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26 of Olivia Wilde’s Most Iconic Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Every time Olivia Wilde changes up her hairstyle, she makes it to the headlines. That’s because all her hairstyles are on-point and simply fabulous.

American actress and filmmaker Olivia Jane Cockburn, famous by the name Olivia Wilde, rose to fame with memorable roles in shows like “Skin” and “The O.C.,” but truly made her mark as Remy “Thirteen” Hadley in “House.” Her film credits include standout performances in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” “Rush,” and “The Longest Week“. Then she showcased her directorial skills with the hit teen comedy “Booksmart” in 2019.

While she’s not a fan of dramatic hair transformations, she definitely knows how to make her hair stand out with just subtle changes in her hair color and texture. If you’re a fan of low-maintenance hairstyles, then Olivia Wilde’s hairstyles will help you get a fashionable look.

Olivia Wilde’s Hairstyle in 2024

Olivia Wilde 2024 hairstyle
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Olivia Wilde styled her hair gorgeously in layered curtain bangs with her long hair at the 10th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on April 13, 2024, in Los Angeles, CA. It perfectly complemented her beautiful black dress.

She still looks stunning in her 40s with her darker roots and mix of dark and light blonde highlights. One tricky part of copying this hairstyle is slightly waving the shorter layers at the front.

Stunning Olivia Wilde Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Olivia has had everything from simple straight hair to fabulous wavy locks. Here are some of her best looks over the years:

1. Low Ponytail

olivia wilde low ponytail hairstyle in 2022
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

It looks like wearing black is Olivia’s favorite. She was seen wearing a casual low ponytail with loose strands at the Women Talking Premiere in Beverly Hills, CA, on November 17, 2022.

If you have long hair, this simple hairstyle is easy for you to get and you’ll look absolutely fabulous if you can match your outfit like she did: black and golden, which complements the tones of dark and golden blonde hair.

2. Long Wavy Hair + Middle Parting

olivia wilde with long middle part hairstyle

Since her LACMA Gala outfit is already studded with stones and a splash of bright red accessories, Olivia decided to keep her hairstyle simple and this middle-parted long wavy hair is the perfect choice.

The middle part keeps hair away from her face in the chicest way possible. It also allowed her to showcase her loose waves while keeping them in place.

3. Blonde Moneypiece Highlights

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2021

Olivia seldom plays with hair colors but when she does, it’s always on-point just like this blonde money piece highlight. The highlighted front hairline didn’t just brighten her complexion but also gave her dark hair a luminous glow.

4. Sleek Top Bun

olivia wilde with high updo

Even though only Olivia Wilde’s hairstyles are updos, she knows how to pull off one. This sleek top bun removes all the hair away from her face, letting her gorgeous jawline take center stage.

5. Lob With Wavy Ends

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2019

One of the best ways to boost the volume of fine straight hair is to add waves at the ends. To achieve these messy waves, start curling your hair at your cheekbones. Use a curling iron with big barrels to get that effortlessly chic look.

6. Piece-y Slightly Layered Bob

olivia wilde with short bob

As the risk-taker girl that she is, Olivia loves wearing her short hair in a variety of ways and this hairstyle is her refreshing take on the classic bobs. It has the edgy vibe of a blunt bob but with a touch of softness due to the piece-y nature of the layered ends.

7. A-Line Bob

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2018

If you love that chunky bob but with a softer look, this is one of the best Olivia WIlde hairstyles to try.

Since the layers are strategically cut too close to each other, you get to establish the strong perimeter line of a chunky bob. On the other hand, the wispy ends give it that messy live-in look.

8. Blunt Lob

olivia wilde with short bob haircut

With a strong jawline and fierce bone structure like Olivia’s, you can stick to short and sleek hair and still look gorgeous. She even tucked it beside her ears so the spotlight is all on her facial features.

She also applied generous amounts of mousse to give her sleek hairstyle that eye-catching wet look.

9. Half Halo Braid with Braided Bun

olivia wilde with blonde hair

Olivia wowed everyone with her daring choice of necklace, but what captured our attention is her ultra-feminine updo. She balanced the hairstyle’s too-formal look by opting for a half-halo braid hairstyle.

The braided strand extended to become a gorgeous braided bun which further elevated her look.

10. Loose Side Braid

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2016

There are only a few Olivia Wilde hairstyles that look better the morning after and this loose side braid is one of them. Her loose side braid is the perfect example of that lived-in chic hairstyle.

But of course, we all know that this is the product of lots of back-combing and lots of texturizing spray.

11. Sleek Wavy Hair + Deep Side Part

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2015

This sleek wavy hair is here to bust the myth that it’s impossible for wavy hair to look polished. Her deep side part gave this hairstyle that sleek look while the big waves gave it a fabulous twist.

12. Side Fishtail Braid

olivia wilde with fishtail braid

The side fishtail braid is one of the most romantic Olivia Wilde hairstyles you’d come across. It gave her preppy look a romantic touch while showcasing her jawline in the most subtle way possible.

13. Loose Undone Updo

olivia wilde with loose updo

No other updo can look as sexy and pretty as Olivia’s updo. To achieve this, Olivia’s hairstylist incorporated relaxed waves to give the updo a romantic touch. They also applied volumizing spray at the roots to lift them up and achieve that undone look.

14. Messy Wavy Lob + Sideswept Bangs

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2012

Olivia is a fan of messy hairstyles and we’re loving it. With its slight waves and tousled layers, her messy bob looks bouncy and gives off that carefree vibe you won’t get from straight and sleek hairstyles.

She also opted for side-swept bangs which conceals her forehead but doesn’t overpower her facial features.

15. Puffy Hair + Headband

olivia wilde hairstyle with headband

Olivia pulled all the strings just to perfect her vintage retro look. She went for a 60s puffy ‘do with a teased crown to get that voluminous effect. She put on a headband to emphasize her poof without making it too big.

16. Classic Updo + Full Bangs

olivia wilde hairstyle with bangs

Since she has quite a large forehead, Olivia always go pairs her updos with classy bangs. For this look, her fringe of choice is full bangs that sit just right above her eyebrows. It’s the perfect length for concealing her forehead and drawing attention to her gorgeous eyes.

17. High Ponytail + Small Poof

olivia wilde with high ponytail

Always expect Olivia to add something fun and flirty even to the simplest of looks. For her high ponytail look, she went for a small poof which gave her limp fine hair the lift and volume boost it needs. You can secure the poof with either a hairpin or an extra hair tie.

18. Layered Wavy Hair + Eye-skimming Bangs

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2011

Give it to Olivia to elevate this simple wavy layered hairstyle with this side-swept eye-skimming bangs.

Since too-blunt bangs can place too much emphasis on her square jaws, these breezy bangs are her best option for framing her face and softening her jawline at the same time. 

19. Long Straight Hair + Thick Full Bangs

olivia wilde's long straight hair with bangs

To achieve that edgy vibe, she gave the thick full bangs a try and paired it with sleek straight hair. She prevented her fringe from looking too blunt and her jawline from being masculine, she went for full bangs with slightly choppy ends to keep her look soft and feminine. 

20. Feathered Wavy Layers

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2010

If you have big cheeks and a strong jawline, this is one of the best Olivia Wilde hairstyles to copy.

Ask your hairstylist to add layers that start below the chin. In this way, your cheeks will get enough coverage from your hair while the layers will show off your gorgeous jawline.

Curl the ends of your feathered layers to give your hair that jaunty boost. 

21. Brushed-back Halfdo

olivia wilde slick back hairstyle

Olivia’s take on the classic brushed-back hairstyles shows us that you can give this trending men’s hairstyle a feminine touch.

Instead of the sleek and polished version, she went for one that was messy and loose which gave this authoritative hairstyle a carefree twist. 

22. Messy Updo + Sideswept Long Wavy Bangs

olivia wilde hairstyle of 2009

For women like Olivia who has strong facial features, a few face-framing strands are your best friends. 

What made Olivia’s simple updo stand out is her surprising take on her updo fringe. Instead of keeping it straight and simple, she went for thick and curly which gave her messy updo a fun yet elegant touch. 

23. Vintage Curls + Side Parting

olivia wilde hairstyle with loose curls

Olivia’s vintage curls are easy to recreate. All you need to do is keep the top portion silky and smooth by applying lots of moisturizing gel and a spritz of hair gloss. 

Start curling your hair just below your eyebrows. Follow the same direction when doing the first few curls to create that gorgeous wave and go freestyle using a smaller barrel to create the ribboned coils at the bottom. 

24. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle + Teased Crown and Side Bangs

olivia wilde long hairstyle of 2007

This is probably the most fabulous take on the usual half ponytail. Olivia literally elevated it with a teased crown at the top. She also opted for slightly wavy ends and long side bangs to give this retro hairstyle a modern spin. 

25. No-Part Half Ponytail + Tucked Side Bangs

olivia wilde half up hairstyle of 2006

This Olivia hair idea is her much more casual take on the half ponytail look. The partless approach is perfect for achieving that effortlessly stylish look. 

She also divided her bangs in the middle and tucked them behind her ear. This simple move opened up her face and showcased her beautiful features.  

26. Middle-parted Blonde Layered Hair + Dark Roots

olivia wilde with blonde hair

This is one of the rare moments you’ll see Olivia sporting blonde hair but she pulled it off well nevertheless.

Her light blonde hair added warmth to her pale skin. She kept her look simple and youthful with a middle parting. On the other hand, her dark roots promote a seamless transition between her lighter hair and natural hair color.

If there’s one thing Olivia is good at, it’s wearing the right hairstyle. So if you want to look as stylish as she always is, check out these Olivia Wilde hair ideas and use them as your next hair inspiration.

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