12 Side, Messy & Textured Quiff Hairstyles on The Radar

Quiff is so versatile! Be it classic, side-swept, sleek, textured or messy quiff, they are taking the world go gaga over! The classical, exemplary and iconic hairstyle of all times that inherited the qualities of the flattop hair, Mohawk and the pompadour, gracing your hair since 1950 is the quiff hairstyle, by all means.

The hairstyles for men with short and medium hair are diverse but with long hair, men are left with a few options and textured quiff hairstyle is the one.

With limited styling and care options, men’s hairstyles have always been a topic of debate since ages. Men nowadays, emphasize a lot on their hairstyle, as a good hairstyle defines a man’s caliber and eminence.  It is the most versatile hairstyle and can be modified according to your hair type, face shape, and aesthetics.


What is A Quiff

quiff hairstyles for men

A quiff hairstyle is somewhat like the pompadour and undercuts as it is shaved or short on the sides and the back and longer on the top, but the styling process of a quiff hairstyle shakes things up and makes it different from other haircuts.

The quiff hairstyle has shaved sides and back, however, the top of the hair is styled upwards and slightly combed backward for a more sophisticated, textured and decent look.

An interesting part of this hairstyle is despite being the most popular hairstyle that has survived the test of the time, it is not a common coiffure. You don’t see people carrying this hairstyle casually and that is because it is more like a fashion style and less like a casual hairstyle.


How to Style a Quiff

how to style a quiff hairstyle

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when styling a sleek or messy quiff is your face shape. A hairstyle like a side quiff that is somewhat square and rectangular-shaped works just fine with round faces that lack great angles or have little structures.

The elongated and side-shaved hairstyle provides a good contrast to men with round or oval face shapes. However, a quiff is a versatile and an adaptable hairstyle i.e. you can style and mold this hairstyle according to your face cut and facial features.

Here’s how to style a quiff:

  • Wash Your Hair:  Before you begin to style your hair, it is important to add some natural volume to the hair and remove the oils and grease. Wash your hair and dry it with a towel until slightly damp.
  • Apply hair gel or pomade to your fingertips:  Apply styling products to the palm of your hand and coat the product evenly.
  • Distribute the product: For better results, use your fingertips to rake the product evenly into the hair from roots to tips and shape the sides back.
  • Blow dry your hair: Styling is the secret behind an outstanding textured quiff. With the highest temperature and the lowest speed, blow dry your hair and comb your hair in the direction of air flow. Invest reasonable time on the front of your hair and the quiff and squeeze the front for dramatic texture.
  • Finish with Gel and Hairspray: Apply gel or hairspray to get your desired finish and you’re ready to steal the show.


Pompadour VS Quiff

pompadour vs. quiff hairstyles

The pompadour and quiff might look visually similar and much alike, but they are not!

The pompadour is much flashy, showy and demanding which is styled precise and polished than the classical quiff,while the quiff can be worn into different forms and styles according to your hair type (from straight to coily to wavy) and face shapes (from round to oval to angular) and this makes the quiff a flexible, versatile and a contemporary hairstyle that adds opulence and flair to your look.


Popular Messy, Textured & Side Quiff Hairstyles

A quiff has emerged as a winner for hairstyles in the modern fashion world. Many celebs have been spotted wearing and rocking the hairstyle. If you want to sport a quiff with shorter hair, aim for the texture rather than the volume for a decent and sophisticated look. If you want to go extreme. Completely shave off your sides for a better emphasis on your top textured hair.

Here are 12 dapper side, textured and messy quiff hairstyles for men to try this season:

1. Short Side Quiff

short side quiff hairstyles for men

The side quiff is a casual short quiff that can be pulled off with grace on your boring office days or trips or a hip-hop party. If you are looking for a hassle free, low maintenance yet elegant hairstyle, go for a short side quiff without a second thought.


2. Voluminous Quiff with Side Part

voluminous side quiff hairstyles for men

The side quiff is the modern classical and military-inspired hairstyle that is super easy to maintain with a more definite and clean look. Pulling off this look depends on your parting did right.

Tip: The key to a perfectly styled side swept quiff is the cowlick (the spiral of hair present at the back of your head). Look for the cowlick, if the spirals move clock-wise, part your hair left and if anti-clockwise, part it right.


3. Modern Messy Quiff

messy quiff hairstyles for men

Whether you wear a modern quiff as a messy or sleek, tight, straight or as a Mohawk, it demands extra attention and care. A short shaved back and sides with a sharp hairline are bodacious and fierce.

If you want to settle for a modern quiff, always remember that contracts are a key to the perfect hairstyle; the shorter the sides, the better.


4. The Comb Over 

comb over quiff hairstyles for men

The combed over textured quiff adds attitude and twist to your look. This retro-inspired look combined with the smooth and stylish modern hair is dapper, classy and dashing.

If you’ve got long hair, then this hairstyle is witty to play with. Keep it simple and to one side.


5. Faux Hawk Undercut

curly messy quiff hairstyles for men

A short, young, curly and messy quiff is a fashion staple that goes well with any face shape. It is a perfect coiffure if you have curly hair and want a low maintenance hairstyle with minimal efforts, matte finish and a messy look.

There are three easy steps to rock this hairstyle; keep it simple and short, wear it messy and sloppy, walk out with confidence and care-free.


6. Textured Disconnected Quiff

faded textured quiff hairstyles for men

Don’t be hesitant to mix and match with a faded and textured quiff as it does wonders with all hair types and change the appearance. With medium taper fade on sides and a messy texture on top of your head, this hairstyle perfectly combines simplicity and style.


7. Spiky Quiff with Undercut

Be it curly, wavy or straight hair, the tapered undercut on messy quiff makes a style statement with whatever you have and wherever you go with perfectly shaved sides giving it an uptight edge.


8. Rockabilly Hair

Set your blow-drying and styling game high with this uber-stylish and chic hairstyle. Unfortunately, this hair works with a certain hair length, so no short hair is entertained.

The sides are tapered and tight while on the top of the head it’s all the game of volume and length. If you have got long or medium length hair, you can kill this hairstyle with enough attitude and drama.


9. Classic Slick Back Hair

The classic quiff has been one of the most stylish and contemporary hairstyles for decades. What makes this hairstyle different from other quiffs is the balance between the sides or back with the top of your hair.

The difference is less severe, unlike most of the quiff hairstyles, resulting in a softer and refined look. The classic and textured quiff is a go-to-style for most of the events and occasions.


10. Psychobilly Quiff

A funky hairstyle that is more like a Mohawk and less like a quiff is the Psychobilly quiff. It is completely shaved off from the sides and the back, only the mid-section of the head bears exaggerated and shark fin-style quiff with a sharp, edgy end.


11. Highlighted Hair

messy quiff hairstyles for men

To spice up the look, you can always add some highlights and lowlights to the already perfect quiff hairstyle. The highlights are usually done on the top of the hair that adds volume, depth and dimension to your quiff. Don a messy quiff with blonde highlights to grab attention.


12. Traditional Fohawk

textured quiff hairstyles for men

The textured quiff is the traditional quiff for guys with any type of hair. You can pull off this hairstyle with long, short, wavy, curly or kinky hair, all you have to do, is to add a little texture with a bit of drama to your hair and you’re good to go.