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25 Awe-Inspiring Short Hairstyles For Women With Glasses

Short hair and a pair of cool glasses – that’s a winning combination for sure! Glasses are one of the best ways to enhance your look, and when you have the right hairstyle to go with it, you have the best of both worlds.

Whether you are searching for the perfect pair of eyeglasses or the ideal short hairstyle, there is no dearth of options. However, choosing the right short hairstyle for ladies who wear glasses needs a bit of inspiration.

Most women opt for short hairstyles because of it’s low-maintenance. And with glasses, these radiate amazingly chic and bold vibes.


Find Your Next Inspiration for Short Hairstyles with Glasses

We have curated this list of the best short hairstyles women with glasses can try in 2024.

1. Tapered Buzz Cut

short hair undercut for women with glasses

When we think of really short hair, a buzz cut is one of the top styles that comes to our mind.

This hairstyle is further enhanced when you flaunt it with a pair of stylish glasses. Not to mention this tapered buzz cut is easy to maintain and style.


2. Mohawk with Side Shave

short mohawk for women with glasses

Now this is one look that is sure to turn heads! A mohawk with completely shaved sides is one of the boldest and edgy looks in our list of top short hairstyles for women with glasses.


3. Bouncy Soft Waves

short layered hair for women with glasses

Let’s go from bold and edgy to cute and dainty now – this candy pink bouncy, soft waves is a popular hairstyle.

It looks amazing on women who wear round or oval-shaped glasses. Just ensure that you wear glasses with a thin frame to maintain the look.


4. The Professional Look

short ponytail for women with glasses

This is one of the best short hairstyles for ladies who wear glasses, especially for professional women.

All you need to do is put all your hair in a ponytail, wear your spectacles, and you are ready to go. We recommend a square or rectangle-shaped glasses with this hairstyle.


5. Colored Faux Hawk

short spiky hair for women with glasses

Who says women in their 50s and 60s cannot have fun with their hairstyles? We simply adore this faux hawk hairstyle with neon yellow highlights.

You can go one step ahead and opt for a pair of glasses with a yellow tint in them.


6. Cropped Hair + Oversized Glasses

short pixie for women with glasses

If you are looking for a look that will let you highlight your short hair as well as your frames, then we recommend this contrasting look of short-cropped hair with oversized glasses.

This is a mesmerizing grey hairstyle for black women in their 50s and 60s with glasses.


7. Pink Bowl Cut

short bowl haircut for women with glasses

If you love vibrant colors, then this is a great hairstyle for you to try out. The bright pink undercut with equal-length hair all around the head looks captivating!

You can experiment with different-shaped glasses to pair with this short hairstyle.


8. Brown Curls with Matching Glasses

short curly hair for women with glasses

If you love the concept of ‘matchy-matchy’, you will surely love this women’s short curly hairstyle to pair with glasses.

The brown, curly hair paired with brown-framed glasses complement each other well. The rectangle-shaped glasses will let you flaunt your facial features as well.


9. Layered Bob with Highlights

short bob for women with glasses

Bored of your regular bob hairstyle? You can easily amp up your look with bob cuts with glasses by opting for some highlights on the front section of your hair.

Ask your hairstylist to give you curtain bangs and highlight them in blonde or whichever color goes along with your natural hair color.


10. Curly Top + Shorter Sides

short afro hair for women with glasses

Curly hair has its own charm and appeal, and when you have your favorite glasses to go along with your hairstyle, you have definitely nailed your look!

We like this simple short curly hairstyle paired with those slightly oversized sharp glasses.


11. Top Knot with Fringes

half up short hair for women with glasses

Want to keep your look casual and minimalistic? Check out this adorable top knot if you wear glasses.

The cute top knot with long fringes over the forehead is a great style for a fun evening. We recommend oval or round-shaped glasses with this short hairstyle.


12. Chic and Stylish Pixie

short blonde hair for women with glasses

Pixie haircuts are our all-time favorite as there are several simple ways to style this short hair look. Here is one style that will suit women who wear glasses.

Ask your stylist to keep the hair on the sides relatively short and the hair on top slightly longer for that refined look.


13. Short Afro + Embellished Glasses

short hair design for women with glasses

An Afro hairstyle is stylish in itself, and when you try a unique look like this with those chunky, embellished glasses, it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention.

There is nothing that we don’t love about this sexy and edgy look!


14. Bob with Wispy Bangs

short hairstyle for women over 50 with glasses

Bob is definitely a popular short hairstyle as it suits women of all ages. You can enhance your bob a bit by adding some wispy bangs that just about cover your forehead.

When you pair this hair with cat-eyed glasses, you add just the right amount of sass to the look.


15. Afro with Shaved Sides

short hairstyle for black women with glasses

Yet another Afro hairstyle makes it to our list! This short haircut for black women with glasses is not for the fainthearted.

You will have to truly own this look and flaunt it with all your sass and sexiness!


16. Layered Hair with Bandana

short headband hairstyle for women with glasses

If you are looking for a short layered hairstyle that is easy to manage and doesn’t require too much styling, then this short-layered hair is ideal for you.

You can add a touch of fun to the look by securing those layers in the front with a bandana


17. Mullet with Blunt Fringes

short mullet for women with glasses

The black-colored mullet haircut with blunt fringes looks beautiful on women with long faces. It is a great hairstyle to show off your neckline and facial features.

We recommend you pair this with glasses with some tints other than black for the frame, or even bright-colored frames will look great here.


18. Naturally Wavy Bob

short perm hair for women with glasses

Having a short hairstyle with natural waves lets you play around with your hair without putting in too much effort to style it every morning.

Just add some gentle mousse and run your comb through your hair. Let those natural waves do the job for you!


19. Lob with Highlights

low maintenance short hairstyle for women with glasses

Aiming for a soft and sophisticated look? Do try this cute layered lob with highlights.

This slightly messy yet elegant short hairstyle paired with slightly thick-framed glasses will look stunning on women with all types of face shapes.


20. Uniform Cut with Cat-Eyed Glasses

short buzz cut for women with glasses

This uniform buzz cut with cat-eyed glasses looks fantastic whether you are in a professional environment or just having a fun time with your family and friends.

No doubt that this is a low-maintenance hairstyle, but you would need to make frequent salon visits to maintain this length.


21. Bixie with Baby Bangs

short hairstyle for women over 60 with glasses

Women in their 50s and 60s don’t want to spend hours taking care of their hair. This super short cut with baby bangs is the perfect option, as it goes well with all types of glasses.


22. Copper Spikes

short hairstyle for women with glasses

This is another fun hairstyle for ladies with glasses. The spiky edges give off an edgy vibe which is softened by those few strands of curtain bangs.

This is a great hairstyle for ladies with long face shapes.


23. Gray Pixie with Side Fringes

pixie hairstyle for women with glasses

For ladies who believe their hairstyle should portray style and elegance, this gray pixie with those well-styled bangs and glasses tops the list.

The entire hairstyle with those oversized square-shaped glasses from the 70s oozes style and sophistication.


24. Classy Pixie Cut with Bangs

short hairstyle for asian women with glasses

If keeping it simple and classy is your mantra, then you should try this classy pixie haircut with soft bangs.

This short hairdo will suit women of all ages, and we recommend rectangle-shaped glasses to go along with the hairstyle.


25. Uneven Bangs

short messy hairstyle for women with glasses

Finally, we have this messy haircut with long uneven bangs. This is yet another minimalist hairstyle that looks good with slightly oversized glasses.

To make it unique, you can add some highlights on the bangs. 


Athe above list of short hairstyles that are suitable for ladies with glasses will surely help you in deciding your next look. But before you finalize on any one of them, we recommend you talk to your hairstylist and choose the style that best suits your hair texture, face, and of course, your pair of glasses! 

You can also add your own twist to any of these hairstyles by changing the hair color or playing around a bit with the hair length. Go, be you!