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18 Show-Stopping Wedding Hairstyles for Plus-Size Brides

Are you a plus-size bride looking for some wedding hairstyle inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. A local hairstylist should be able to offer some fantastic suggestions, but browsing online is always a great idea too!

Seeing how other plus-size brides style their hair can give you ideas for your big day. So, we’ve curated a list of 18 beautiful wedding hairstyles for curvy brides.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Plus Size Brides

Simply choose the one you like the best, share it with your stylist, and always do a hair trial. And don’t be afraid to try something new. We know that many plus-size ladies dislike wearing their hair up because it makes them feel a little self-conscious. However, having your hair up can slim your face down and elongate your neck.

Try wearing a shirt with a comparable neckline to your wedding dress when you go for your hair trial. It’ll give you a good idea of how the hairstyle will look with your dress and on your big day.

In the meantime, here are some gorgeous plus-size bride wedding hairstyles that will look amazing!

1. Relaxed Half-Up, Half-Down Romantic Plus Size Wedding Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle for fat bride

We love this plus size wedding hairstyle! It’s a romantic half-up, half-down, loosely styled hairstyle. It looks perfect with her v-neck wedding dress as the gently curled tendrils flow down the neckline.

2. Golden Waves

short wedding hairstyle for plus size bride

If you love a vintage look, then this plus-size wedding hairstyle is for you! The bride chose an updo with a pearl head. We love how the hairstylist created voluminous waves that were styled in a structured way.

It’s a fun and flirty plus size wedding hairstyle, and since it’s completely off her face, it allows her natural beauty to shine.

3. Uneven Bob Wedding Hair

wedding bob for fat Asian bride

If you’re a plus size bride with short hair, you’ll love this hairstyle! It’s simple and elegant and looks fabulous. Short bob hairstyle with a slightly off-centered part and a beautiful veil. It’s a gorgeous plus size wedding hairstyle and looks perfect with her off-the-shoulder wedding dress.

4. Natural Curly Flow

wedding hairstyle with bangs for fat bride

You are halfway to a perfect wedding hairstyle if you have naturally curly hair. Being able to enjoy the blessing of naturally curly hair is something special. Hop right in front of your mirror, loosely curl your hair, put some spray to keep it together, add a rhinestone tiara, and you are good to go!

It’s a classic plus size wedding hairstyle.

5. Ballerina Bun

wedding updo for plus size Asian bride

This is a classy and traditional wedding hairstyle for the overweight brides. The stylist created a middle part, slicked back the sides, and added a ballerina bun at the crown of her head. Topped off by a beautiful headband and low veil in the back. 

It’s a perfect plus-size wedding hairstyle for her off-shoulder wedding dress.

6. High Puff Afro Bun

wedding hairstyle for plus size black bride

Yes! It’s perfectly fine to embrace your natural hair on your wedding day. We love that this bride chose to simply wear a high puff afro bun. It’s classy, elegant, and fun. And it allows her natural beauty and gorgeous wedding gown to be the star.

7. Wavy Dream

wedding hairstyle for plus size redhead bride

Yes, ladies! Let your natural hair down on your wedding day. We love this wedding day look. Beautiful red hair, loose curls, glamorous chandelier earrings, and a soft makeup palette create an absolutely dreamy plus-size wedding day look.

8. High Braided Updo

wedding braided updo for plus size bride

Braided wedding hairstyles are a fantastic option for all brides. And we love this full updo for plus size brides. The bride has a double braid on one side and some structured pin curls on the back. It’s beautiful and classy.

9. Pixie Cut

wedding pixie cut with veil for plus size bride

The hairstyle Pixie cut that goes on the side is not that common, but that does not mean that you should not choose it as your hairstyle. What matters is that you feel comfortable with the hairstyle that you choose. The veil and bold lipstick make this hairstyle even more stylish.

10.  Glamorous High Updo For Plus Size Bride

wedding updo hairstyle for fat bride

Looking for something glamorous? You may have found it! This hairstyle will blow everyone’s minds when they see you. The wavy details connecting in this updo are a perfect option for a wedding day hairstyle, add some jewelry and an oversized tiara, and you are ready to go!

This is one of the best Wedding Hairstyles for Plus Size Brides.

11. Ethereal Plus Size Wedding Hairstyle

wedding half up hairstyle for fat bride

It is greatly appreciated when people love to keep things simple, just like this hairstyle. Perfect side bangs with long curls going all the way back give you the perfect bridal look. 

It’s an ethereal bridal look that’s finished with the romantic veil and flowers in her hair.

12. Messy Ponytail Braid

wedding hairstyle with braid for plus size bride

Another beautiful choice for a plus size bridal hairstyle is the messy side braid with wispy bangs and side-part. The bride chose a stunning one-shoulder wedding dress with floral accents on the strap, so her braid hangs gently over the opposite shoulder. Great wedding hairstyle for an outdoor wedding.

13. Natural, Medium Length Hairstyle For Plus Size Bride

wedding hairstyle with highlights for plus size bride

No one ever said that having a fancy wedding hairstyle is mandatory. It’s perfectly fine to keep things natural and simple. This is an elegant wedding hairstyle with hair down and loosely curled and a veil.

14. A Fun Short Wedding Hairstyle For Plus Size Brides

wedding bob hairstyle for plus size bride

For a unique short wedding hairstyle, we love how this bride’s hair has been woven in between itself. It’s creative, fun, and unique but still has a romantic feel with the added baby’s breath sprigs.

15. Long Curls & Flower Crown – Yes, Please!

wedding hairstyle with flowers for plus size bride

Perfectly nurtured hair complemented with a flower tiara will give you an astonishing bridal look. The lower-end curls will make your hair classy and breathtaking. For me, this is definitely a yes!

16. Luxury Bun

wedding high bun for plus size bride

This glossy Bun hairstyle completes the luxurious look for your wedding day. I love how the little hair decorations and the earrings complement the final look, which is astonishing.  This classy and traditional bun is a great option when you have a dramatic wedding dress neckline like this bride.

17. Long Loose Curls, Bouffant And Fabulous Hairpiece

long wedding hairstyle for plus size bride

This plus size wedding hairstyle looks gorgeous! The bride has a slight bouffant on the crown of her head; bangs tucked over her ears with a middle part, and then her long locks have soft and romantic curls. Simply stunning. 

18. Half-Braid Updo

wedding updo for plus size bride

This wavy half braided, swept-back hairstyle with wispy tendrils is just a rollercoaster of positive emotions, and I love it. It’s a fun and beautiful hairstyle for plus size brides. The look was completed by adding a low veil under the bun.

No matter what hairstyle you are going to choose or if you are still having doubts and are considering multiple options, do not worry; your hairstyle will find its way to you. If you have plenty of time, try out different hairstyles and then decide. 

If you are short on time, consult your friends and family and decide together what suits you best. Just have one thing in mind: you will be perfect no matter what hairstyle you choose because the hairstyle is just an addition; what mostly matters is your soul!