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30 Trendiest Short Relaxed Hairstyles for Black Women

Less tangling, knotting, and reduced frizz are some of the amazing perks of relaxing your hair. But the best benefit of all is it unlocks the door to a wide range of short relaxed hairstyles for black women.

With all these amazing options, which one should you choose? Well, go for the one that best suits your face shape. Here are some tips to find the hairstyle that would look best on you:

  • Heart shape: Make your forehead look smaller with wispy layers.
  • Oval shape: Make your chin look wider with an angular bob.
  • Square shape: Soften your bold facial structure with a layered shoulder-length hairstyle.
  • Round shape: Create the illusion of a longer and slimmer face with a pixie hairstyle.

Now that you know these tips, let’s put them to good use as we browse the selection of short relaxed hairstyles below.

Eye-Catching Short Relaxed Hairstyles for Black Women

Below are some of the best short relaxed hairstyles for black women that will have you looking good in no time.

1. Asymmetrical Pixie

short asymmetrical black pixie for relaxed hair

With one side longer than the other, this asymmetrical cut gives the traditional pixie hairstyle an edgy twist. 

If you miss the bounce and shape of your natural hair, try adding some volume and shape to your relaxed hair by using a curling or straightening iron to flip the ends. 

2. Short Choppy Hairstyle

short choppy black hairstyle for relaxed hair

Take advantage of your relaxed hair’s straight texture by going for a choppy hairstyle. Since the choppy ends are styled in different directions, this hairstyle delivers better texture and volume boost to thin and fine hair

3. Sideswept Bob

short side swept relaxed hair for black women

Just because you have relaxed hair doesn’t mean it should be limp and boring. A deep side parting can bring back volume to your hair. Not only that, but it also adds a dramatic touch as well. 

4. Layered Pixie + Sideswept Full Bangs

short black layered pixie cut for relaxed hair

One of the issues you’ll encounter with short relaxed hairstyles is their lack of shape and body. Piling on the layers is the best way to address that. Adding side-swept bangs is also a good face-framing move. 

5. Accessorized Messy Bun

short black ponytail with relaxed hair

With relaxed hair, you can go for that carefree look without worrying that your hair will get too messy. So if you’re in a playful mood, go out there and pull your hair into a messy bun. You can even accessorize it with a flower accessory for that full-on boho look. 

6. Short Relaxed Hair + Headband

short black relaxed hair with headband

For a busy day of running errands, go for this fuss-free yet still stylish look. All you need is a headband to keep your hair away from your face, and you can go about your day showing off your beautiful relaxed hair.

7. Highlighted Tips

short relaxed black hair with highlights

If you find your relaxed hair to be a bit dull and boring, you can easily spice it up with a pop of color. But since relaxed hair is prone to damage, go only for highlighted tips instead of an all-over hair color.

8. Spiky Pixie + Tapered Sides

short edgy black hairstyle for relaxed hair

Here’s one of the edgiest short relaxed hairstyles for black women. The spiky pixie gives you that chic look and boosts your height. Make the spikes more noticeable by adding highlights to them.

9. Middle-Parted Bob

black female celebrity inspired bob for relaxed hair

For an elegant yet playful short relaxed hairstyle, try this simple bob. Instead of layers, go for a one-length style for a chicer look. Pair it with a middle part to draw more attention to your beautiful facial features. 

10. Spiky Waves + Hair Accessory

black girl with short relaxed hairstyle

If you want a more feminine version of a spiky haircut, go for spiky waves. The sexy curves of wavy hair will give you that sultry vibe while the spikes add an edgy touch to your overall look. Finish it off with your choice of hair accessories for added pizzazz. 

11. Close-cropped Blonde Pixie

celebrity inspired short relaxed hairstyle for black women

This close-cropped pixie is the perfect combination of charm and convenience. Its blonde shade exudes confidence while the ultra-short length gives off a fun and flirty statement. But the best part about sporting a short ‘do like this is you won’t have to worry about frizz. 

12. Brushed-back Short Relaxed Hair

short relaxed hair for black women

There are no other short hairstyles for black women that will make you look as badass as this one. The best part about this brushed-back hairstyle is it will give you that sense of authority while still looking chic and sexy. 

13. Two-toned Pixie + Long Bangs

short two tone relaxed hairstyle for black women

For a more iconic look, copy Rihanna’s pixie cut with long bangs combination. This hairstyle gives her the chic look of a pixie cut while the long bangs are perfect for framing her face.

To give it more dimension, she added thick chunks of blonde highlight all around her hair. 

14. Short Bob + Blunt Bangs

short relaxed black bob with blunt bangs

One thing you’d love about relaxed hair is you can get to enjoy a sleek and simple bob like this one. To give it added flair, pair it with blunt bangs. Since this type of fringe is cut straight across your forehead, it can instantly transform your simple look into a high-fashion one. 

15. Side-parted Bun

short black hairstyle with relaxed hair

If you want a sleeker bun style, opt for side parting. The side part can soften your strong facial features and create the illusion of a slimmer face.

For a more polished look, put on a headband that can conceal baby hairs or keep straying hair strands in place. 

16. Short Blonde Hair with Deep Side Part

black female celebrity inspired blonde hairstyle for relaxed hair

Give your thin and simple bob a volume boost with a deep side part. This parting will not just add volume but also height to your look. Additionally, it will also help draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes. 

17. Micro Asymmetrical Bob

short relaxed hairstyle for older black women

Here’s one of the best short relaxed hairstyles for black women who have thinning hair. With the bob’s unique shape, it’s perfect for making your hair look fuller. Keep it ultra-short if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle. 

18. Bowl Cut

black female celebrity inspired short hairstyle for relaxed hair

A bowl cut may be an 80s hairstyle, but there are lots of ways you can add a modern touch to it, and this hairstyle is a great example. To achieve this look, create a curvy look on your sideburns by going for a seamless soft taper at the sides. 

19. Bronde Micro Bob + Dark Roots

short black balayage bob for relaxed hair

One of the cutest short relaxed hairstyles for black women that you can try is a micro bob. As an ultra-short version of the classic bob, it’s way cuter and definitely a whole lot chic-er.

You can even spice it up by adding a bronde balayage but make sure to keep your roots darker to keep the look more natural 

20. Curled Bob

black woman with short relaxed hairstyle

If you miss your natural curls, then you can use a curling iron to create more subdued and neater curled strands. Pair it with a deep side part and your hair will be instantly party-ready. 

21. Partless Brown Pixie

short black pixie for relaxed hair

This partless pixie cut is a more versatile version of a bowl cut. The no-part look lifts the hair and opens up your face, allowing your facial features to take center stage. It’s best for women with round, heart, and oval-shaped faces

22.  Relaxed Brown Bob

short relaxed bob for black women

To create the illusion of thicker hair, ditch the traditional bob and go for the layered version instead. You can even ask your stylist to give you thin curtain bangs so you can have some face-framing layers.  

23. Blonde Pompadour

Smiling Female Hipster Against Yellow Background

The eye-catching pompadour is not just for men. You can wear this bold hairstyle too if you’re brave enough to go for it.

To get this look, ask your hairstylist to give you a brushed-up pompadour with a high fade and shaved slit on the side. 

24. Wavy Bob

short relaxed wavy hairstyle for black women

Yes, you can still curl your relaxed hair. To stay on the safe side, opt for heat-free curling methods. 

You can use foam rollers for creating large curls. Another good idea is to wrap your damp hair around a headband, apply lots of texturizing spray, and leave it on overnight. 

25. Lob + Blunt Bangs + Red Highlights

short relaxed black hair with red highlights

You can easily spice up a plain ol’ long bob with bangs and highlights. Go for blunt straight bangs that can give your lob an edgy twist.

And if that’s not enough, you can also add full red highlights that can certainly make your look stand out. 

26. Micro Bob + Sideswept Bangs

short relaxed brown bob for black women

Give your relaxed hair a youthful spin by going for this cute and super-short bob. Keep the layers in just one length for easy maintenance and styling. Take it to the next level by adding the forever versatile side-swept bangs to it. 

27. Finger Waves on Pixie Cut

hairstyle for short relaxed black hair

Add a retro glam vibe to your short relaxed hairstyle with finger waves. You can have a stylist do it or you can do it yourself using a comb and lots of mousse. Make the waves pop by dyeing them in a caramel brown shade. 

28. Fuchsia Pink Pixie + Undercut

short relaxed pink hair for black women

There’s no better way to make short relaxed hairstyles for black women stand out than a splash of bright color all over it, and fuchsia pink is definitely a surprising option. You can also make this look more remarkable by pairing it with an undercut. 

29. Copper Red Side Pixie + Golden Blonde Highlights

short relaxed balayage hairstyle for black women

If you’re looking for a striking color combination for your relaxed hair, this copper red and golden blonde duo is your best option. The colors will make your hair look lit. Not only that, but these warm shades can perfectly complement warm and neutral skin tones. 

30. Layered Lob + Wispy Bangs

short relaxed black bob with bangs

Keep your short hair sweet and simple by going for a sleek and straight layered bob. Keep the sides shorter than the back so it can seamlessly blend with your wispy bangs and create the perfect face-framing shape at the front.

Getting your hair relaxed will open up a lot of styling opportunities for you. These short relaxed hairstyles for black women are just the tip of the iceberg, but our list already offers lots of stylish options.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from any of the above short hair looks for your next relaxed hair inspiration.

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