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20 Trendy Warm Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

If you’re considering a warm hair color, it’s important that the one you choose compliments your skin’s undertones. Fair and medium skin with cool, neutral, or peach undertones looks great with opposing warm hair. As for deep skin with warm undertones, sunnier hues like caramel bring out the natural depth in your skin.

Warm hair color tones are characterized by their golden, honey, and bronze hues. Think of shades like golden blonde, copper red, or caramel brown. These colors can add a rich, sunny quality to your hair and are especially flattering on people with warm skin undertones.

Lovely Warm Hair Color Ideas

Warm hair colors are excellent for adding vibrancy to your look and can help to create an overall glow. Warm tones add warmth and richness to the hair. They typically have red, orange, or gold undertones.

Below are warm hair color ideas to make you look your absolute best.

1. Buttery Blonde

warm buttery blonde hair color

Buttery Blonde, often dubbed the “medium golden blonde,” boasts a radiant blend of both warm and cold-toned blonde hues. It complements those with a fair complexion and light eyes. When paired with a vibrant wardrobe, it radiates a youthful and energetic vibe.

Who Should Try This Tone: If you have a fair to medium complexion with warm undertones and if your natural hair color is in the light to medium blonde spectrum, the buttery blonde will enhance your features beautifully.

2. Mahogany

warm mahogany hair color

Mahogany is the epitome of fiery vibrance. This combination of red and brown hues evokes a sense of passion and vivacity. It’s particularly striking against fair skin tones and can add depth to medium skin tones.

Who Should Try This Tone: If you have a fair to medium complexion with warm undertones and you’re adventurous with your hair color choices, mahogany could be the exciting change you’re looking for.

3. Caramel Brown

warm caramel brown hair color

Caramel Brown is a cozy and versatile color. It strikes a balance between light and dark, creating a warm hue that isn’t too overpowering. It has a sweet richness to it, much like its namesake candy.

Who Should Try This Tone: This tone is perfect for those with medium to dark complexions with warm undertones. Caramel brown is also an excellent choice for those who want to experiment with color but prefer a more understated look.

4. Strawberry Blonde

warm strawberry blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde is a stunning blend of red and blond tones. This warm color creates a depth that can add dimension and vibrancy to your hair. It’s a versatile tone that can be tailored to complement a range of skin tones.

Who Should Try This Tone: If you have a medium complexion with warm undertones and you’re seeking a color that is both dynamic and versatile, strawberry blonde could be your perfect match.

5. Chestnut

warm chestnut hair color

Chestnut, named after the nut itself, is a warm medium brown. This color is easy to maintain and suits a range of skin tones. It adds a natural shine to your hair that can enhance your overall look.

Who Should Try This Tone: If you have a medium to dark complexion with warm undertones, Chestnut is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for those seeking a natural and sophisticated look.

6. Honey Brown

warm honey brown hair color

Honey Brown is a warm, light brown tone. It has a subtle golden hue that catches the light, giving your hair a glossy finish. This color is as sweet and inviting as the honey it’s named after.

Who Should Try This Tone: If you have a medium complexion with warm undertones, and you want a hair color that’s both light and warm, Honey Brown is a great option.

7. Golden Brown

warm golden brown hair color

Golden Brown is a warm and deep color. It’s a versatile tone that flatters a range of skin tones. This color is perfect for adding richness and depth to your hair.

Who Should Try This Tone: If you have a medium to dark complexion with warm undertones, and if you want a hair color that’s both rich and warm, Golden Brown could be the color for you.

8. Beige Blonde

warm beige blonde hair color

9. Light Honey Blonde

warm blonde hair

Honey is a great hue for warm blonde hair if your skin tone is fair. You don’t want your blonde to be too warm and get brassy, though. Occasional touch-ups with a silver toner on the ends of hair should do the trick.

10. Gorgeous Ginger

warm ginger hair

True red hair is so gorgeous and especially suited to fair skin. Warm ginger hair is rare, whether it’s natural or colored just right by a professional. Wear hair straight or with loose waves for an earthy, natural vibe.

11. Caramel Tones

warm caramel hair color

This warm caramel hair color is probably the most popular and easiest to wear. Celebrities the bronde effect of this sexy hair because it suits nearly everyone. Be sure to lighten hair most around the face to brighten up your look.

12. Warm Golden Blonde

warm golden blonde hair

Blondes look great with depth, so run darker blonde streaks through this golden hair. As much as we love this long princess hair, color like this is lovely on even the shortest of cuts.

13. Warm Copper Hair

warm copper hair

Another great choice for redheads is warm copper hair. Typically, this earthy color looks best on lighter skin tones so it stands out. Any length will do, but a chin-length bob feels particularly fresh.

14. Light Cinnamon

warm brassy brown hair

Medium skin tones are well suited to colors like cinnamon. Warm brassy brown hair colors like this one pair with dark brown eyes and dark eyebrows like a charm.

15. Auburn Hair

warm auburn hair

Warm auburn hair is ideal on skin with cool undertones. For some contrast, keep the hair at the roots a few shades darker. This will make the grow-out process seamless and stretch the time between color appointments.

16. Bronde Balayage

warm balayage hair color

Who says you have to stick to just one color? This warm balayage hair color should be added to the bottom half of the hair to brighten up dirty blonde or light brown locks while working with your overall coloring.

17. Light Chocolate Hair

warm hair color with highlights

Cool skin tones like olive need warmth, so a cozy chocolate color will do. Strategically lighten warm hair color with highlights at the ends and on small pieces that frame the face using the balayage technique.

18. Light Caramel Blonde

warm hair color for olive skin

As a lighter alternative for warm hair color for olive skin, caramel works like a charm. Light highlights and dark yet dimensional roots happens to be a big trend, so try it if you have medium skin.

19. Amber Hair

Out of all of the warm red hairstyles on the list, this one contains the most hints of red, leaning towards copper. It’s especially vibrant on skin with peach tones that flush across the cheeks.

20. Sandy Blonde

Everyone’s idea of a perfect blonde is different, but sandy blonde is a popular one. This is because it’s flexible and suitable for most light and medium skin tones. Dirty blonde, golden, and light blonde work together in harmony on this effortless look.

The great thing about this glow is that it works on blonde, red, and brown hair. It is best when contrasted on cool skin tones, however. Out of all of our warm shades, which one is your favorite?