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16 Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Oval Faces in 2024

Most overweight girls look for a hairstyle that will make their face look thinner and elongated. And for that, there are a few tricks you can pull off your sleeve that will certainly help you achieve your goal.

If you are overweight but still have an oval face, you’re halfway there! We have handpicked some ideal hairstyles for overweight women with oval faces.

Best Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Oval Faces

There is no right look for an overweight girl, as they can rock any haircut, but it would be best to find an option that is more flattering than others.

So, if you have an oval face shape and a few extra pounds, you must choose a hairdo that doesn’t create framing. There are other tricks you can master, so read the whole article to discover them.

1. Half Cornrows

braided hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

One of the best hairstyles for overweight women with oval faces is a bob haircut, where you use the forehead and apex tresses to build thin cornrows. Tie them up with small black rubber bands once you reach the crown and let the hair fall on the nape.

2. Curly Bob

bob hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

If you’re looking for a short hairstyle for your chubby oval face, try this one. Layers are not only ideal for chubby faces but also for curls. When making them look stacked, they will be forming one over the other and will give shape to your bob haircut. Swipe those bangs to one side, and you will rock your new look.

3. Layered Bob

hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces and double chins

Overweight black ladies with oval faces will love this bob hairstyle with low layers. Use a straightening iron to make your tresses look flawless.

If you have natural hair, you will know that this hair type predisposes you to thread damage, so always apply heat protection sprays when using heated tools.

4. Long Hair with a Headband

headband hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

Soften your look with a sandy blonde hair color and lighter blonde highlights. If you want a pop of color, get a wide headband that keeps your fringe away from your face. Keep your tresses messy on your shoulders and back.

5. Long Bob with Ombre

hairstyle for overweight women with chubby oval faces

Melissa McCarthy knows how to rock the red carpet and always chooses hairstyles that flatter her. This time, she got a lob haircut and a gorgeous brown-blonde ombre. She built waves only for the lighter portion of her hair and tossed the bangs to one side.

6. Long Copper Hair

shaggy hair for overweight women with oval faces

If you have an oval face with a big forehead, a middle part will do a great job of creating balance. Style loads of layers and build more volume.

Go for a bright copper color, especially when you have green or blue eyes and a fair skin tone.

7. Pixie Cut for Overweight Black Women

hairstyle for overweight black women with oval faces

Short pixie cuts require almost no maintenance and are perfect choices for women with oval faces and natural coarse hair.

Say goodbye to hours spent straightening your tresses and expensive haircare products that last so little.

8. Box Braids

box braids for overweight women with oval faces

If you have fine hair, it comes naturally to crave more volume or thickness. And braids are an amazing alternative for such situations.

So get a few hair bundles in different colors (gray, platinum blonde, and champagne blonde) and attach them close to your roots.

You can also use golden hair rings to decorate some of those knits.

9. Layered Pixie

asymmetrical hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

A layered pixie haircut can be messily styled to look fabulous for all face shapes, including overweight women with oval faces. Cut it asymmetrical, with a side part that is considerably longer.

10. Full White Pixie

hairstyle for overweight women over 50 with oval faces

One thing’s for sure, you can’t go more low-maintenance than this! Buzz cuts are not very popular only among men but also among women who want a wash-and-wear hairstyle. So get your trimming machine and clippers and shave off that hair for a cool, fresh new look.

11. Half Up Half Down

half up hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

Lobs have the proper length when it comes to overweight women with prominent cheekbones. Keep your hair in a natural collar and use the top to build a rolled bun. Complete the look with a pair of modern glasses.

12. Curly Weave

curly hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

Curly hairstyles look great on oval-faced chubby ladies. Waves are easy to attach, and they can help you achieve more volume, length and texture. So when you don’t have a rich mane or simply need a hairstyle that flatters you, create cornrows and use sew-in weaves. Cut the hair in the desired shape, most likely an A bob cut.

13. Long Red Copper Hair

long hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

Asymmetry is a feature that you must incorporate into your hairstyle if you want an elongated appearance. Give your hair more volume and eye-catching hair color that will steal away all looks. To build those waves, use a straightening iron that you will move inwards and outwards.

14. Straight Ponytail

ponytail for overweight women with oval faces

Ponytails are probably the most common hairstyle for women all over the world, and they are a nice fit for all face shapes and hair textures. Once you pinned your hair in a pony, you can add some decoration to get that girly childish vibe.

15. Blonde Highlights and Layers

medium length hairstyle for overweight women with oval faces

By building layers and curls, you will narrow your face and, at the same time, gain an exceptional hairstyle. You will look less chubby, and the curls will look stunning when you build blonde highlights in a slightly darker blonde nuance.

16. Braided Low Pony

hairstyle for overweight women with long oval faces

As mentioned before, you need a hairstyle that doesn’t create framing or enlarges your face. Side-tossed bangs will create angles, and that jet-black hair will give the impression of a slimmer look.

Take a piece of your bangs and roll it following the hairline towards the nape. Style a low ponytail that you will braid and tie with elastic.

The best hairstyles for overweight girls with oval faces are ones with angles, feathered layers, and even curls. Before making a decision, you must think about this cut thoroughly.

If it’s not appropriate to your face shape, you can end up with a cut you won’t like, that makes your face look even chubbier.

By following the tips provided and using our guidance, you will definitely know how to pick your next hairstyle and adapt it to a certain face shape.