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17 Hottest One-Length Bobs to Try in 2024

Are you confused about getting a one-length bob? Well, it happens to the best of us, but you don’t have to worry. There are many ways that you can style your one-length bob to match your taste and look stylish.

Trendy One-Length Bob Haircuts

Here we have described great ways to style your one-length bob that will bring you back into the fashion game in a jiffy. The following are the 17 trendy one-length bob haircuts that you can try this year around.

1. Classic Bob

one length bob cut

This one’s like the little black dress of haircuts, you know? It’s simple, chic, and timeless. It usually falls just above the shoulders and frames your face so nicely.

Ideal For: Almost everyone, as it’s super versatile.

How to Style: You can play around with bangs, parting, or even tuck it behind your ears for a sleek look.

2. Textured Bob

textured one length bob

This is perfect if you’re into that effortless, just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe. The choppy layers add some fun texture and movement.

Ideal For: Those who want a low-maintenance, tousled look.

How to Style: Scrunch your hair while it’s damp and let it air dry, or use a diffuser for extra volume.

3. A-Line Bob

A-line one length bob

This cut is all about drama, honey! It starts shorter at the back and gets longer towards the front, creating this fabulous angle.

Ideal For: Anyone looking to make a statement with their hair.

How to Style: Wear it sleek and straight or add some waves for a beachy look.

4. Blunt Bob

one length blunt bob

If you’re into making a bold statement, this one’s for you. The clean, sharp lines give it a modern, edgy feel.

Ideal For: Those who love a polished, high-impact look.

How to Style: Keep it straight and shiny, using a flat iron if needed.

5. Curly Bob

one length curly bob

Rock your natural curls with this gorgeous bob! The cut enhances your curls, making them the star of the show.

Ideal For: Curly-haired beauties.

How to Style: Keep your hair well-moisturized, and don’t forget to scrunch those curls for extra bounce!

6. Inverted Bob

one length inverted bob

This unique style is like a fresh twist on the traditional bob. With the front being shorter and the back longer, it’s perfect for those who want something a little different.

Ideal For: Anyone looking for a unique, easy-to-style cut.

How to Style: Add a bit of volume to the crown and you’re good to go!

7. Bob with Bangs

one length bob with bangs

Adding bangs to your bob is like the cherry on top of a sundae. They frame your face beautifully and add an extra touch of youthfulness.

Ideal For: Those who want a cute, youthful look.

How to Style: You can go for full bangs or even try wispy, side-swept ones for a softer look.

8. Asymmetrical Bob

one length asymmetrical bob

This edgy cut is definitely a conversation starter. One side is longer than the other, giving you a unique, unexpected look.

Ideal For: Adventurous types who love standing out from the crowd.

How to Style: Keep it sleek and smooth, or add some texture with waves or curls.

9. Long Bob (Lob)

one length long bob

The lob is like the perfect middle ground between long hair and a bob. It’s super trendy and falls just below the shoulders.

Ideal For: Anyone who wants a trendy, versatile cut.

How to Style: You can curl it, straighten it, or just let it be – it’s totally up to you!

10. Stacked Bob

one length stacked bob

If you’ve got thin hair and want some added volume, the stacked bob is where it’s at. The shorter layers at the back create a fuller look.

Ideal For: Those with thin hair who want a more voluminous appearance.

How to Style: Tease those roots a bit and add some hairspray for extra hold!

11. Tight Curls

one length bob with tight curls

You like to go for something new every once in a while. The tight curls are just a tighter version of the soft curls that will completely change your look.

Ideal for: People with thin faces can carry this look effortlessly. It also goes well with people daring enough to support an extremely short hairdo.

How to style: Get your power curls with your curling iron. Roll your hair into tighter corkscrew curls that bound back to your scalp. Your one length bob cut will shrink in size but in return, you will have a chic updo.

12. Messy Bob

wavy one length bob for women

This formal take on the messy look is eye-catching. The one length bob styles your hair by giving you a well-put-together stylish and stunning look.

Ideal for: This look is made for the red carpet. Looks ideal on triangle and diamond face cuts giving you the full effect of the style.

How to style: The style aims to tease your hair on the crown and then style them back into a side part. Hair spray and hair gel help to secure the look for a long time.

13. Twisted Bun

one length bob into a bun

Another great style for the formal occasions is the twisted bun. Although it may be difficult to pull your faded purple hair into one, if your long one length bob is of adequate length, this style is a must try.

Ideal for: Women seeking a fancy look would love this style. It is perfect for formal occasions and events. The style needs some time to make but the look is worth the effort.

How to style: Prep your hair with hair gel. Start by teasing the hair at the crown and separate the hair at the front into waves. Secure the waves at the back into a twisted bun for a stylish updo.

14. Straight Bob

one length bob for straight hair

Another way about your bob with side part is to make it sleek and straight. Channel the vibes and nail your one length bob haircut perfectly.

Ideal for: You can carry this look on the go. The versatile look helps you look formal and casual at the same time according to how you dress.

How to style: Use a straighter to straighten your locks. Comb them into a perfectly straight hairdo. Tame any stray hairs with hairspray for that perfect look.

15. Short Curly Bob

short curly one length bob for women

One way you can add some texture to your bob is by introducing some curls. This is the pet way of celebrities to manage their short hair stylishly.

Ideal for: This short one length bob style is great for everyday wear and on formal occasions and events. The style suits most face cuts and are easy to pull off at a moment’s notice.

How to style: Prep your hair with some styling gel and get a curling iron to add short beachy waves. The messy curls will give you a swept look, ideal for any occasion.

16. Ponytail Bob

one length bob for blonde hair

Looking for the perfect balance between royal and chic? This one length bob style tied into pony look is the one for you.

Ideal for: The bob haircut suits long face cuts and are perfect for you if you are looking for a daring look. The slicked back hair makes it insta-worthy and great for events and celebrations.

How to style:  Comb your hair backward at the sides too and work in hair gel to raise the hair to create a bouffant if you want and pull all hair into a high or low pony. Lastly, secure them with a rubber band. Add a coat of hairspray to finish the look.

17. Long Blunt Bob

women with one length bob haircut

Style your one length bob style like Kristen Bell. She has the perfect everyday style with soft girls equally grazing her hair, giving her an effortlessly stylish vibe.

Ideal for: Busy mornings call for this style. Simply style your hair in a short while and you are ready to meet any formal event and still look poised.

How to style: Blow dry your hair after a shower. Get a curling iron to put in soft curls or wear curlers overnight for that soft, curly look.

So which one of the one length bob hairstyles are you gonna try? Let us know.