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15 Statement Hairstyles for Men With Light Skin

Choosing the right type of haircut especially if you have a light skin tone is one of the toughest decisions ever to make. There are so many types of haircuts for men out there that one gets really confused as to which one would suit them according to their face shapes and skin tones.

It doesn’t really matter if you have hair that is long, curly, silky straight or too thin to be styled as long as you are confident enough to carry a good hairstyle.


Light Skin Hairstyles for Men

To have a basic idea of what type of haircut would suit your light skin tone; here are 15 types of men’s haircuts to choose from.

1. The Rose Gold Flames Look

hairstyles for light skin guys

If you’re men with light skin who loves looking wild and fierce, then you should opt for rose-gold flames in your hair. You may keep the sides tapered and the top hair into hedgehog spikes to give an appearance of fire flames.

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2. Fair-Skin Bleached Tone

bleached hairstyle for light skin guy

Having a light skin tone has its own benefits when it comes to bleaching the hair. It blends really well with the skin color and makes one feel amazing about them. If you have a brown hair growth, then you should go for a bleached hair look which would be a great combination to your brown or blonde colored beard.


3. Messy Layers

messy hairstyle for light skin men

Men who have messy hair look super-cute, especially if the hair is falling over the forehead. That light skin, blue eyes, and messy blonde hair with layers is what would make one go crazy after them.

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4. The Business-Man Look

light skin men's business man haircut

If you’re a super busy man who has a business to run and no time for hairstyling, then you should go for a backcombed undercut look. It only requires one to just use a little hair-wax and a comb to neatly set the hair in place which would last all day long.


5. The 80s Inspired Modern Haircut

light skin guy modern haircut

If you’re a 80s born child and you really like how men used to style their hair back then, then you should get this style done. The hair is grown till the nape of the neck and the sides are tapered with pointy sideburns.


6. The Curly Ginger Hair Undercut

If you have curly hair and you want to get a hair-do that would settle the curls in one place, then you should go for an undercut. If you want a major change in your look, then you may get your hair dyed in a ginger tone which would go well with a light skin tone. It is funky light skin hairstyles for men.


7. Top Hair Mohawk Spikes

Men with light skin who are still in love with styling spikes in their hair should go for this look. The top hair needs to be long enough to be made into Mohawk spikes and to add more attention to them, keep the sides faded hairstyle with a nicely trimmed beard.


8. Front Comb Decent Boy Look

light skin men haircuts

Having a nice decent boy’s look is perfect for a light skin tone guy who likes keeping it casual. This men’s light skin hairstyle is perfect for an everyday casual look. The hair is combed towards the front with low fade undercut sides and a full beard.


9. The Pinkish-Purple Hues

This is for boys who love rocking a punk look. A bright color looks super attractive on light skin and really lifts up the complexion. Going for a purple dye with pink highlights is something you should try if you’re up for a major change in hairstyling.


10. The Faded Sides

light skin boy haircut with fade

This haircut for men with light skin tones is very simple and for those who don’t really like having up-street hairstyles. It requires very less efforts to groom and may not even need a comb to brush the hair as it’s almost like a buzz haircut.


11. Curly High Pony

As a white guy with light skin and curly hair, you have limitless options. Pull off a gangsta look by styling a big curly pony on top and wrap a red scarf with motifs around your head. 


12. Mixed Guy with Braids

As a mixed guy, you can try all sorts of hairstyles. You can embrace your thick black curly hair and opt for four thick braids. Also, a mustache and a thin jawline beard will provide better framing for your face.


13. Wavy Buzz Cut

If you are a light skin man, opt for a taper fade haircut that will draw all the attention to the top. If your hair is wavy, take advantage of your hair texture and use gel or foam for a better definition. 


14. Messy Top Bun For Dreadlocks

Some men look fabulous with sharp looks, others prefer messy appearances. If you fall in the second category, go for dreadlocks and pin them into a careless bun. 


15. Surfer Look

Sport a messy surfer look by wearing your ringlets tossed on one side. If you want to add more complexion to your strands, some sun-kissed brown highlights will make that stunning mane shine every time you are at the beach. 


Having a good haircut has become very important when it comes to grooming. Anyone without a good hairstyle seems to be categorized as the one with unkempt hair. From dyed hair with tapered undercuts to backcomb and messy layers, we have given an outlook on 15 types of haircuts for men with light skin tones, with many styles to go for and would look great.

Sarah Cummings

Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Great list! I would choose the # 4 hairstyle for my husband. Very handsome! :)


Monday 28th of January 2019

Yes, It is! Let us know how if it looks good on him!

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