will be easy to style. Look at how attractive they are.


13.  Blowout


Blowout hairstyles became trendy in the end of the previous centuries and they haven’t lost their charm since. This short on the sides haircut is exactly what you need to sport your thick and shiny locks on top.


14. Modern pompadour

Modern pompadour hairstyle for men

This modern pompadour hairstyle is exactly what a guy needs to change his style for the better. The hair on the sides is cut short and kept all the same length, while the top part is styled into a low pompadour.


15. Faded Mohawks


Mohawks are considered wild and attractive. They are easy to make but hard to keep fashionable. If you are up for the job, this long on top hairstyle is exactly what you need.