15 Captivating Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

You’re convinced that bob gives black women a bold new look but not sure where to start? If you’re ready to go short and need a hint on which look to go for, we have some amazing hairstyle ideas to inspire your next hairdo.


Black Bob Hairstyles

The bob hairstyle is amazingly customizable. On thin hair, feathering and layers create texture and thickness; for curly hair, bobs create shape; and for hair that doesn’t seem to have much life, it creates movement. What’s not to love?

These 15 bob hairstyles for black women are chic and stunning!

1. Black Layered Bob

layered bob for black women

For women growing out their natural black hair, a bob that comes down to ears will keep locks healthy and encourage growth. A side part and a few curly strands for bangs is a simple yet stylish way to wear the look.


2. Short Bob

short bob for black women

Are you bob lover girl who prefers to wear hair straight? Whether you flat iron it yourself or have a stylist work on it, super short bob with a center part is a modern hairstyle choice.


3. Long Black Bob

long bob for black women

Long bobs are always classy when straightened with frizz and fly-aways banished. At work or on a date, you’ll look gorgeous.


4. Blunt Bob for Black Woman

blunt cut black bob

Feeling bold? Color a blunt cut bob with purple or another feminine color and straighten hair for smooth strands to get a classy hairstyle.


5. Curly Bob for Black Women

black women with curly bob

A shoulder-length bob is the perfect length to show off tight natural curls. Smooth baby hairs and finish everything off with a side part.


6. Wavy Bob for Black Women

Wavy Bob for Black Women

Sew-in extensions will get you the wavy bob hairstyle you want and uncommon hair color, like this bright orange-red, will contrast with skin in a good way.


7. Black Bob for Round Face

Black Bob for Round Face

If you like a lot of texture in your hair, take your naturally curly hair short down to bob level. Smooth strands near the face so they give a headband-like appearance, an especially flattering look for round faces.


8. Black Bob with Bangs

Black Bob with Bangs

The above bob hairstyle is commonly seen among African American women. Long straight bangs that come down to eyebrows are a good look for women with large foreheads or long faces. They’ll cover up what you don’t want seen or distract from your current face shape.


9. Black Woman with Asymmetrical Bob

Black Women with Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bobs can be worn as is loose for a relaxed style or clipped back on one side when going out on a date or heading to an upscale event.


10. Blonde Bob for Black Woman

blonde bob for black women

Instead of only upgrading the cut of your curly hairstyle to a bob, why not upgrade the color too? Platinum is a gorgeous complement to dark skin.


11. Braided Bob for Black Hair

Black Braided Bob

Long braids get a fresh update when chopped to an A-Line bob. Since the braids take over for the style, all you need to do is part it in the center.


12. Weave Bob

Weave Bob for black women

This style of weave bob keeps hair close to the face so the shape is more noticeable. Short layers help with texture and a rich red color gives it a bold glow.


13. Burgundy Bob for Black Woman

Burgundy Bob for Black Women

For dark skin tones, burgundy is just the color you want for classy and chic. A blunt cut adds to the modern vibe and straight locks make for a no-fuss bob.


14. Feathered Bob

black feathered bob

Feathered cuts are a favorite way of styling because of the way they help hair fall for movement. All you’ll need to do for this feathered bob is run fingers through locks to create your look!


15. Inverted Bob for Black Women

black women with inverted bob

You’ll look timeless with an inverted bob. Strands near the face are longer so you’ll keep the length you love but your neck will thank you for keeping your hairstyle short and low maintenance.


For your bob hairstyle, take the parts of each look you like to create one personalized for you! Whether it’s the color from one and the feathered cutting from another, your bob will show everyone your true personality. And if you like color but have to be careful at work, a subtle streak or two under strands is a secretive way to satisfy your desires!

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