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15 Classy Nigerian Wedding Hairstyles for Brides and Guests

You are probably looking for the right Wedding hairstyles to choose from to wear to your wedding or your friend’s wedding or assisting your friend to figure out her hairstyle for the upcoming wedding season. Naturally, this can be difficult because you do want to stand out as the bride or not overshadow the bride if you are a guest. There are numerous Nigerian hairstyles to choose from for the bride and guests!


Best Nigerian Wedding Brides And Guests Hairdos

So, here are the top 15 Nigerian Wedding Hairstyles for Brides and Guests:

1. Low Layered Tucked Ponytail

nigerian wedding hairstyle for women

This Nigerian wedding hairstyle can be worn by the bride or the guest. The hair is combed into a long ponytail that is layered with more volume at the end. Then, the end of the ponytail is tucked underneath the ponytail.

Next, a clip is placed above the ponytail to accentuate the style. Lastly, a bride will wear this hairstyle because of the head chain. The head chain will have her looking like a queen on her best day ever.


2. Pinned Curly Bun

nigerian wedding hairstyle for bride

This is a perfect Nigerian hairstyle for the bride. It is a pinned curly updo. Your hair has to be relaxed for the hairstyle or weave installed so that your hair is curled using the flat iron then tucked away. This look adds texture to the hair because of the curls.

As well as, volume to your hair because the curls are different lengths. As well as, texture because of the curls layered differently. The hair chain or clip will is a great hair accessory because it allows the bride to look like a queen on her special day, especially with the bun as her crown.


3. Cornrowed Side Bun

nigerian wedding bun hairstyle

This look is for natural bridal hairstyles for Nigerian ladies. It can be worn by both the brides and guests. This hairstyle is having your hair cornrow braided to the middle of your hair or to the top with some of the hair out. Then, take the hair out to form a bun on the top of your hair.

This hairstyle can be worn by a guest. As well as, it can be worn by a bride with her veil as seen in the picture or a hair or head chain. Lastly, to accentuate the hairstyle you can lay your baby hairs.


4. Colorful Head Wrap

nigerian wedding hairstyle with head wrap

Wearing a headwrap should only be worn by the bride because if the guest does, she would take all eyes of the bride. The bride can wear a color head wrap to cover her crown. This is more of a traditional look.

The head wrap does not have to be red like in the picture, it can be any color. You can even wear white to match your dress. Lastly, ensure that your edges are laid for the ancestors.

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5. Pulled Back Afro With Crown Braid

Pulled Back Afro With Crown Braid hairstyle

This is another hairstyle for Nigerian brides and guests. Your afro is pulled back to frame your face. Then, the front of your hair has a crown braid or twist depending on your preference to frame your face shape.

This hairstyle can be worn by both but accentuated for the bride. The bride can add hair accessories to the sides of the hair as in the picture. As well as a head chain or a veil.


6. Curly Hair Updo

curly updos for nigerian wedding

This wedding hairstyle is for Nigerian bride where curly natural hair is pinned up to the top of your hair and is shaped into a curly bun. This hairstyle without the side accessory can be worn by the guests because it will not show up the bride. In addition, you can lay the edges to spice up the style.

Also, it can be worn by the bride with a lot of hair accessories. She can have a head chain, head crown, or bedazzled headband that will lay in the middle of your hair to highlight the updos. Lastly, laying your baby hairs is a must in order for this hairstyle to pop.


7. Cornrowed Roll Pin and Tuck

wedding hairstyle for nigerian women

This Nigerian wedding hairstyle is mainly worn by guests. It is a simplistic style that is not too overbearing. In this hairstyle, the top portion of your hair is rolled back to frame your face. Then, the remaining hair out can be tucked to your neck or you can let it out like in the picture.

If it’s your first time doing this hairstyle then ensure that it is done by a professional so that your hair stays down.  Ensure to lay your edges for the wedding. Also, it may be worn by a bride who wants a simplistic hairstyle. It is a gorgeous style and with a few accessories will have you looking like the star of the show.


8. Crown Bun

The crown bun hairstyle should definitely be worn by the bride only. It will symbolize that she is the star of her wedding. This hairstyle can be achieved on relaxed, braided, or even natural hair. The hair is placed into a bun on the top of her head. Then, a crown which should be the size of her bun or a bit smaller is placed before the bun.

You want a crown that will blend in with the hair than overpower it. If you have natural hair or braid you can lay your baby hairs for more texture. Or, if you have relaxed hair, you can let some of the hair at the sides loose for more texture as well.


9. Braided Hump Low Ponytail

wedding hairstyle for nigerian guests

This hairstyle is definitely for the Nigerian Bride. Her hair is braided or twisted, depending on her preference, really small. Then, the braids or twists are pulled back into a hump and a low ponytail. This style will have to be done a professional in order to get the hump right.

Next, you can wear a head chain, a crown, or a bedazzled headband for the hump. The hump gives the hair volume so that the hairstyle does not look very flat.


10. Low Layered Hanging Ponytail

Another low ponytail hairstyle that should only be worn by the bride. The ponytail is combed back and is hanging. Then, the hair has a 4-square knot at the back to add some texture. Next, there is a side fringe that shapes the frame of her face.

Lastly, accessories are added to the hair such as clips to accentuate the hairstyle. This style is perfect for relaxed Nigerian ladies. Or, you can just have weave installed to perfect the look. Please remember to lay your baby hairs for your special day ladies.


11. Low Side Swept Bun

Another low ponytail that is perfect as a bridal hairstyle.  Your hair should be relaxed or have a Brazilian weave installed. Then, it is combed to the side of your hair to ensure that there is a bang. As well as, the hair towards the end is curled and shaped into a bun. The bun adds more texture to the hairstyle, and the bang adds more volume.

Wearing head chain would not be the best hair accessory to add because it may get tangled into your bun. So, adding a hairpin to connect the bang and the bun is perfect. It is to the side so it is not too inconspicuous on your perfect day.


12. Twisted Mohawk

nigerian women's wedding hairstyle

Next, is the twisted mohawk. It can be worn by both the bride and the guest. It should only be worn by the guest once they know what the bride’s hairstyle will be so that they are not overpowering her on her big day. In this hairstyle, the sides of the hair are cornrowed to the middle of the hair to represent a mohawk.

Then the Mohawk portion of the hair is interwoven with crochet or Marley braid and twisted. Next, the twists are shaped to form a bun at the top and bottom of the hair. This hairstyle will have you looking like a queen on your wedding day. The twisted bun will not only add volume but texture to your hair as well. Lastly, you can lay your edges to add more flair.


13. High Bun

high bun wedding hairdo

A high bun Nigerian bridal hairstyles can be worn by both the guests and the bride and accentuated differently. For the guests, you can wear a high bun with no hair jewelry to overpower the bride. Next, ensure that your edges are laid for the ancestors. This hairstyle can be done at home because it doesn’t require much effort.

If the bride decides to wear this hairstyle then she would add hair accessories. She can add a flower crown like in the picture and place where the bun is or at the top of her hair. Or, she can wear a hair chain or hair clips. The accessories will improve the hairstyle so that all eyes are on you.


14. Low Bun

low bun bride hairstyles in nigeria
The difference between this hairstyle and the last one is where the bun is. Also, it can be worn by the guests as well as the bride. In this hairstyle, the hair is combed back and placed into a fan bun. A fan bun is a bun that is spread out instead of shaped like a donut.

The fan bun adds texture to the hair because it isn’t shaped like the regular bun. The guest can wear it without the hair accessories. However, if a bride decides to wear it the hair accessories are needed to differentiate her from the crowd.


15. Low French Rolled Bun

wedding hairstyle with bun

A very simple Nigerian hairstyle that can be worn by any parties, the guest or the bide. The hair is pulled into a low ponytail. Then, the ponytail is formed into a French rolled bun. The French rolled bun, as well as laid edges, will add texture to the hair. The bride will wear it if she wants a very simplistic look for her big day.

She will a few accessories like in the picture to spice up the look. Lastly, her makeup and dress will even make her look astounding. In addition, it a simple hairstyle for the guest as well as that will not overshadow the price.

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These 15 Nigerian Wedding Hairstyles for Brides or Guests will give you wedding vibes as well as giving you a range to choose from. Which hairstyle will you be wearing as the bride or guest?