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60 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Women With Oval Faces

Your face shape can have a big effect on the hairstyles that suit you. There are plenty of great short hairstyles for oval faces, so you should be able to find a cut that works with your face. Finding the right cut can give you a big confidence boost.

The right hairstyles for oval faces work magic. Oval faces are lovely by themselves—the full cheeks, the pointed chins, the softer jaws. Discover the most flattering haircut for your face, and you can instantly bring out your best, most favorite features.

Plus, not all short styles are created equal, so don’t go thinking that you have to get a buzz cut or otherwise chop off all your hair.


Tips for Choosing a Short Hairstyle for Oval Face

women oval face short hairstyles

source: goldie jkt

If you have an oval face shape, then you’re in luck. Oval faces are well-balanced, meaning your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your forehead and jaw are of the same width.

So, you can rock virtually any hairstyle with this face shape. With this information in mind, it’s a good idea to play with elements like bangs and short layers for movement. What other face shapes use to conceal or minimize, you can use to simply enhance your best features.

It is important to be practical when considering a short haircut for oval face. Choose styles that make your hair texture manageable. Also, consider how much styling you’re willing to do each day. That way, you can choose a hairstyle that is super easy or a little involved.


Best Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces

You won’t believe the versatile array of short hairstyles for women with oval faces. While many of them have similar details, such as a tendency toward side parts, they come in all different lengths and styles. From close crops to lovely lops, you’ll find a haircut that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and cute as all get out.

Short hairstyles can help to change the appearance of oval face shapes. You can use your hairstyle to draw attention to the bits that you love and pull the attention away from the areas that you hate! Short hair can be used to widen narrow faces and shorten long faces.

1. Bob with Short Layers 

short thick hairstyle for oval faces

Playing with balance adds considerable interest to a short thick hairstyle for oval faces. Cut short layers that hit at the cheek to create shape. This breaks up the weight of really thick hair.


2. Sleek Bob 

short hairstyle for fat oval faces

If your hair falls a bit thin, try a smooth bob.  This short hairstyle for fat women with oval faces emphasizes your strong suit- those cheekbones! A side part works with your balanced face shape while communicating confidence.


3. Curly Fringe Pixie 

short afro hairstyle for oval faces

A pixie with bangs is a perfect short afro hairstyle for oval faces. Make that fringe nice and thick to show off your one-of-a-kind curls. As long as you keep your natural curls hydrated, styling can be kept to the bare minimum.


4. Straight Baby Bangs 

short straight haircut for women with oval faces

Add framing to a short straight haircut for women with oval faces. This feature lets you play with facial proportion. Baby bangs make a face appear smaller and sweeter, which an oval-shaped face can handle.


5. Easy Side Bangs 

short haircut for over 50 with oval faces

Soften a short haircut for over 50 with oval faces by adding side bangs. If your hair is straight, cut bangs at an angle for a lightening and brightening effect on the face. 


6. Wavy Hair with Bangs

short wavy hair with bangs


A light wavy style is a great way to frame an oval face. Give the look an edge by cutting in some graded bangs to cover up your forehead.


7. Platinum Hair with an Extreme Sweep

short swept hairstyle for oval face

Platinum locks create a really eye-catching look for short hair. An extreme sweep over which creates an asymmetrical style will help to make your face look more angular.


8. Cute Wavy Bob

short wavy bob for women

Chin length styles really frame the face, so they are good for women who have a natural oval shape. A side fringe helps to enhance a cute wavy bob hairstyle.


9. Cool Sweep

short hairstyle for oval face

Sweep your hair over so that you have more hair on one side of your head than there is on the other side. For a cool look, lightly cover one of your eyes with your wavy hair.


10. Thin Bob with Side Fringe

short thin bob for oval face

A short bob is a hairstyle which really suits women with thin hair. A sideswiped fringe will give the hairstyle a trendy and modern look.


11. Amazing Curls

Tight curls look truly stunning on women who have an oval face shape. Use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to give your hair maximum amounts of volume.


12. Short and Thick Bob

A short hairstyle can look really stylish if you have thicker hair. Lightly layer the haircut to help to give more shape to the hairstyle.


13. Wavy Bob with Subtle Highlights

Layering helps to enhance the shape of a wavy bob hairstyle. Create the illusion of additional depth and texture by adding subtle highlights close to the roots.


14. Copper Brownshort copper brown hair for women

Copper brown is an incredibly glamorous hair color for women with oval face shapes. A shorter cut in this color is evocative of retro Hollywood glamour from the 1920s.


15. Pixie Cut

short pixie cut for oval face

A pixie cut is the perfect short hairstyle for oval faced women. This style has been popular with women since Twiggy wore her hair short in the 1960s.


16. Half Cropped

Rihanna's Chic Short Hairstyle

Rihanna’s the queen of discovering short hairstyles for oval faces and bringing them to the forefront. A close crop on the side and a long, falling fringe of hair over your forehead seem simple enough, but it will change your entire appearance. Trust RiRi, okay?


17. A Longer Lop

Longer Chic Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces girl

We know, this isn’t expressly short. However, you might not feel emotionally ready to chop off all of your hair, even if doing so will flatter your pretty oval face. That’s all right. Just work your way up to it. Lop your hair off as much as you’re comfortable and work your way shorter from that point.

The Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces


18. Silver Swoop

gray shade Chic Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces women

All right, to be fair, the color is irrelevant—we just really like this silvery gray shade. The asymmetric style is the real key. Parting your hair to one side can help sharpen the soft curves of your face and lengthen your jawline a bit.


19. Tousled Crop

Short Chic Hairstyles for Oval Faces women

See? An asymmetric cut is a hallmark of short haircuts for women with oval faces. It adds more shape and creates interesting angles. This crop itself is all kinds of adorable, with a definite androgynous edge to it.


20. Layered Bowl Cut

Chic Short Hairstyles for Oval Face

On its own, a bowl cut is almost never flattering. Add a few layers and a side-swept fringe, however, and becomes a cut that can complement an oval face. For added dimension, get it stacked in the back.

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21. Jagged Edges

This isn’t quite a bowl cut, but it gets its inspiration from that style. This coiffure is longer on one side, though, and the layers are purposely jagged and uneven for an edgy, perpetually tousled appearance.


22. Almost a Mullet

Chic Short Hairstyles for Oval Face

Typically, we would not advocate a mullet, but the surprising truth is that it’s a flattering short hair style for oval faces. The business in the front/party in the back delineation isn’t so extreme here, but the front is definitely shorter than the back.


23. Extreme Bob

Asymmetrical bob chic short hair style for women

Asymmetrical bobs are sexy—end of. This extreme take on the style only has a little bit of length, but the sharply angled fall of hair is all you need. Crop the rest, girl, and get your life.


24. Short, Shaggy Lob

This isn’t a bob or a pixie cut. It’s not quite a lob, either, but that’s close. The layers are deliberately jagged and uneven—that’s the standout detail that makes this a million dollar haircut.

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25. Natural Curls

Natural short curly hairstyle

Sometimes, adopting a short hairstyle for an oval face requires nothing more than letting your natural hair do its thing. This is gorgeous—this woman is gorgeous. We love her glow, too.


26. Mid Parted Low Ponytail

short twisted ponytail for oval shaped face

For those who prefer the simple, sturdy look, this short hairstyle for oval faces with a cute ponytail and rolled up hair streaks looks lovely. The mid partition in the front just adds to its beauty. Rolling up a few streaks and blending them in with the ponytail gives a gorgeous look to the hairstyle.


27. Thick Box Braid Hairstyle 

Like your hair unique and braided? Go for thick, fat box braids for short hair and give an edge to your oval face with a significant jawline. If you have got dark colored hair with a thick texture, this is definitely a look you should try!


28. Wavy Blunt Cut

Bring out a quirky side of you with a slightly wavy blunt cut for your blonde/ golden hair. Stand out like a diva in this short haircut. A voluminous hair look will go in perfectly with this style.


29. Back-Swept Curls

Go for a cute short hairstyle. Leave your curls loose and pin them back to make your face stand out. Look pretty effortlessly! The elegance and subtlety of this look are undeniable!


30. Auburn Pixie Bob with Bangs

short hairstyles for oval face shape women

Give your usual pixie cut a new twist. Add side swept bangs to your messy auburn long pixie cut and enhance your cheekbones. Impress all eyes that fall on you with this ombre shaded look.


31. Gold Bob

Got a little wavy texture to your hair? Color them golden and style them in a bob. Let those waves add beauty to your overall appearance. The short hairstyle looks perfect on those with a fair skin tone and broad, oval face structure.


32. Spiky Mohawk

Yes, girls can style their hair into a Mohawk and look pretty too! Keep the hair in the front longer and keep them short in the back. The sharp sidelines just add to its bold look. There is a slight fade look to it too, making it sexier!


33. Bandana It Up!

bandana hairstyles for women with oval face

Have long bangs swept aside and tie your hair into a patterned bandana. Bring out your feminine side with this cute hairstyle. Wear a sundress or a floral one piece to enhance this hairstyle.


34. Mid-Part Clean Sweep Hairstyle

Let your eyes do the talking with your hair swept back with a curly hint to them. Put on a serum to keep them in place and look like a queen in this sweep hairstyle. Light brown hair is ideal for pulling off this look!


35. Braided Band

short braided band for oval face

If you have an oval face, go for a simple bob cut to enhance your looks. Add a braid like a band that runs along the sideline of the face to spice up your looks. The braided band gives a crown-like appearance.


36. Fine Blonde Bowl Cut

Give your blonde hair a fine look with a clean bowl cut. If you have got fine textured hair and an oval face, bring out the best looks in you with this sophisticated cut. The hairstyle looks elegant and classy and is good to go with any outfit you wish to wear!


37. Side Part Medium Bob

short hairstyles for women with oval face

Oval faces look lovely in a bob cut. The style just brings out a beautiful look altogether. Try out medium bob cut with a side partition to give your face a newer dimension. Messy short hairstyles always pull off the looks!


38. Feather Lop Short Hairstyle

Bring out a sexy appeal to your looks with this blonde feather lop cut. The chopped off, feather ends of the hair add a diva-touch to the looks. Side bangs over the forehead just spice it up a little more! This hairstyle looks choppy and lovely on anyone and everyone!


39. Copper Pixie

Color your hair a nice copper brown shade and crop them into a short pixie cut. The copper hue brings uniqueness to the looks while the pixie cut has always been a cute style to try out! If you like it super short, go for a pixie haircut!


40. Icy Silver Waves

short icy silver waves for oval shaped face

Oval faces look gorgeous in shoulder length wavy hair. Color your hair a silver color with a slight blue tinge added to it. Ice it up a little and bring out a unique and subtle appeal.


41. A Hint of Blue

short blue hairstyles with oval face

Get yourself a long bob cut with fringes swept towards one side. This short haircut will bring out the jawline of your oval face and enhance your facial features. Add a quirky touch with a hint of blue and dark green colored highlights.


42. Sophisticated Bob for Oval Face

Are you someone who has got thin and fine hair? If your answer is a ‘yes,’ style them perfectly! Go for a long bob cut with hair swept to one side. Add golden or bronze highlights to top up the style. This look will look ultra-sophisticated and is perfect for those in the job front.


43. Unicorn Pixie

oval face women with short purple hair

Let the feminism inside your shine from within. Try out a lavender, unicorn shade for your hair this time and go for a cute and short pixie hairstyle. There is something subtle and bold about this look at the same time!


44. Dreadlock Bangs for Oval Face

Keep your dreadlock bangs up in the front and wear a beanie over your hair. Just letting the tiny braids fall on the forehead and give a bold look to your face. Put on some eye makeup and a good lip shade to top up this hairstyle.


45. Mid-Length Pony

mid-length pony for women with oval face

Ponytails always add an unexplainable edge to the looks. Pull your hair back in a mid-length ponytail. For the front, opt for side bangs, or long fringes swept to the side. The look is just perfect for all type of occasions.


46. A Hybrid Lob for Oval Faced

Merge a lob and a pixie cut coupled with hair swept to one side for this look. And, there you have it, a cute and elegant look for your oval face. Light hued hair suit better for this look as the haircut looks more prominent and edgy in light shade. Pair it up with feminine attire, and you are all set to rock!


47. Fringe Bowl

Try out the bowl cut with moderate length fringes falling straight on the forehead. The fringes bring out a child-like look within you, while the bowl cut brings an elegance. This look is just perfect, whether you are planning a casual day-out or have a formal affair to attend!


48. Crop Haircut for Oval Face

Not everything has to be fancy to look great, right? Try out something simple and add a charm of simplicity to your looks. This simple cropped cut with almost shoulder-length hair has a subtle appearance. If you like it simple and beautiful, this short hairstyle is for you!


49. Redhead Curls

Let your hair loose and wild. Let those beautiful curls take their own flow. Blow dry your hair up and let them sit on your head, effortlessly. The red-colored curls look lovely and bring out a completely unique touch.


50. Shiny Pixie Haircut for Oval Face

short blonde pixie for oval face

If you have an oval face, get a short blonde pixie hairstyle and look like a complete Barbie! Let your cheekbones look more prominent and give you a magical look in this cute, shiny pixie haircut. The looks go well with both, professional as well as casual attire.


51. Round Frizzy Curls 

short hairstyle for black women with oval faces

Show off your thick and frizzy hair with this short hairstyle for black women with oval faces. These days, a touch of frizz is considered beautiful, so emphasize this texture with a voluminous medium cut. Side bangs are so easy for symmetrical faces as well. 


52. Undercut and Thick Bangs 

hairstyle for short forehead and oval face

Play with the perfection of a balanced face by adding bangs to your buzz cut. This hairstyle for short forehead and oval face works best if your hair is naturally thick. Long bangs will lengthen the appearance of your forehead by dragging the eye from top to bottom.


53. Easy Chop 

short choppy hairstyle for oval shaped faces

There is a reason why effortless bobs are so popular. Try this short choppy hairstyle for oval shaped faces so styling is as simple as brushing through or hitting with a curling iron. 


54. Voluminous Chignon 

short fine haircut for oval faced women

Because you don’t need to lengthen the appearance of your chin or shorten the forehead, a hairstyle with height is easy to achieve. It’s the perfect formal short fine haircut for oval-faced women.


55. Soft and Round 

short haircut for oval faces with glasses

Create roundness on your short haircut for oval faces with glasses, especially if they are square. Sweep your layers back when blow drying and finish off with a subtle side part. 


56. Asymmetrical Bob 

oval faced woman with short asymmetrical haircut

Need some inspiration for oval faced woman with short asymmetrical haircut? Play with length and go for this fashion-forward look. Because it’s intense on its own, it suits straightened hair best.


57. Long Wispy Bangs 

short hairstyle for Asian oval faced women

No need to hide your forehead with a short hairstyle for Asian oval faced women. Wispy bangs are great if your hair is thin, but they also soften your cheekbones while framing those beautiful eyes.


58. Short Choppy Layers 

very short haircut for oval face

Pixies are such a feminine choice as a very short haircut for oval face. If your hair is straight and fine, short spunky layers will create some height and volume. 


59. Soft Blunt Bob 

short blunt haircut for oval faces

Frame your face with a short blunt haircut for oval faces. Hair should be cut all one length. To bring a touch of warmth, try a side or slightly off-center part. 


60. Forward Motion 

short hairstyle for women with oval face shapes

Use long bangs to communicate style on a simple pixie. It’s not only pretty unique but shows off beautiful highlights as well as your gorgeous, natural texture.

These short hairstyles will look perfect on women with oval face shape and help to enhance natural beauty. If your face is not oval shaped or if you want to try out a longer cut, then you should take a closer look at some of our other cool hairstyle lists.

When you’re picking out a hairstyle based on your oval face, do you like super short haircuts or do you prefer a style that’s a bit longer? Let us know in the comment.